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modern DIY house number

Creative Ways To Craft And Display Your DIY House Number Signs

When people think about how to decorate their home, they only think about how the interior will look. However it is also important to pay attention to the exterior. A simple way to make an impact on the exterior is to add a creative house number. In this article, I will share with you design ideas and DIY ideas for your house numbers.

A house or an apartment that doesn’t have a number lacks identity. The house number is an important part of a home’s look and character so why should yours look generic when you can make it stand out from all the other house numbers? The best way to get a unique look is by customizing it yourself. We’re talking about DIY house numbers which you can either make from scratch or personalize with a few custom touches.

A cool look can be given by modern-looking house numbers installed on a vintage or rustic-looking wall. For example, if you have a house with stone walls, you should be able to complete this project without any complications. To get a clean look, use the mounting templates that the numbers came with to drill the holes in the wall. The process is easy if you’re careful. We have a tutorial for this just in case.

Why settle for a regular house number when you can make something more creative than that you your home? This house number planter is a fabulous option. To get the same look you basically need to either make or purchase a planter box and to attach it to a large flat board along with the numbers. Arrange them however you want. Paint the planter and the board the same color for a clean and modern look.

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