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Hidden home hazards: 5 risks for children

“Children under the age of five are most likely to have an accident at home. Boys are generally more likely to be injured than girls. Their perception of the environment around them is often limited and their lack of experience and development, such as poor co-ordination and balance, can result in them being injured. Injuries that occur in the home are often linked to a child’s age and level of development. “


The child left his mother’s sight for mere minutes. Yet that was enough time for 21-month-old Ollie Hebb to fall into the top-loading washing machine and become submerged in a full tub. The Utah boy died a day later, after suffering severe brain damage.

 Between 2005 and 2009, two children under the age of five died as a result of laundry room accidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Washing machine-related injuries are more common than deaths, says Scott Wolfson, director of public affairs for the CPSC. Aside from drowning, children may suffer burns from hot water in the machine, or injuries to their limbs if they come into contact with a rapidly spinning basin. “Kids are curious. We have to be very vigilant about our children, and really live in the moment and be present when we’re supervising them,” says Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide, which aims to prevent unintentional childhood injuries.

Washing machines aren’t the only hidden dangers lurking in homes. From Angela Haupt at U.S. News, here are 5 others to be cautious of…

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/media/hidden-home-hazards-5-risks-for-children/

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