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Why Round Coffee Tables Always Work (and 15 Great Ones to Consider!)

Nothing beats the elegance of a round coffee table. It’s really flexible and can match any home interior. No matter what material, size, shape, or design you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a round table that matches your current decor.

Some people get their kicks from the next installment of the “Star Wars” saga. For others, it’s the magical world of Harry Potter. And for others still, it’s discovering vintage comic books or anticipating the latest video game. For me, I geek out over furniture. Specifically, coffee tables. You use them to gather around with friends and family, set down your drinks, put up your feet, and, if you’re like me, eat dinner while watching reruns of “Law & Order: SVU” even though you have a perfectly fine dining table three feet away (it’s just easier). And while the straight edges of a rectangular coffee table might be the go-to choice for many, sometimes the right angles turn out to be the wrong fit for a room.

Here’s where choosing a round coffee table will save the day, helping you to maximize every square inch of your small space by giving you more walking room and allowing for better traffic flow and circulation. Rounded edges will soften your aesthetic and simply may fit better with the size, shape and placement of your sofa—and all the while, your feet will never know the difference.

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite round coffee tables in a mix of price points and styles to set you off in the right direction when searching for a circular piece. Watch out for dangerously stunning curves ahead.

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Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

Window treatments may add warmth and personality to your residence. Window treatments helps finish a room and make the room feel more like home. It really is one of the easiest and least expensive methods to enhance your home’s appearance, even as frequently as weekly.

In enhancing your bedroom windows, you often have problems in buying the best window treatment. In fact, a number of window treatments, which are certainly essential for your bedroom, can be bought in the market today.

To help you decide on which window treatment to install for your bedroom windows, here are some examples.

1. Window treatment blinds – They’re just about the most commonly used both in a workplace establishment and within the household. One of the most interesting benefit of blinds is that because they are so versatile, they typically may be blended into existing decor without detracting from the overall style of the room. They are sought after by many due to its privacy feature. Additionally, it may block or control the quantity of light that enters the room.

2. Curtains – Such a window treatment is considered the most favored. In the end, a lot of homes worldwide find curtains very user friendly and maintain. Curtains are available many styles, colours, and habits. They are pieces of fabric which are installed using a rod to ensure they are stay in place.

3. Drapes – For more formal settin, drapes can be used to provide the room an air of elegance and class. Drapes are pleated panels generally made from heavier material which hangs beautifully from pretty rods or poles.D rapes are sometimes offset with swags in thick, rich materials that do the drapes justice. A room could be given a boost when making use of a beautiful set of drapes.

4. Sheers –  These are likewise made from fabric but as opposed to drapes and curtains, sheers are available see-through materials which never get them to an option if you want your window treatment to give privacy and block out sunlight. If you need to utilize them in bedrooms, they can perfectly hang in smaller rooms or in baby’s room allowing more sunlight in and somehow make the room seem bigger. And since they are made from see-through fabric, they create softness to the general atmosphere of the room.

5. Cornices – The cornice is a padded box that is certainly covered in fabric and when desired, a kind of trim. The edges may be shaped, such as scalloped, rounded or straight. These are often favored because they may help conceal any existing hardware utilized to hang other window treatments, therefore giving you a more seamless overall look in a room.


How to Maintain Granite Countertops

Granite is a exceptional and wonderful stone that comes in a wide selection of shades and hues. This has been prized since then as a building material, due to its it resilience. Granite countertops certainly are a impressive addition to any kind of house, beautiful to behold, adding a touch of class and elegance to any room.

Granite is an extremely durable and strong igneous stone which is formed from volcanic that is why it’s an perfect material for countertops, as it is incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant. Aside from its material qualities, granite is a truly beautiful reflection of nature.

There are regular maintenance habits to adhere to to ensure your granite countertop will retain its beauty.


One of many essential tasks you may undertake to protect your investment is the regular sealing of your granite countertops, that makes it nearly impervious to stains setting its surface. A lot of products are available for sealing granite out there, but it’s a must to have the know-how in order to complete the task correctly. As a general rule, it is a wise idea to reseal one’s counter one per year, but, various kinds of granite have distinct traits, varying degrees of porousness. To know whether one should reseal or not, cleanse the counter very thoroughly and give it time for it to dry. After that, put a small amount of clear tap water on to the granite and let it pool for a few minutes. If you wipe away the water with a clean, dry cloth and discolored area is left behind, the granite calls for resealing.


