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Interior Design

Living Room Design

Most people believe that interior styling signifies paying out serious money. Decorating a space does not necessarily suggest that it can be only be carried out by skilled interior designer. You can do-it-yourself. There are already a lot design tips and principles on the web and magazine that you may follow to begin things out.

A few examples of the most famous design inspiration that you might employ on your home dependant upon your lifestyle.

1. Classic-Modern Design is amongst the most popular living room design concepts. Classic Modern Designed residence is clean-lined and centers initially on purpose and stays away from the unnecessary components and decorative elements. If you have an extremely geometric or distinct edged space, toning and softening it with textures would be the method of doing it.

2. Hawaiian inspired design is another design to take into consideration.. Always keep in mind the key features: hand-made natural decorations and accessories, weaved furnishings, bamboo plants and certainly the distinctive bold flowery styles. If you enjoy the Hawaiian sun, beach and flora, you may add these components when preparing for your living area design.

3. Modern Zen Design is often known as the meditation inspired style. This living room design concept is fairly popular at present especially for people who wanted to have steadiness and comfort within their home. Getting a focal point in your living room and accents to balance the design are definitely the key elements. Add a natural atmosphere by opening up the space and letting in some sun light completes the Zen feel.

4. Tropical interior is designed by using a purposeful combination of elements. The luxurious greens and yellows of natural plants are just two of most usual colors you can find in a tropical living room design concept. Choose colors which are found naturally like the hue of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Think of a tropical woodland or a marketplace full of tropical fruits to inspire your style.

5. Victorian Design is centred on elegance and heritage. You’d normally discover Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style homes and hotels. The key is classic allure with a splash of texture and color. Victorian style living rooms bring opulence.

Whichever living room design idea you are interested in, make certain that it is going to fit your needs and way of living. Make sure to talk to a designer who is familiar with how to deal with a restricted budget and complies with what you need. And constantly remember to choose the design that you’re going to appreciate for a long period.


Decorative Vases and Branches, Elegant Room Decorating Ideas

Decorative glass vases are excellent for creating beautiful arrangements. Flowers are not the only thing which we can put inside our decorative vases. You can also add branches> It will look good especially this fall season. You might want to take a look at this article.

Branches in vases make fabulous fall decorations. Autumn leaves and berries look beautiful with wood textures and turn a vase into a beautiful centerpiece in eco style. A decorative blown glass vase, terracotta or glossy ceramic vase is a versatile, elegant, and decorative accessory which is suitable for any room decorating. Lushome gives inspirations for creating gorgeous accents with branches that create beautiful seasonal accents and enhance the spirit of fall decorating.

Tall decorative vases are perfect for stylish arrangements in eco style. Tree branches connect room decorating with nature. Curly willows add attractive twisted and contorted stems to home decorations and enrich fall decorating ideas by adding the beautiful forms. Dried or fresh, branches are available all year round and offer fantastic ideas for creating beautiful decorative accents and seasonal gifts in an eco-friendly style.

Fall decorating with branches

You can use branches with berries and fall foliage, or you can make delicate foliage to add fall colors to vase centerpieces. Seeds and leaves on branches in beautiful vases make elegant floral arrangements and table centerpieces for eco-friendly, creative, and meaningful fall decorating.

Branches, berries, and autumn leaves are eco-friendly, recycled materials that bring a fresh aroma into home interiors and give a unique character to the decor. Natural or painted branch arrangements in decorative vases are genuinely smart, eco-friendly, and beautiful ideas for fall decorating that can adorn rooms till next season.


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How to Create Shabby Chic Style for Your Home

Shabby chic is an interior design style that comes with worn, antique furniture and vintage components to make a design which is both stylish and popular.

If you are on a limited decorating budget and would like to create a look which is unpretentious yet elegant, Shabby Chic may just be the style for you. Here are a few of the basic factors that make-up a Shabby Chic look that you may want to try in the home.

Slip Covers: Slip covered furniture is the cornerstone of a Shabby Chic interior. Not only does slip covering furniture give a classic item a new look, the cost is quite reasonably priced and slip covering lets you easily purchase used furniture. The Shabby Chic design often makes use of plenty of simple white slip covers which are clean and fresh and are very reasonably priced.

Unmatched Printed Fabrics: To liven up the white slip covers, printed and patterned fabrics are added as comfortable throw pillows, chair cushions, bedding, etc. These fabrics are frequently floral but can even be striped, paisley or other type of subdued print. These types of various patterns and colours results in a relaxed feel in a Shabby Chic residence, and allows a budget decorator to buy remnants to mix and match.

