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Guide to Water Leak Detector Systems & Alternative Options

“One of the most feared and troublesome issues within the home is the presence of leaking water from the plumbing or heating system. Such leaks can be extremely destructive if not detected and stopped quickly. What’s more, small leaks can sometimes happen without the homeowner realizing immediately.”


One in fifty-five homes experience a catastrophic water leak each year – this is a staggering number. When catastrophic leaks do occur, you enter into a pretty long process likely including – significant renovation, home displacement and mold remediation. We’re here to tell you that the right preventative measures can save you the trouble and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Leak detection systems come in two varieties and can help save your home from high water bills and catastrophic damage.

Read more: http://blog.waterheroinc.com/guide-to-water-leak-detector-systems

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