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decorating ideas

Some Fundamentals in Interior Designing

If you are fed up of just how your place looks like, if it has no distinct style and seems out of date, it’s time to give your interiors a new modern look. Upgrading your home with some modern home decor might sound to be a challenging work for you, but the efforts are going to be totally worth it. If you’re not certain where to begin with your modern home decorating, here are a few basic rules you need to understand.

Decor Rule #1: Minimalism
The initial thing you need to bear in mind is that modern home taste in simplicity. Setting up a modern and contemporary home design, easy cleaning, stylish and minimalist are the basics you’ll need while organizing modern style. You will find it so refreshing seeing minimal furniture and decors in every corner.

While arranging for simplicity, therefore it describes increase the open space. Be sure that the room get enough light comes through the window and you use the clear and airy window. Try to think about creating spacious look by plain wall treatment, best furniture also avoid clutter.

Decor Rule #2: Lighting
Concentrate on lighting both artificial and natural light. Your house can’t ever have too much light, and so the budget should allow for many light sources throughout the residence, from one room to the other. Consider that one central ceiling-mounted light fitting just won’t do, and instead, aim for six light sources per room. As to natural light, with all the advances in insulated windows right now, select a design and style that enables the sun shine in through as numerous openings as feasible. You may also choose to put high lamps or lighting with dichroic lamps in the ceiling. It helps you if you have modern decor with big windows that have spaces.

Decor Rule #3: Windows
Many windows to get huge amounts of natural sunlight into the residence is one character of modern homes. The utilization of different styles of windows, just like bay windows, garden windows, picture windows and single or double hung windows, with distinctive grids or v-grooves (etched) on the panes to give an additional layer of dimension. Picking out fabric, patterns and prints on these drapes will also affect how luxurious and stylish the room could be

Developing your own interiors is never easy, though with researching and guide from specialists or friends may lead you to creating the modern home that you want. Just remember that aside from the theme that you are attempting to achieve, comfort and usefulness must come first.



15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas

 There are various different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched art to more restrained Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever may be the case, if you are someone – who enjoys this kind of interior designing – then the following decorating ideas will be of much benefit to you.


Okay, all this Gothic designs are pretty old in the business, but since it is not widely used and practiced, it seems new for the most part. When we think Gothic, we recall all those churches with the spiraling poles and whatnot – oh college! But for today, we will be sharing a few tips as to how you can create a bedroom into one Gothic-inspired space. First is to make sure the room is clean because Gothic is clean and organized. Second, pick a Gothic theme you like. Next, paint your walls or use wallpapers, the effect it creates is just dramatic. Then, off to decoration!

More on that later, before all the definitions and tips, let us go ahead and take a look at the 15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas which we have prepared for you guys! These range from the fantasy rooms, complete with silver walls and stars, or a darker room, with black walls and haunted pictures. Let us go ahead and enjoy the list!

Beverly Hills Estate


Beverly Hills bedrooms


Master suite with black lace surrounding the bed, back lit lucite steps and platform. Stunning like a Film Noir movie scene. The beautiful, vibrant wonderland of Christina Aguilera’s residence.

Gaillardia Show Home


Gothic Bedroom Ideas

 Hoge Architectural Development


We know that you have noticed the wonderful bed frame that this bedroom has; but before all that, have seen the outstanding ceiling treatment? Talk about great style.


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Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Throughout the years, many variations of the traditional tree have come up, thanks to a lot of creative minds. Have you tried giving your own tree a new twist, or have you been putting it up the same way year after year? Why don’t you try something new this time.

As we are approaching the Christmas holidays, it is time to prepare decorations for our homes. Why don’t you make this year decoration by yourself? If you engage children, it can be a great family activity. We should not neglect the savings, while at the same time you will get a unique Christmas decor. You do not have to run around stores and wait in long queues to ensure a Christmas ornaments for the tree, as also the tree, but you can look around your home strips, different materials, sequins, old buttons and similar details and make unique DIY ornaments according to our ideas and your creativity.

