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Bedroom Theme

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemians usually do not adhere to trends or patterns. They have shades of bright elegance and shabby eclecticism in an creative combination. Instead, bohemian is centered on a heart which loves colours, creativity, adventure and most importantly, freedom from rules and conventions.

Since our bedroom is regarded as the private space where we could be ourselves and let our imaginations loose, below we will discuss 5 amazing ways that the bohemian decor could be efficiently implemented and channelized in our bedrooms.

A. Never leave the walls blank

Free spirited bohemians never keep their walls blank. Allow your fantasies run wild and screen your souvenirs on the walls in a sweet chaotic manner. If you are searching for an edgier feel, look at painting graffiti and murals on the walls.

B. Embrace Colours

Some of the most important aspects of bohemian styles are the boldness of the design and concept, the color used and the contrast employed. As the bohemian style is supposed to be creative and experimental in nature, boldness is a feature integrated into it naturally. Use of rich and vibrant colours is yet another noticeable property of the bohemian style. But black and white bohemian bedding can also be extremely popular since the insufficient colour is together by the design, contrast and use of varying shades of grey.

C. Introduce interesting lighting

Regardless of whether you get a realistic Bohemian crystal chandelier, you could at least obtain one that resembles the sort of glass and designs the Bohemians designed centuries ago. Even today, fine glass and crystal is a large part of the Bohemian culture and you will notice several shops that carry the well-known Bohemian crystal.

D. Make a beautiful bed for yourself

Bohemian bedding likewise invariably includes bohemian sheets, bohemian quilts, bohemian comforters, bohemian bed linens, etc. Each one of these could be picked and used individually, depending on the other bedding items, to make an overall theme or effect that meets your personal taste or usage. Bohemian chic bedding is really a little variant of the bohemian style and that is a lot more sporty and trendy when compared to a bohemian.

E. Select furniture which tells a story

The older the furniture, the more bohemian vibe it exudes. Hand painted cupboard, dressers and armoire likewise seems attractively mystical. Utilize old trunks as opposed to fancy shelves to keep your books, lampshades, plants, photo frames as well as other knick knacks. Hunt for furniture that has interesting shapes and carvings. They will immediately provide a personality to the bedroom

Your property is a reflection of your innate style, taste as well as your soul. Display all that you have in a playful manner and create a personalized space which is unique and inviting.