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Tips in Wood Furniture Maintenance

Wood furniture is a furniture type that has to always be taken care of. Otherwise, the furniture is going to be heady damaged. The requirement for treatment is due to environmental conditions and weather conditions are extremely influential on the surface of the furniture. For the treatment of furniture not only created for a clean surface from the dust, but also to maintain the surface that doesn’t tickle your goals.

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Clean your wood furniture often to keep the surface areas shiny and bright. Always use a soft cloth to prevent from damaging the wood. Whenever dusting, always dust with the grain of the wood. If the furniture gets dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. If this cannot work, try using a mild water and soap solution on your cloth, and check out it again. Keeping wood furniture dry can also be important. In the event the wood gets wet, it may cause the finish to peel or fade, and could actually warp the wood. Be sure to wipe up any spills once you are able. Do not let them dry otherwise you might end up with a permanent stain.

At times make use of a bit of lemon oil on wood furniture to keep it from drying out. Wood looks best just after it is oiled. Do it with all wood which includes cabinets, china cabinets, wood coffee tables, everything. Only dampen the rag or paper towel with the oil and apply that to all wood surface areas. Even when this gets on fabric, a little bit of lemon oil will not likely destroy furniture. Do it every few months and wood will be new and the lemon has the added benefit of making the house smell clean.

To protect the surface of the wood, feel free to use a wax. But before embarking on using wax it is vital that you note the type of finish on the furniture item and if a particular wax will complement or damage your furniture. The item can develop a dull surface after using wax many times and thus it’s wise to seek the advice of professionals.

You’ve made an investment in fine wood furniture now look after it like you would in any other quality investment. It is vital to dust routinely and to fix any kind of issues before or when they happen. The scariest thing that you can do is neglect your wood furniture, since this is how it will slowly become ruined. Taking proper care of your hardwood furniture will assure that it is going to last for years to come.



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