Whether it is real or artificial, Christmas tree is the central decoration during the winter holidays, and its decoration equally exciting to the whole family. Let this Christmas be quite different and creative. Decoration at home for Christmas is certainly one of the most beautiful family rituals, and we give you a few suggestions for making a unique Christmas tree. Although Christmas decorations and trees can be seen on many websites, there is no need every year to spend larger sums of money for the house to be arranged in a festive spirit. All you need is a bit of old stuff, a little imagination and a little effort to create a cheap and original Christmas tree for the house. Enjoy your own decorating!

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

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Easy & Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It

When renting homes, it is often difficult to come up with ways to personalize the space without putting your security deposit in jeopardy. Decals have become one of the most popular decorating trends and are a great way to customize your space without all the hassle.


Just because you don’t own your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up, cover the not-so-pretty parts and give it your own personal touch. Here are some ways you can bring temporary personality and style to your home…

• Unsightly old counter tops can temporarily become granite with Appliance Art’s Instant Granite. Similar to Contact Paper, the peel and stick Instant Granite can be applied directly over old counter tops and pulled back up when you’re ready to move again.

• Overhead lighting in apartments can be seriously hideous and unflattering. Check out Lighting for Renters: 10 Sources for Plug-Ins for better options.

• Landlords love their white paint but it can make for a very bland apartment. Put some pattern on those plain white walls with these Modern Removable Wallpapers.

• Sprucing up your outdoor space can make it feel like you’ve gained an extra room. Cover up plain Jane patio floors with SnapDeck Deck Tiles.

• Pottery Barn’s Stainless Steel Back Splash can bring a new, shiny look to even the most outdated and bland kitchens.



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Guide in Decorating Study Room

Right now, several kids rooms are certainly not conducive to studying at all. Many children wind up studying in bed, on the couch, on the floor, on their cellular phones, or in front of the TV – not one of which are very supportive of a child’s academic betterment. Creating of a study is vitally important, as this is what provides that comfortable, yet sober atmosphere that a person needs to be able to concentrate.

Many popular writers and painters spent a day, week and even a month inside a study room. Individuals mainly working at home need to have a study room. For this reason, a touch of professionalism with a subtle relaxing touch is needed. So, if you’re someone who is planning to make his studio the very first time then here is your first hand guide on how to spruce up your study room.

A.    Chairs

Make sure you remember a comfortable chair. You wouldn’t like a luxurious chair that could only promote tiredness. Preferred is a straight backed, ergonomically designed chair which keeps them alert and on task. A cushion upholstered with a color or pattern in which interests them can provide them just that extra added incentive to sit down and buckle down with their schoolwork. Just be certain the chair fits them effectively to lower (or even eliminate) the stress and discomfort they feel in their bodies while sitting there studying.

B.    Lightning

Lighting is one of the leading aspect in enhancing a study. You must be sure that there exists adequate lighting in your child’s study space. Place an adjustable, incidental light, like a desk lamp, on or by your child’s desk to be able to angle the light as needed to focus best on their school work. The spread of light ought to be wide enough to cover the whole surface of the desk, and the shade on the fixture needs to be adequate enough to prevent the lamp’s bulb from glaring in your child’s eyes.

C.    Desk

Put a desk that is certainly expected to use as their own official study space. When studying, they study at their desk – period. Do not let studying to occur anywhere in their room but there. Position the desk in a corner of the room where there will likely be nominal distractions. By this, you create a place that will become a lot more conducive to effective studying as time passes.

D.    Other Accessories

Finally, it is essential that you keep your new study room free of disturbances. This means that you need to nix the TV and/or video games and maybe even the radio. Depending on your son or daughter’s individuality, music may either enhance or inhibit remarkable ability to study. For those who have many children, you might want to allow them to use MP3 players selectively, rather than placing a non-personal music player in the room.

Creative Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

“Sometimes, because of our very busy schedule, we rarely get to talk with our loved one. Most often, we just text them or leave some sticky notes to inform them of our whereabouts or messages. Thought it always best to try and make way for physical communication, chalkboards could be one creative idea to consider.”

