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baby shower entertainment

6 Baby Shower Game Ideas That Will Keep the Whole Room Entertained

This weekend I will host be a game master for my friend’s baby shower and I’m looking for games for the celebration. This list just came out at the right time. Just by reading the description, I guess the games will keep us entertain. So if you are looking for games right now, I will suggest this to you.

With any type of shower comes a good deal of time you’re trying to fill between eating, gifts, and toasts—we know, what a problem. Regardless, you want to make sure that the flow of the fête is just right, and that’s where you need to find the right baby shower game ideas to get everyone socializing. Throwing a shower is all about getting family and friends to bond and talk about the baby on its way, so you need to plan other activities beyond just opening gifts.

If you find some good options, everyone will be entertained, and the parent-to-be will be thrilled. After all, all she wants is for her family and friends to enjoy themselves. Finding tasteful games that are still cute can be hard, but we asked some of our chicest friends to share the best baby shower game ideas they’ve seen (shhh… we won’t tell where you got them).


There are so many different types of prepared baby foods out there—have you ever wondered what they taste like? Well, now’s your chance. Choose about eight to 10 different flavors, and remove the labels (mark the bottoms so a judge can identify them). Have each guest take turns tasting the food and guessing what the flavor is.

And the Winner Is: Whoever identifies the most flavors correctly.

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