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Dream Spaces: 10 Ideas for a Get-It-Done Utility Room

Utility rooms are frequently overlooked spaces in the home, which more often than not translate into the dungeons of modern day living. This is a shame, because the utility room is one of the useful rooms in the house.

If you’re lucky enough to have a utility room, there’s a good chance it’s the hardest-working spot in the house. Show your laundry some love with efficient, well-planned storage and beautiful decorative touches to ensure it’s a place where you’ll be happy to spend time. And if you’re planning a remodel, you may want to consider room for these moves.

1. Combine style with function. In this utility room, the owners have chosen materials that are both attractive and practical. The countertops are a hard-working wood that lightens up the space, while the sink is deep enough for hand-washing clothes and scrubbing muddy boots.

The tiled floor is easy to clean, and the pretty decorative design elevates the room above the strictly utilitarian. The addition of ceiling spots, meanwhile, ensures a light, spacious feel despite the lack of windows.

2. Don’t forget to look up. Make the most of a utility room with a high ceiling by fitting a hanging clothes rack. In this galley-style scheme, the use of a pull-down rack ensures the room isn’t rendered useless when clothes are being dried.

3. Go dark. Light cabinets are the usual way to keep your utility room feeling fresh, but how about considering other options? A quick makeover with a darker shade, such as this elegant navy blue, imparts a modern country look, particularly when paired with aged brass taps and hardware.

4. Have fun with the details. Since your utility room isn’t somewhere you’ll sit and relax — and, let’s face it, only your household will ever go in there — see it as an opportunity to have fun with color and accessories.

Here, a fresh, 1950s feel has been achieved with pretty, mix-and-match pastels, bright backsplash tiles and a retro wall sign, while the dark wood floor keeps the look grounded.

(C) Decoist

(C) Decoist

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