Creative Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Photo via: thismyhouse.xyz

Creative Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Photo via: thismyhouse.xyz

Creative Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Photo via: socialmail.com

Creative Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Photo via: memorabledecor.com


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5 Things I Look For When Shopping For Throw Pillows

“Throw pillows are a great accent  to your home. It can make lifeless living room to a fun and attractive one if you just have an idea of what suits your home best. “


We could all use a little interiors inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2014, don’t you think? What are you planning to do to add warmth and a fresh touch to your rooms once Fall kicks in? I’m still on the fence, but I’ll definite add new drapes for my living room (I’ll share the before and after next month) and I plan to hang some art over the sofa and buy a new coffee table as I attempt to baby proof things around here since our crawler is super active and pulling himself up on everything at only 7 months old. And of course, a good throw pillow or ten! Here are some from Lauraloves, designed exclusively by Laura Nicolson in England who so nicely reached out to me today. I love the peacock silk cushion and the olivia silhouette with that chic herringbone pattern. That looks so Fallish.


Since so many of you enjoy it when I share decorating tips, here are five things I look for when I’m shopping for cushions:

1. Zippers! They need to have them so I can easily swap out the cushion covers with each season and rotate through my favorites year round without having to store bulky cushions.
2. The fillers definitely need to be down or down-like because I love a relaxed look – they can’t be overly plump – they need to be squishy
3. Natural materials… Silk is great for a glam look, cotton for a bit more of a natural, relaxed home and you can even go with texture like leather, wool, knit, etc. For spring I like cotton and linen and for cooler months I’m a lover of leather, wool, knit and nubby linen. Silk is nice for all seasons but not so much to lounge on, they’re meant to be more decorative I think and to simply sit on a sofa and look good.
4. Something fresh and trendy. I know, lots of you don’t like the word trend but honestly, I really love trends as long as I have some balance and don’t go overboard. I really enjoy wearing trends from time to time (Birks were trending this summer, did you notice? We can thank Jenna Lyons and J.Crew for that I think) and I love adding stuff to my home that is trendy because I feel it freshens the space and adds a different vibe. Sometimes I can get really same-y same-y with my interiors – I think lots of us can when we decorate for years and years – and trends pull me out of that and force me to try something I may not have attempted before. Like adding a certain color, motif or texture to my space. And cushions are perfect for adding a bit of trend into a room because they’re not that expensive and they can easily be swapped out when you tire of them, stored easily and reused later or you can donate them or sell them on eBay or your next garage sale or something. In fact, I think the easiest way to experiment with a trend is through soft furnishings, particularly cushions, as they are small enough and can be budget-friendly.
5. I need to love it. This point should have been first maybe? But yeah, I have to love it. Even something as seemingly mundane as a cushion. I need to feel a bit of excitement when I see it and when I bring it home, it needs to give the space that needed touch.



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18 Strikingly Colorful Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

 ”If you love colors just like I do, then you’ll definitely gonna love these bedrooms. Add more fun and excitement in your very own room by decorating them with fun and bright colors.”


The bedroom is the one place in the house where you can say you spend one third of your day. For those that are content with a standard looking bedroom, and see it only as a place to sleep, that’s fine. If you want to really get more out of your bedroom, you might want to consider using a bit of color. Color can make your bedroom seem more vibrant, and here are 18 bedrooms that will inspire you to add a bit of color to your bedroom.


Lime green is a color that might make you feel more awake. This may not be what you want in a bedroom, but it certainly has a good look here.



When making a room for a child you can get a little creative with the colors; the dark blue with white of this room remind us of a beach house for this baby’s room.



There aren’t just one or two colors that are happening in this room, but several. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this person was able to pull it off.



Usually when it comes to combining colors, not a lot of people go with wood floors and dark green ceilings. It would seem in this case it actually gives you a nice and unique look to enjoy.


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Modern Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior design process adheres to an organized and synchronized technique. Much like in properties, in the event you go for the modern style, you must know about basic element form of the style so as to execute it correctly. In home adorned in a modern theme, you’ll be able to immediately be struck with the clean lines and sophisticated look of your surroundings.

