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Using Wood Roofing Shingles

A wood shingle, also known as a wood shake, is definitely an option to a normal asphalt shingle. It is typically utilized in a residential roofing project as it has a natural look. Wood shingles have diverse widths, colors, thicknesses, and cuts, producing a unique roof loaded with character. There are numerous reasons to install a wood shake roof on a home, yet you can also get a number of cons off which you should be aware.

Cons of Wood Shingles

Unless it is effectively taken care of and repaired, a wood shake roof will not be as durable as a roof created from many other materials. This adds to the lifecycle cost of the roof. Insects, rot, and mold present issues for this type of shingle. From an environmental perspective, wood shakes aren’t desirable since they cannot be recycled. Moreover, wood isn’t the best material to utilize for fire safety purposes. The spray or wipe-on fire retardants used on the shakes continue for only a few years and deliver less protection against fires.

Roofers will have a harder work once they put the wood shakes instead of standard asphalt shingles. The grade of the wood shakes and experience level of the roofing company determine the quality of the installed roof. The greatest types of wood shakes are made of heartwood of old, large cedar trees. Various shake mills provide different calibers of the product.

Pros of Wood Shingles

Wooden roofs can repel water, they’re not insect friendly and they give a lot of character to a property. The shakes are usually obtained from the heartwood of the tree, which means they will be more robust and much more long lasting than if newer wood was utilized. A roof like this lasts up to 25 years or so and is a great insulator against the elements. Wood is a natural substance so it permits your home to ‘breathe’ and keeps the air circulating superior to other roofing substances do.

There are many timbers you can use for a wooden roof, from pine to redwood and cedar. Whilst installing a roof may be tricky, you can call for an expert roofer and will be in a position to supply you with a pretty top for your house.

Take for example the Cedar’s beauty that is unsurpassed by any other roofing material. It can coordinate well with various different types of homes. Cedar shakes, unlike other roofing materials, naturally insulate your home. Because of this, it’s going to decrease the level of energy you need to heat and cool the house all year round saving you money.


How to Fix Roofing Problems

For the average property owner, the roof is not a structure they think about right up until it is causing problems. Many people simply don’t know what to consider or how to tell if their roof requires attention or repair. There are several things every homeowner should know about roofs and the way to detect when there is a problem.

Certainly, you’ll get modern furniture and incredible decors which makes you come up with a classy home. Definitely, you’ll match all you decors, from the furniture to the other accessories. Without a doubt, you will be creating a great motif and design that matches your personality.

Even though we love to to think that modern homes are structurally secure, a storm can certainly loosen roof tiles resulting in a really serious challenge with water entering the home. For those who have found yourself in this situation, it is necessary that you practice prompt action. We only realize the significance of roofing it is already damaged. Most people neglect or ignore this aspect in their homes.

You should do improvement in your home so that you can make sure that you’ve got a tough and strong shelter that may protect you. You will find roofing contractors that can answer your house needs especially roofing problems. There are some out there that ensure that they can meet their customers and ensure to accommodate all their needs. Just make sure to choose the best one, the company that could answer all your roofing needs without hesitations.

All of the troubles in roofing could be saved by initially selecting a good company that make your roof waterproof. There are various roofing companies which concentrate on creating solid roofs. These firms use latest technology and high quality materials which guarantees robustness of the top of your house. Additionally they make use of skilled workman who definitely are skilled with lots of roofing jobs. Thus whatever type of roof you have, sloped or flat, they are able to handle the task with their expertise.

Do not think that because your roof is out of sight that it needs to be out of mind too. Don’t take chances! Schedule a routine roof checkup today and prevent damage (that often result to leaks), problems for the building structure, destruction of the interior finish, and in extreme situations, even potential injury or death!


