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Guide in Decorating A Man’s Pad

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There isn’t any being quite like the single man. Single men live a completely different lifestyle than any other kind of human in the world. They live for the day, focusing on anything that catches their fancy, often switching their interests more frequently than they do their underwear. Most men tend not to take pleasure in decorating their residence. Sometimes they decorate with things that were bought for them, typically by a parent, or some other people. However if you want to decorate your own personal space, then you need some tips to make it done perfectly.

If you are searching for the perfect masculine makeover for your house, you should begin by browsing some magazines for tips. Avoid the trendy home decorating magazines and go after the magazines you would actually sign up for. Consider the advertisements and see the rooms utilized as backdrops for photo shoots. Do any of these designs peak your interest? Have an idea of the items you like and dislike. This will make choosing your decorating elements much easier.

Once you have chosen a theme or design on your room, you then need to examine your current room. You have to identify the specific area of the room you can play and test out. You need to pick what will remain and what should go and attempt to look at where you can complement the design you have in mind.

The main thing to keep in mind about bachelor pads is the fact that these are designed primarily for simplicity and comfort -the principles of modern designing. So don’t overstuff a room with furniture you won’t ever need, bookcases with books you won’t ever, ever read, or porcelain figures that you won’t ever look at. Selecting a single color scheme and theme is more than enough -solid colors would be best to use in this situation, and floral designs and colors are obviously out of the question. Acquire furniture that you like to sit around in for a very long time, as your pad will probably be your sanctuary quite often.

The correct lighting is essential in creating the perfect, comfy Bachelor Pad. Stay away from halogen and stick to warmer, dim lit lamps. Preferably you should have lights where you can adjust the brightness. Chinese, lantern lamps are great As well as steel standing lamps with several fixtures that one could shine in numerous directions. With regards to other forms of lighting, nothing says comfort in a home than candles.

Start adding some drapes to your windows to soften the effects of bold colors. Pick simple valances or panels in solid colors or stripes to continue with the masculine theme. You should go the colors of the curtains with your rug, if at all possible. This can draw interest from the floor to the ceiling, tying the entire color scheme together.

Usually, it is the small things that really make it appealing to both the owner and the visitor. Having personal valuables in the room, like photos and frames or little knick knacks in some places make it feel lived in and comfy. Without these little touches, the room will just feel like an impersonal space, similar to a hotel room. Even wall hangings of prints which are chosen randomly could be a key to personality and will add flavor to a simple and empty space



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