Following some simple tricks, you can give your home a modern twist without having done a full-scale remodel.

•    Keeping it simple

This minimalist look continues to be incorporated into modern home decor as a stress-lessening technique. Today, everybody is stressed that coming home that is also a disaster will make things even worse. So, create more space and less stress by incorporating the minimalist appearance into your modern interior decor.

When you are arranging for simplicity, then it refers to increase the open space. Ensure the room get enough light comes through the window and you use the transparent and airy window. Make an effort to think about creating spacious look by plain wall treatment, best furniture also avoid clutter.

•    Going Techie

Most modern homes come built with technology. Technological innovation in home decor means, most often, the incorporation of an entertainment system. It is important to build an entertainment system area in the family room of your residence, since it would be the central place for any social gatherings. TVs at present are coming equipped with built in VCRs and DVD players, so you have a choice of purchasing one of those. Or maybe, you can buy a plasma, or flat-screen television, and connect a DVD player of your liking to it. These types of televisions, that don’t use up a lot space have become quite popular in modern home decor.

•    Sun kissed home

Numerous windows to get huge amounts of natural sunlight into the house is one character of modern homes. The use of many different types of windows, just like bay windows, garden windows, picture windows and single or double hung windows, with distinctive grids or v-grooves (etched) on the panes to deliver an additional layer of dimension. Deciding on fabric, patterns and prints on these drapes will also affect how luxurious and stylish the room could be

Try looking up publications as well as the Internet for modern interior decorating tips; ultimately, deciding on your home decor is yours. Just don’t forget, that modern home decor must permit more space and less stress.

4 Wall Ideas in Home Decoration

At times, regardless how you style your house or whatever you place in it, it still wouldn’t look as amazing as you would anticipate. You might wonder oftentimes that you’ve already place enough decorations and putting more will just make the home into mess yet things are still not working right. Well, maybe the problem lies on your wall. Don’t you find it too plain? Or doesn’t it have some color? If you’d like to make a quick change in your home, the walls are the easiest option. Through accent walls, wallpapers or stencil your residence will certainly have a changed look without draining your pockets.

A.    Accent Wall

It is pretty typical for home owners to pick out a neutral color for their walls in an effort to keep the space as welcoming and enjoyable as possible for everybody. Not only do these colors – such as beige, off-white and taupe – usually tend to be in style for much longer than bolder, more brilliant colors, they entice the masses, which come in handy when you are staging your house to sell. However if you are totally crazy about a certain bright color, like cobalt blue or ruby red, and are dying to see just what it seems like on the walls, you may decide to paint one wall in that shade, rather than all four walls. This way, if you find yourself changing your mind later (which you probably will with intense colors), it’s a lot easier to repaint one accent wall instead of the entire room.

B.    Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper continues to be increasingly becoming popular over the last couple of years. But it is not the sort of textured wallpaper that you might bear in mind from the 19060s and 1970s. The more contemporary textured wallpaper is extra classy and trendy, which adds a certain degree of class to a space. The texture adds a little bit of personality also, providing a room some decoration and never having to use art and extras to bring out its personality. Regardless of whether using velvet or vinyl, textured wallpaper can offer your interior that extra “oomph” you’re looking for!

C.    Art or Mirrors

There are many methods to cover a wall instead of just making use of paint or wallpaper. Instead of hanging artwork and mirrors sporadically all over the walls, why don’t you select one wall to accommodate them all? It has been a go-to trend for wall decor for several years already, and it is a look that probably won’t be disappearing any time soon. If you are planning to decorate with art, try to go with items which are similar in theme, and with colors that complement each other, and change up the sizes of each piece. When you use mirrors, use ones with various frames and sizes to create a work of art with no paint!

D.    Stencils

With wall stencils you’ll have the designs all around the walls in random areas. That’s why a few people find wall stenciling to be more beautiful than getting accent walls. If you take your time with wall stenciling and you use quality materials you’ll definitely love the appearance of it. You will have limitless stencils to choose from so you may get whatever design which will work or complement your room. They’re very affordable too so you’ll find this to be an budget friendly option.