Roof Stain Removal

Several things could blemish your roof. Things such as moss, algae, and lichens, which feed off the organic material present in roof shingles. When this happens, it can cause ugly stains on your roof. To be able to clean off this stains you can do it yourself or hire a professional roof cleaner. If you feel comfortable cleansing the roof yourself you will find these main roof-cleaning methods that you may use. Cleaning the roof is an easy process when you are the hang of it however working with a professional to come and do the initial roof cleaning may be more beneficial the first time so you can see exactly what occurs and how you can best handle the situation.

A pressure washer to remove any stains which are prevalent on top of roofs applies a roof-cleaning chemical to the shingles. No stain is too much for this chemical to manage, and this chemical is not just safe to individuals, but also safe for your landscaping, and the environment. After this chemical sits on top of the roof for about 20 minutes, the service will then use a low-pressure wash system to eliminate the chemical. Whilst the chemical will be removed in this matter, so are the stains that are all over your roof. This will not only clean your roof, but it will get rid of any future stains that may occur for up to three years.

Like any trade, a big area of the effective results of a roof cleaning is in the preparation. Plants have to be accounted for and protected. When a gutter drains has to be carefully monitored and its runoff contained. Insides of gutters must be checked out to predict possible overflow scenarios. The biggest thing a home-owner needs to know is that very little to zero pressure ought to be used on a roofing shingle. A regular cleaning yearly could help avoid the necessity to replace the entire roof not to mention the safety of not using chemicals for bothersome shingles.

Cleaning the roof is a straightforward process once you get the hang of it yet working with a professional to come and carry out the initial roof cleaning could be more advantageous the first time to help you to see precisely what happens and how you are able to best take care of the situation. You’ll want to have a roofer that makes a specialty of roof cleaning as well as roof replacement. As the roof cleaning gets done, the roof company will be able to check the roof for weaknesses.


You Should Be Looking Up More Often: Simple Ways to Check Your Roof for Damage

Even though a roof constructed in a wide-range of materials often comes with a long-lasting warranty, with might last between 20 to 30-years, a roof stills needs to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure it is maintained and doesn’t leak. 


For many homeowners, the first indication of a roof problem is a leaking ceiling. In this article, learn how to spot the signs of a worn or damaged roof before it causes extensive – and expensive – water damage to your home.

Detect Roof Leaks Early

To avoid expensive water damage, you need to be alert to the early signs of a leaking room. Signs of a roof leak include:

  • Dark spots on ceilings
  • Damp spots around fireplaces
  • Peeling paint on the roof trim
  • Water stains on furnace venting

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

With a new asphalt roof costing an average of $7,600, you want to be absolutely sure if you need a replacement. Here are some important points to consider:

Roof Age

How old is the existing roof? Most asphalt shingle roofs last 20 to 25 years before needing to be replaced. If your current roof only has one layer of shingles, and is properly ventilated, a roof repair may solve your problem. If your roof was installed over old layers of shingles and is older than 20 years, you’ll probably need a new roof.

Missing, Curling, and Buckling Shingles

Curling, buckling, and missing shingles are surefire signs that your roof needs replacing. Other signs are inconsistent color and granule loss. If your gutters are loaded with granules from your shingles, you need a roof replacement.


Read more: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/you-should-be-looking-up-more-often-simple-ways-to-check-your-roof-for-damage/


Termite damage seems to be a growing problem, especially in areas where moisture and humidity are high. Even if you live in a dry environment, termites can still be a problem, especially if there is moisture from water leaks and water leaks come from leaky pipes and roof damage.


Like any wooden structure in your home, your roof can be vulnerable to damage from termites in the ceiling. Both subterranean and drywood termites can pose a threat to the integrity of your roof, inhabiting areas of your ceiling, including around fireplaces where leaks have occurred and over bathrooms where excessive moisture may be trapped underneath the insulation.

Drywood termites live and feed inside wood. They can establish colonies inside ceiling rafters, roof beams, eaves and other wooden structures associated with your roof. Drywood termites can even establish colonies underneath wood shingles.

