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Protecting Garden Pots During Winter

 If gardening is a part of your life then I am sure that you are well aware of the extra challenges you have to face once winter arrives. One of the things we need to ensure is to protect our garden pots from the cold.

(C) hgtv.com

(C) hgtv.com

Tender plants will die if their roots are locked in cold, wet soil in winter, but you can protect them during fall.

Bring Tender Plants Inside

Bring plants that need a frost-free minimum winter temperature into a mildly heated greenhouse or conservatory, or cool room in your home, before bad weather sets in. Water occasionally.

Wrap Up Delicate Pots

Many pots, especially ornamental containers that aren’t designed to stand outside in freezing temperatures, need winter protection. Wrap them up in burlap (possibly double layers), and secure tightly at the top and bottom with strong garden string.

Keep Tender Plants Warm

Wrap potted plants that need protection in low temperatures in layers of horticultural fleece before freezing weather strikes. Move the pot to a sheltered spot, such as a shed, away from flaying winds. Remove the fleece when the weather improves.

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