Granite countertop could get stained should the liquid spilled isn’t wiped immediately. Be sure to not use some of the acids like citric acids lemon juice, vinegar or strong wine since these are the acids that make the place dirty and it gives stains in the place. When acids dropped in granite by accident, cleanse it right away with the gentle soap and water and avoid using rough cloth since it leads damage or it will fade the color of the granite.


For wonderful looking granite countertops, ensure you clean them regularly. Little particles of food or residue buildup could cause your counter surfaces to feel “gritty” or lose its shine. With certain stones, you may even utilize a razor blade to remove any persistent grit – yet make sure you ask your expert countertop provider first.

These are merely a number of steps and ideas to prevent stains or any defects in granite countertops. The wide array of colors, textures and durability makes granite countertops an outstanding choice for any home. When properly installed and maintained, they’re going to probably outlast the home itself.


Healthy Aquarium Water

The joy of seeing live creatures swimming around inside your house is incomparable to none other. Owning an aquarium is one of the easiest ways to own a pet, but one should have adequate information and knowledge regarding fishes and their living conditions in order to nurture them well.Check out these daily and weekly maintenance tips to keeping a good aquarium.

Your aquarium’s environment

An aquarium is a delicately balanced ecosystem that relies on “good” bacteria to keep fish healthy. When everything is working right, helpful bacteria grow in the aquarium’s gravel and filter. There, they help break down the ammonia and nitrite found in fish waste—which, if left unchecked, would be toxic to your fish.

When you first set up your aquarium, you’ll need to encourage the growth of these beneficial bacteria. The process, called cycling, can take 4 to 6 weeks. Using bacteria starters can reduce the cycling time to 1 to 3 weeks. Here’s how to start:

1. Set up and fill the aquarium with water. Do not add fish. Run the aquarium filter for at least 24 hours.
2. Introduce a small number of danios, gouramis or livebearers—hardy fish that aren’t as sensitive to ammonia or nitrites. (The number of fish will depend on the size of the aquarium; ask a PetSmart associate for advice.)
3. Use a cycling-aid product to seed the aquarium with healthy bacteria.
4. Feed your starter fish carefully, according to package directions.
5. After a few days, use a testing kit to determine the levels of ammonia, nitrites and pH in the aquarium water (PetSmart offers free water testing. Just bring in a sample and we’ll test it for you in minutes.) If levels of any of these chemicals are out of balance, remove some of the water from the aquarium and replace it with clean water.
6. Over time, the beneficial bacteria should kick in and balance the chemistry in the aquarium. Once the water is ready, you can slowly introduce new fish.

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13 Creative and Innovative Rain Gutter Garden Ideas

Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home. You can recycle your old gutters if they’re not rusted through. I’ve done this at home and it’s beneficial since it’s also save space. For those who are planning to do this, you can get an idea from this article.

The rain gutters are installed at the top of the roofs so that it can provide drainage to the rain water and voids them to pool on the roof which may cause them to leak or become moist which can also be dangerous for the house. These rain gutters are made from different materials such as plastic, PVC and other metallic material like aluminum. While the rain gutter can be very beneficial for protection of the roof and drainage of the water, but do you know that they can be excellent for gardening too?

There are many rain gutter gardening ideas present on the internet while others can do it by just using their creativity and imagination. They can be excellent planters for different types of plants and can actually be an amazing decorative piece for the exterior and interior of the house as well. Many people prefer gardening in the rain gutters because they don’t take much space and either can be hanged or fixed with the walls. These ideas are highly recommended for those people who have limited space in their house but love gardening. Moreover you can also decorate and paint these rain gutters to look even more attractive. Below mentioned are 15 gutter gardening ideas which will surely light up your house:

1) Strawberries in a rain gutter trees

The strawberries are one of those fruit plants which don’t need a deep space to grow. Since they can be grown in a shallow space and the rain gutters are shallow containers they can be very ideal for the growth of strawberries. You can make the complete area with these decorative rain gutter trees and enjoy fresh berries right at home.

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Different Types of Gutter Materials

Roofing and gutters aid control the flow of rainwater to help keep your home as leak-free as feasible. When deciding upon gutters for your residence, you should consider the size of your budget, the level of maintenance you intend to do, and also the different facets of various gutter materials. Read this guide to help you on this process.

These gutters were made post 19th century by shaping wood, however now are very rare, except for some restoration work. Nowadays, they are mainly great for bringing about the outer appearance of your property instead of being functional and efficient particularly when your home is having a natural theme. Wood gutters aren’t advisable because they can be very prone to rotting when exposed to water. Yet, you can still find certain woods like cedar, fir and redwood can substantially decrease the chances for rotting due to its inherent resistance to rot.