Unlike drywood termites, subterranean termites typically build their colonies in the soil. However, subterranean termites will build colonies in any area where they have access to wood. Dampness provides a more conducive environment for infestation, but is not required. All they really need is a way inside your house. Worker termites build “mud tubes” inside of walls and chimneys in order to access food sources. Termites will feed on any substance containing cellulose. Drywall, wallpaper, clothing and even carpet in your home can be susceptible to damage in case of a termite infestation.

The invasive Formosan or “super termite” is the subterranean termite species most likely to construct above-ground colonies in addition to their primary ground nest. Formosan termite colonies can be much larger and more destructive than those formed by native termite species.

While you should rely on a trained professional to inspect and treat any possible termite in ceiling infestations in your home, you can look for the following warning signs:

  • Loose roof tiles or shingles. Even if your roof does not have wooden shingles, your subroofing almost certainly contains wood.
  • Bubbling and discoloration similar to water damage on your ceilings.
  • Any areas of buckling or sagging in your ceilings.
  • Mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets (termite fecal matter known as “frass”) in your attic and/or underneath your rafters may indicate a drywood termite infestation.


Read more: https://www.terminix.com/termite-control/termite-signs/damage/ceilings/

Color Options for Metal Roofs

Image result for metal roof

Picking out your roof color could possibly be the least of your concern. Since this is the section of the home which we rarely see and take notice, we could find it hard to decide to what color we would wish to have at home. Many times you may opt to just imitate your neighbor’s roof in order that you won’t need to trouble yourself anymore. Though to increase the curb appeal of your home, you have to take extra time to have the best one that matches it. Below are great tips.

• Neutrals

Neutral colors tend to be the safest and most common colors used by many. These colors can effortlessly attract lots of people and it’s your best option if you want a roof that can easily catch the eye. Neutral colors are gray, black, and white.

For grey colors, they closely fit blue, black and white. If you want to go timeless and don’t wish to become risky enough for home roofing, opt for color grey. Grey roofing are popular simply because they may actually fit just any exterior color and it does not get out of from style.

• Contrasting colors

Once we opt for contrasting colors, anticipate that it’s going to create drama to your property. This just means that whatever your exterior paint is, you’re going to put a contrasting color alternatively for your roofing.

Opt for high-contrast colors to create a bold eye-catching effect. These highlights architectural detail and patterns; low contrast colors hide details that could be desirable in some instances. For instance, try using a warm color like cream or ivory with a cool neutral, like grey or black ridge cap and drip-edge.

• Earthy colors

These colors help in blending your home with the surroundings. Some of the best earthy colors are: gray-blue, brown, sage green and olive green.

You ought to realize that these colors generally match homes that are created from stones, wood along with other earthly materials. If you’re unclear about the top earthly color that can be used, you have to use a qualified professional who will help you.

• Bright colors

If you’d like something unique and prominent, you may opt for bright colors. Red, orange and blue are the popular bright color options. Quite a few prefer to use bright colors mainly because it gives distinction to their homes and visitors could locate fairly easily the house. However, you must take extra consideration when you wish to use these colors because if isn’t combined well, it would be very consuming or too distractive to the eyes. Talk with experts to help you especially when you intend to utilize such colors.

Whenever you pick a roof color, please be reminded to check on your local community should there be color rules. Furthermore, observe your surroundings and weather in the area to be able to come up with the best choice. If you are not yet certain, seek professional’s advice.


Before You Buy Gutter Guards, Review These Pros & Cons Of Installing Gutter Covers

To find the best gutter guards and leaf guards it’s important to look beyond the promises given by the company and investigate the design. For only then can you tell which is the best gutter guard.



Gutter guards are advertised as being able to prevent your gutters from clogging with leaves, as well as water and debris — thus saving you from what could be a dangerous household task.

Cleaning gutters is no fun at all!

However, not everyone agrees that gutter guards are worth the cost, time, and effort to get them installed.  

