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Pros & Cons of Exposed Brick Interior Walls

“Brick is virtually maintenance free, will not burn, is energy efficient, can block sound, and are excellent for resale. The sound blocking qualities and the warm, cozy look of bricks means that it can be a very efficient design element in the bedroom. However, they add a lot of weight to the foundation, is expensive to repair and it is difficult to change the look of the brick if you tire of it.”

Whether it’s industrial chic you’re after or just the historic charm of brick, an exposed brick interior wall can create a striking focal point and a warm feel in any room.

An exposed brick wall in a home can convey a feeling of warmth and character and add texture to a large blank space. It can also be a source of frustration. Although durable, exposed bricks and mortar can flake and crumble and require more maintenance than a plastered or sheetrocked wall. If you’re about to expose a hidden brick wall or buy or rent a home with brick interior walls, these tips should help you decide if exposed brick is right for you…

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