The sturdiness and looks cause copper gutters an outstanding choice for your house. These are low maintenance and withstand rain water well. The major problem with copper is that it can discolor over time. Copper gutters generally oxidize and become green as time passes yet they may be protected with a coating of a sealant to retain their golden and gleaming look. Sad to say, the tradeoff is increased costs and the time required.

Steel is probably the second-least costly gutter material. If you’re searching for strength a steel guttering system is your choice here. Steel holds up to the elements better than any other type of gutters. They’ll basically last forever. The one significant drawback with steel is that it can rust over time unless you treat them.

Aluminum gutters are setup friendly. They don’t need soldering just like the steel and copper types since it only requires snap on fasteners. They’re pretty lightweight, rust free and could be formed without difficulties. One particular disadvantage is that they could be easily deformed with pressure coming from ladders and also other heavy materials.

Vinyl is very much similar to aluminum in just about all respects. Like aluminum, vinyl is very heavy duty, lightweight, resistant to rust, free of maintenance and straightforward to install. Vinyl gutters will likely not chip, corrode or dent, simple to cut and configure but might become brittle in extreme cold temperature. This can be the least expensive of gutter materials and they come in various colors which are part of the material.

It is essential to help make a knowledgeable decision about the type of guttering material that will work best for your home’s guttering system as well as your budget.


Helpful Tips for Buying the Best Sewing Machine

Purchasing a sewing machine may be frustrating with various alternatives can be found in to the picture. You might be wondering whether you should get a straight stitch, zigzag sew or elegant stitch sewing machine. There are massive ranges in the designs of sewing machines, like normal duty machine, heavy duty machine, cabinet version machine, open arm, flat bed, etc.

To help you with your decision, permit me to give you some tips the best ways to pick the very best sewing machine for your requirements.

First, you have to ask on your own, what do I want to stitch? A customer ought to choose just what types of jobs she or he would be utilizing the sewing machine for. If finishing projects rapidly is necessary, a consumer could intend to locate the very best heavy duty sewing machine. A heavy duty machine could sew faster and also feed the product via in a timely manner because it has a much faster motor as well as a walking bottom feeder.

Second, think about even more elements before going for the very best offer of a sewing machine. The area where you want to place your sewing machine is likewise an crucial element. You could utilize it on your dinning table, or in a sewing room or in any type of refuge in your home. But, your selection of sewing machine can differ according to your area option. You must also consider the storage place of the sewing machine when not in use.

Third, comes the period of use of the sewing machine that you are going to purchase. Assume whether you prepare to purchase a sewing machine for a long-term period or for a shorter time frame just as a make change plan. It is fairly obvious that the quality of a sewing machine can be differed inning accordance with your plan.

Now, you have total a through study deal with your concern elements essential for your sewing machine. Below are some guidelines to be adhered to with getting. As soon as you are certain regarding the sort of swing machine you wish to purchase, it is time for some study functions by self-studying. It is easy and also fascinating. You can experience some available publications to get a present trend of different types of sewing machines and you have to compare them with a neutral approach. If you obtain perplexed, much better to speak with to any type of regional dealership of sewing machines to clear your doubts. You ought to likewise take a look at and also compare various versions of sewing machine.

Whether you are purchasing your sewing machine online or from a regional dealership, you learn more about the dealer prior to spending your loan. If you are choosing a local sewing machine supplier, aid on any trouble is simply a phone call away. They enable direct assistance from the producer of the machines. Often, the regional dealers organize classes on dealing with the machines and it has actually got many advantages. Nevertheless, if you choose to purchase your sewing machine from an on the internet supplier, ensure that they have a maintenance centre nearby.


Dream Spaces: 10 Ideas for a Get-It-Done Utility Room

Utility rooms are frequently overlooked spaces in the home, which more often than not translate into the dungeons of modern day living. This is a shame, because the utility room is one of the useful rooms in the house.

If you’re lucky enough to have a utility room, there’s a good chance it’s the hardest-working spot in the house. Show your laundry some love with efficient, well-planned storage and beautiful decorative touches to ensure it’s a place where you’ll be happy to spend time. And if you’re planning a remodel, you may want to consider room for these moves.

1. Combine style with function. In this utility room, the owners have chosen materials that are both attractive and practical. The countertops are a hard-working wood that lightens up the space, while the sink is deep enough for hand-washing clothes and scrubbing muddy boots.

The tiled floor is easy to clean, and the pretty decorative design elevates the room above the strictly utilitarian. The addition of ceiling spots, meanwhile, ensures a light, spacious feel despite the lack of windows.

