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How to Design a Beautiful Flower Garden

Apart from your garden, you can also include your patio on this process. It is possible to place flowers in pots and place them in your patios or some synthetic decorations. Therefore, you can have a beautiful green patio that needs little maintenance but has got the same appeal of your garden.”


Having a wonderful outdoor scene isn’t that tough to accomplish. All you must do is make a wonderful garden filled with flowers which will definitely give life to your residence. You just need quite a few guidance in doing so and be educated of these two primary basic principles of it; design and space.

A garden can only be as huge as the area you have to work with. Even though you have a small area, you could still take full advantage of it and create it as fantastic as you want it to be. Among the best means to deal with a small garden would be to establish a focus and then work around it. A focal point is the center piece or the focus of your garden just like water feature, a bird bath or maybe a tree. Furthermore, try not to be confined at the idea that gardening is only all about plants and bushes, there are far more to that. One of the ways you can make your small garden look bigger, is by using mirrors. This is a trick that’s been used in homes for hundreds of years to give rooms the look of having more space. So that is why its been applied to gardens also. If you have a wall or fence, you can purchase beautiful mosaic mirrors and place them on the wall/fence at different angles. This will help to not only reflect your current plants but create the illusion of having more space. Coming up with a small garden work to your advantage is not difficult if you select a focal point and use elements like mirrors to create the illusion of space.

Additional idea is basically that you need to have an idea of the features you wish to have in garden and how you would want it to appear like. You can choose from numerous design themes that will serve as your guideline and inspiration in making choices about which features to add in, appropriate resources, and spatial organization. But always carry into your mind that whatever design and style you have chosen, it has to be practical and ideal for your area. A garden has to be a sanctuary and never a problem to your family.

The most crucial part of the garden would be the flowers and plants so choosing and deciding on them need to be conducted properly. You can try studying for perfect annuals, perennials, bulbs and roses for your garden because they have distinct characteristics which just suits for a specific the weather or season.

Aside from your garden, you can also include your patio on this process. You can actually place flowers in pots and place them in your patios or some synthetic decorations. As a result, you can have a beautiful green patio that requires little maintenance but has got the same appeal of your garden.

How to Get Rid of Weeds Forever

One of the largest pet peeves for the garden enthusiast is weeds. And regrettably, these nasty growths can’t be entirely avoided – in fact, you can probably ask any gardener out there and she or he will tell you many stories about horrible weeds growing in the garden. Nevertheless, there is, of course, a means of removing weeds.”


Your garden’s worst enemy may possibly be the weeds. Keeping your garden or lawn weed-free is challenging to do. It has been a battle for most of us to keep their plants from these weeds, even when they may be lawn experts, these intruders will not be easily eradicated and total suppression isn’t feasible. Nevertheless, planning your actions will help you succeed against these unwanted plants

Pulling weeds is a miserable job, however it is the quickest and best way to eliminate weeds. Unless of course they’ve grown totally out of control, annual weeds needs to be pulled out by hand, however be sure you pull out the whole root, not just the top of the weed, or it is going to be back before you know it. A number of the roots will be six inches long! Using a tool may help your back; try a hula hoe, a trowel, or a shovel.

You can even use mulch, newspapers or compost. They can suffocate weeds when placed on top of the layer of the garden beds. These must be no less than 3 to 4 inches in thickness for a more efficient weeds smothering. On the other hand, be mindful when using compost or mulch given that some kinds offers an environment where weeds can survive. Another efficient produce to prevent weeds is using Corn Gluten Meal. It stops germination and further spread of weeds by blocking the root systems for weeds development

If the lawn is in really bad shape and you just cannot wait several growing seasons for it to become weed-free, you will have to dig out all the weeds and poor soil. Replace them with high quality topsoil, then either replant with grass seed or put down some sod. This will likely demand a massive amount effort and could be very costly, but it is the only way to promptly transform your lawn

Now while many people will use this as a first option preventing the weeds from growing is much better than killing them as you still need to uproot them. You can find products on the market that happen to be so-called Weed Preventers which. This sort of chemical is used to the surface of the paver and kills off all seeds and weeds that wishes to rear their ugly heads.