Following are the pros and cons of installing gutter guards (or leaf guards, gutter covers, gutter screens, etc.) on your home…


Types Of Gutter Guards

The 5 main types of gutter guards are:

  • Mesh gutter guards – these metal sheets (filled with tiny holes) attach to the roof shingles and cover the gutter.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards – these position the water downward while directing the leaves to fall to the ground.
  • Bottle brush gutter guards – these are made of bristles that face upright inside the gutter. The debris rests on top while the water flows away.
  • Nylon gutter guards – these work exceptionally well in the winter due to their unique design which prevents snow from building up and freezing.
  • Foam gutter guards – these are actually made of plastic that fits directly into your gutter, helping to block the debris from going into the gutter.

Home Experts Weigh In On Gutter Guards

HGTV says you should definitely use gutter guards. They give instructions on how to install mesh type gutter guards and keep them clean… but I thought the idea was to not have to clean them!

Tom Kraeutler discusses whether or not gutter guards are worth the cost. While gutter guards are not necessarily maintenance free, he feels that they can lessen the amount of labor and possibly prevent unnecessary falls.


According to Tim Carter at Ask The Builder, the effectiveness of gutter guards is questionable at best: 

All of the products do an excellent job of prohibiting full sized leaves from entering your gutters. That is a simple task. However, many of the gutter cover products fail to stop tiny tree flower buds, seed pods and evergreen needles from entering gutters. — Tim Carter, Ask The Builder

The good news is that after 10 years of research and lots of personal trial and error, he has finally found a gutter guard that he feels comfortable recommending.  His pick for the best gutter guard system is MasterShield.


Pros & Cons Of Using Gutter Guards

So, what should you do?

If you want to spend less time cleaning gutters, then yes – gutter guards are definitely something that should be considered.

Just don’t expect that they will be maintenance free.

Some debris will inevitably collect on top of the gutter guards themselves. However, it should be much easier and quicker to clean it off the top than to dig into clogged gutters to remove handfuls of leaves, seeds, and twigs. That said, some gutter guard  …


The Advantages of Hiring Professional Plumbers

Whether you need an installation, repair, or merely an inspection, a qualified roofing company will give the assistance you seek. There are numerous cases when an inexperienced roofer executed the job poorly which results in more expenditure and hassle. Some might have even overcharged you for a job that is not even worth it.

Regardless of whether you need an installation, repair, or just an inspection, an experienced roofer can give you the help you look for. Carry out research for roofing contractors with a established track record for your particular need to guarantee quality service.

Regardless of what your problem is, a roofing professional could help you, but you need to make sure that the individual or company that you opt to hire is a good match for your project. It is always vital to hire someone who is a member of an association to prevent unnecessary disappointments.

Hiring an expert will guarantee you quality and other benefits such as;

• Any professional roofers have insurance plan and safe practices. They have the general liability and protect the workers’ compensation also

• You don’t need to risk your own safety while getting the work carried out. Professional roofers are anticipated to have all the safe practices training and certification.

• They’re going to surely present compliance with including health and safety law, code of practice of the organization itself and etc.

• You’ll be able to guarantee an expert repair and installation. You’ll be assured that the roofing system is mounted firmly and weather tight.

• The correct roofer is going to have the required knowledge to quickly and easily track down the underlying cause of your problem for any repair jobs. The very last thing you could afford is someone spending a lot of your time and money to try to locate the issue through trial and error.

• Your roofer can help you decide if a new roof needs to be installed or if some repairs are it will take. They are going to suggest the correct materials needed for the repair based on your capacity.

• When the roofing activities are finished, the roofer is going to take away any sort of associated waste. You would also count on them to, then, dump the materials in an environmentally friendly manner or to in some way recycle them.

• Finally, the roofing expert will not likely demand for giving you a quote on what needs doing and how much it’ll cost you.