2. Don’t forget to look up. Make the most of a utility room with a high ceiling by fitting a hanging clothes rack. In this galley-style scheme, the use of a pull-down rack ensures the room isn’t rendered useless when clothes are being dried.

3. Go dark. Light cabinets are the usual way to keep your utility room feeling fresh, but how about considering other options? A quick makeover with a darker shade, such as this elegant navy blue, imparts a modern country look, particularly when paired with aged brass taps and hardware.

4. Have fun with the details. Since your utility room isn’t somewhere you’ll sit and relax — and, let’s face it, only your household will ever go in there — see it as an opportunity to have fun with color and accessories.

Here, a fresh, 1950s feel has been achieved with pretty, mix-and-match pastels, bright backsplash tiles and a retro wall sign, while the dark wood floor keeps the look grounded.

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Feng Shui Your Living Room in 10 Steps

The living room or family room in your home should be as uncluttered as possible. Too many heavy furniture pieces in a small living room will constrict the energy flow of the room.Feng shui can help with this by giving you guidelines on how to arrange the furniture, choose the decorations and pick the color scheme.You will learn some Feng Shui living room tips in this article.

In feng shui terms, the main challenge with decorating a living room is to create a space that has the ability to not only be beautiful and practical but also have a strong, fresh, clean, and happy energy. A living room that is beautiful and works well on a practical level usually takes quite a bit of planning and persistence (along with the desire to decorate, of course!)

Why is good feng shui in your living room important? And how can you create good feng shui in your own living room? Let me share with you 10 easy feng shui living room decorating tips.

1. Clutter Free and Organized

A living room that is clean and clutter free is the only foundation for good feng shui. Yes, we know you might have heard that many times, but this essential first step has to be emphasized again. There can be no solid and good feng shui energy in a space that is infected by clutter, the two of them cannot co-exist; it is either one or the other.

We encourage you to explore our easy feng shui clutter clearing system if you need help with clearing your clutter and then look for some good organizational solutions based on your specific needs. Having a clear organization system is also a must for good feng shui in your living room, especially if you have children.

2. Air and Light

The next step in good feng shui living room decorating is to be sure your room gets as much natural light and good quality air as it possibly can. Good quality air and good quality light create the foundation of good feng shui energy, and there are many ways to help you do the best with this feng shui step. For example, if you have only a few small windows, decorate with mirrors to bring more natural light, as well as be sure to layer your indoor lighting.

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Make Your Kitchen Child-Proof

Parents are extremely cautious when taking action for their little one’s safety. But a potential danger-zone which they oftentimes ignore is their kitchen. Very easy to open cabinets and doors, knives and sharp objects strewn just about everywhere, a wet floor etc can cause catastrophes for the children. However do not fret as you can now keep your kitchen child-proof with these simple steps:

  • Prohibit access to unsafe things: Putting in safety gates to keep your child out from the kitchen is an effective strategy to ensure his/her safety. You may even setup barricades to prevent the little ones from coming close to the stove while you are preparing foods. A number of parents utilize stove guards or heat-resistant barriers in their kitchen to prevent the child’s hands from getting burned or scalded. Putting away away your spices, cleaning agents, glasses and other kitchenware in locked cabinets, as well as placing your forks and cutlery away from the child’s reach are equally important.
  • Keep the floor neat and organized: Most people are tempted to use wax or floor polish to make their kitchen smooth. Yet try to keep from repeating this mainly because it adds to the probability of a slip and fall. Also, clean up splatters right after they happen. Else, your child may slip and get hurt. Be sure to get rid of telephone cords as well as other electrical devices from common traffic areas of your kitchen since they too can be risky for the child.
  • Correct risky habits: Little ones love playing with appliances or any equipment at home. They are going to try to stick their fingers into ports, naturally, electrocution is a heavy risk. Little ones also can use the kitchen appliances like their parents do and unintentionally result in a risky situation. When your son or daughter possesses the tendency of doing this, describe them the risks and dangers that could happen. And keep the things that’ll get them curious out of reach.
  • Be careful while cooking: Put your child in a safe spot before you start cooking. While infants could be safely place in car carriers, kitchen gates or playpens tend to be more suitable for toddlers. Refrain from having your child and hot food simultaneously to stop spills and burns. Turn the handles of your saucepan towards the back to make them hard to reach for the child. After you have finished cooking, turn off the knobs of your oven, hob and other appliances. Child-safety experts furthermore advise parents to invest in fire blankets and install smoke alarms near their kitchen to child-proof the place.