Ultimately, pull out weeds regularly – this is the key to a weed-free garden. Be consistent and check your garden constantly for any indications of weed growth. Tend not to wait for them to grow just before you pull them out. Pull them out as you first spot them! This is actually the most essential thing to keep in mind to ensure that your garden is freed from any damaging weeds.


“Kids don’t often hear much positive feedback from adults, and creating and tending a garden also empowers kids because they hear that they have “done a good job” from other adults. Being responsible for tending a garden also fosters their sense of “nurturing” and helps them learn to care for other living things.”

Tips for gardening with kids, keeping them excited for the whole season long!

Gardening with kids is messy, educational, and FUN!  As part of our Kids in the Garden; Learning and Growing series, we have expert gardener, Matthew Hiemstra, joining in to share ways to help keep kids excited about gardening for the entire season.  Matthew is also the creator of #gardenconnect, a global gardening project he founded to connect gardeners with a common purpose.  I am excited to participate in his project this year and HOPING some of my plants turn out OK.  There is a lot of pressure when you know others will be watching what you grow!..Read more: https://theeducatorsspinonit.com/getting-kids-excited-about-gardening/

6 Container Gardening Mistakes You’re Making (and How to Fix Them)

“We’ve all been there, a bright and lively plant reduced to a pile of wilted leaves overnight.There are  common mistakes you should avoid to keep your dream garden from becoming a nightmare.”

Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

“You may not be blessed with a huge outdoor space but that’s not to say you can’t be creative with what you do have. Small gardens have a lot more potential than you realize. Whether dealing with a long narrow space behind a vintage home, a cramped backyard that lacks privacy, or a shabby garden at the rear of a brownstone the possibilities are endless. Look no further, we have all the small garden ideas you need.”

It's important to use good design principles to make the most of small garden spaces. | The Micro Gardener

Good design is essential for small space gardens. If you have limited room to grow as many of us do in urban areas, maximising the area you can garden in and wise plant selectionare top priorities. These space saving solutions may be just what you need.

There are many scenarios where garden space is minimal including rental properties; apartments and units with balconies; villas and townhouses with small courtyards; retirement homes; caravan parks; community garden allotments and many suburban blocks…


Read more: https://themicrogardener.com/garden-design-ideas-small-spaces/

The Total Beginner’s Guide to Successful Indoor Gardening

“Indoor gardening can be small in scale and done by the average homeowner, or it can be industrial in scale and occur in massive greenhouses. Keep in mind that, whether it takes place indoors or outdoors, all methods of gardening require access to clean water, a source of light, and a way to support plants as they grow. The more you know about your indoor plants and where they come from, the easier it will be to keep them healthy.”

Maybe you’ve tried to grow basil in your kitchen before? And maybe you were lucky to get four leaves — two of which you were actually willing to eat? Trust me, I get it. I didn’t always have a green thumb, but now I’ve literally written the book on indoor gardening.

The good news: Plants don’t require a ton to grow (the official list includes light, nutrients, water, and a little bit of love). Here’s how to make sure those needs get met.

Why You Should Start an Indoor Garden

There are so many reasons! For starters, it’s super easy. (I know, you don’t believe me because, well, there are a lot of words in this post. But that’s only because I want you to know everything I know!)

It will also make your kitchen look like a lush land of freshness. And you’ll feel like a wizard when you serve your family pasta with pesto made from the basil plant you nurtured yourself. Plus, you’ll save money at the grocery store…


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5 Tips for taking captivating photos of your garden

Of course, once we have done something done great, we want to capture that moment or that thing. Just like when you have done an amazing on your garden, anyone has the bragging rights to take a picture are share to social media or just merely for a remembrance. Whatever purpose you have, here are some tips that will help you capture that real beauty.

“You’ve put all that time and energy in your garden, and it has rewarded you with gorgeous blooms and delectable vegetables. Now it’s time to snap a few photos and share them with the world. Before you post them on Instagram, read my five tips to take better garden photos.”