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save money and energy

How To Save Money And The Environment With Energy Star

Why is the Energy Star label so important? By purchasing energy star appliances consumers are doing their part to live a green lifestyle and preserve the environment.  Thanks to the work of Energy Star we are already saving literally billions of dollars each year through energy efficiency practices.

Created in 1992 ENERGY STAR is the most successful voluntary environmental conservation movement in history.

The Environmental Protection Agency wanted to encourage manufacturers to produce energy-efficient products and reduce greenhouse gas emissions so the agency introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products.

The home green house gas emissions can be almost twice of that of the average car but by utilizing ENERGY STAR products you can save about 30-50% of energy utilized and reduce greenhouse gas.

If every American home replaced their five most frequently used appliances with ENERGY STAR products, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from their combined energy savings would be the same as taking 5 MILLION cars off the road.

Saving energy means significant savings from your home electric bill each month.

The program is a driving force behind the use of technological innovations as efficient fluorescent lighting, power management systems and low standby energy use.

The ENERGY STAR label is on major appliances, office equipment, lighting, home electronics, new homes, buildings and factories.
Sometimes small actions make a big impact.

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