Keep in mind that not all roof contractors provide the exact same service or provide the same quality. Ensure that you pick a roofing company which has an established track record and good recommendations.


Why Your Home Needs Roof Coating

Image result

Roof coatings are basically a film which protects the roof from the impact of environmental factors which includes sunlight, rainfall, hail, and wind damage. Modern roof coating materials have elastic qualities that allow it to stretch and go back to normal during calm periods. The key advantage of a coating application is that it can substantially extend the life span of your roof as well as reducing utility costs. While somewhat overlooked in the whole roofing process, a coating is an important component that has its lots of benefits.

The roof coating process and material is an elastomeric coating which causes a uniform, seamless surface remaining flexible even during low temperatures. It expands and contracts with all the changing conditions, shielding a roofs surface from the sun’s damaging rays which varies in thickness. This lets the coating to endure continuous thermal stresses over the lifetime of the roofing.

The application process varies depending on the materials used but can be applied with brushes, rollers, or a spray which is one of the reasons many painting contractors are accredited to apply the coatings. A number of layers (usually 2-3) are usually set in order to create a greater barrier between a roof as well as the elements. Yet again, this method very closely appears like any exterior painting and a painter is thus a knowledgeable and professional source for roof coating info.

Roof coatings are used for a variety of reasons together with extending the life span of the roof. The ideal kind of roof coating cannot just repair cracks and leaks in the roof but tend to also lessen the amount of contraction and expansion as a result of temperature models in the future. This can prevent future leaks and other damage. It can also stop any corrosion or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Moreover, coating is generally preferred due to the reflective nature and its efficiency in lowering the home temperature. You can consider roof coating so as to cut down cooling cost which you may have to consider other wise. Certain firm boasts of anything up to 40% savings on power bills, and even though this can be exaggerated as part of their sales message, it’s undeniable the reducing the loss of heat through the top of the house will improve the energy-efficiency of any home.

While usually unobserved, a roof coating offer a fundamental security for your roof and is a sensible investment for all those contemplating such a measure. It is important to keep in mind that any coating should be handled professionals to ensure the benefits of its application. When utilized correctly, your roof will have a proper film of protection from the worst Mother Nature throws at it.



Should Consider Tile Roofing?

Tile roof is among the ideal options people can choose once the desire to install new roof happens. There are various kinds of this sort of roof that can fit a homeowner’s taste. These types of roofs, of course have their own pros and cons.

Image result

The basic types of tile
A tile roof has provided coverage from harsh weathers and seasons keeping everybody inside the home warm and dry. Tile is fireproof and much more home owners are choosing to go with this kind of roof covering than any other kind. This sort of roofing is available in many different types of materials including clay, concrete, and slate. One reason for the popularity of tile roofing is that it can last for numerous decades, even up to eighty years without needing replacement. Several roofing materials only last up to a maximum of thirty years. This can save thousands of dollars in roofing throughout the years.

The advantages it offer
Roof tiles are great insulators; this will come in quite handy during the winter season because it will help to maintain warmth within the house. The opposite effect will be felt in summer as it could keep the house cool. Tiles have the outstanding ability of complimenting the external color or surface of virtually any structure. Additionally, Tile roofs can in fact raise the safety of your property. Should a fire ever erupt, the roof is a lot more likely to remain intact without flimsy shingles to feed the flames, lowering the risk for your family and home.

The considerations
In case you have a damaged roof or if you desire to give a new look to your home or office, and then it is the most suitable choice. The best provision to protect your house from those leaks and cracks on your roof is to give such roofing which will not just protect the dwelling but in addition give a long lasting solution for your residence. Both heat and cold could be regulated with the aid of tile roofing thereby lowering your HVAC expenses. But, price for a roof is another concern as with any job there is a budget. There is a selection of prices when it comes to a tile roof. There are pricey options and more economical options. Often quality is a sign of cost and a more quality item will cost more. Nonetheless, a concrete material tile is the least expensive usually.