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” Water conservation is extremely important.  Green plumbing is a great way to reduce both energy and water consumption without sacrificing home comfort or convenience. Though many people wouldn’t think plumbing is something that can actually be considered ‘green,’ the different materials used, as well as the installation, piping and fixtures, serve to both reduce water and energy costs, as well as benefit the environment. Learn some ways you can do your part with the following conservation and green plumbing tips.”

More businesses are realizing that the future of the Earth is placed squarely on the shoulders of society. And that includes plumbers who carry the Green Screen Mark and educate people about the benefits of having a green plumbing system, offer homeowners products and services that can improve energy and water efficiency. Mays Khalaf, operations manager of AA Plumbing, points out easy things you can do to make your plumbing system more efficient:

Install efficient tankless or solar water heaters, which can save up to 33-51 percent in water and energy consumption.

Insulate around accessible hot water pipes, particularly those within three feet of your hot water tank. This will help keep the water in your pipes warm so you won’t need to run as much water from the tap waiting for the hot to arrive.


Read more: http://www.cincymagazine.com/Main/Articles/Green_Plumbing_Tips_3032.aspx


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