Painted Furniture: Painted furniture is another key element in a Shabby Chic interior. Furniture can be bought at flea markets and garages sales, after which painted for that old but loved look. Incorporating paint to an item of furniture gives a clean appearance, and painting several items all one color (usually white in Shabby Chic) offers unequaled furniture a peek of an imperfectly matched set.

Flowers: Fresh flowers add lightness and color, and an instant Chic in the home. To attain a Shabby Chic look with flowers, make use of cut flowers from the garden or design your own bouquets from flowers you acquire. The floral arrangements are usually informal and organic, with a appearance of just being thrown together. Flowers are widely-used in most rooms of the home such as the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Unique Lighting: Lighting is another area where you can be a little creative. Antique looking chandeliers and candle holders are perfect within this decor. Lamp shades are frequently adorned with glass or crystal beads that will add to the antique look. Painted shades are wonderful too. Anything that appears to be if it came from another era is just what you are striving for.

If you want a style of your own that won’t break your money, shabby chic is it. Create a look which is light, open, airy, relaxed, romantic, elegant and feminine, all-in-one! It’s a look that is original, and one you may enjoy with total comfort and ease.


Happy Eclectic Scandinavian Home

Home decor is a fabulous thing. While it’s always nice to have your whole house follow a particular decorating theme, it’s even nicer to have every room take on it’s own personality and be a completely different experience from the rest of the rooms in the house. You might love this mix style of an eclectic scandinavian home.

There’s no better place than home to relax and unwind, especially when you live in a Scandi-inspired space filled with character. Swedish interior stylist Johanna Flyckt Gashi and husband Luzim with their three children live in such a happy cottage!

Family heirloom, antique and flea market finds create an entirely unique theme imbued with a personal touch. The white-walled rooms have been sprinkled with colorful works of art, accessories and a collection of vintage pieces and modern decor.

What’s fascinating is the built-in couch supported by a set of wheels in the living room. Various patterned throws line the comfortable seat that’s surrounded by a number of artful elements radiating a joyful note.
The single tall locker beside a creatively organized work space altogether elicit a light-hearted setting. Vases, a small chest and a bucket have been used as attractive storage. Treasured photographs in the large frame behind the desk instantly creates a homely atmosphere.

A picturesque kitchen is at the heart of the home. Dishware and utensils are neatly arranged in the upper shelves, while mugs are hung on racks and a carousel. A chalkboard wall has got everything labelled and grants the freedom to scribble and simply have fun! White cabinetry, sink counter top and backsplash matches the rest of the home’s furniture and flooring.

Generous seating is provided for by chairs and stools in varying colors and styles, mostly mismatched but perfectly complements the entire theme. Dining areas have tables bearing candle centerpieces in charming candleholders.

The home is brightly lit with the sun’s rays passing through white windows and lighting fixtures of different shapes and sizes. Old-time pieces, little trinkets, wooden components and woven crafts add texture while giving off a rustic feel that will make you warm and cozy. Happiness comes naturally in this lovely place that’s brimming with creativity and inspiration!

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5 Amazing Ways To Channelize The Bohemian Decor In The Bedroom

Naturally, Bohemian style is bright, bold, and vibrant in color – frequently composed of mixtures of common patterns just like like paisleys, swirls, and great floral motifs. It’s additionally common nowadays to discover chic styles of bohemian bedding with traditional motifs which contain subtle and sometimes softer hues.

Because our bedroom is among the most exclusive space where we could be ourselves and let our imaginations loose, below we will talk about five amazing ways in which the bohemian decor can be effectively implemented and channelized in our bedrooms.

Embrace colors.
Some of the most critical sides of bohemian styles are the boldness of the design and concept, the colour utilized and the contrast employed. As the bohemian style is supposed to be creative and experimental anyway, boldness is a feature incorporated into it naturally. Use of rich and vibrant colours is an additional distinguishable property of the bohemian style. Yet black and white bohemian bedding is additionally extremely popular as the lack of colour is together by the design, contrast and use of varying shades of grey.

Make a beautiful bed for yourself.

The bed is probably the most favorite furniture for most of us. Think about your bed a piece of art and weave magic around it. You can use the mandala bedding sets, a bright rug and numerous cushions of varied sizes, colours, textures and patterns to make the bed seem bohemian. Rustic wooden beds exhibit a boho vibe and hanging interesting woven carpets rather than wall arts as a backdrop for your bed may reflect the bohemian bedding style.

Introduce interesting lighting.

Whether you have an authentic Bohemian crystal chandelier, it is possible to at least get one that resembles the type of glass and designs the Bohemians made centuries ago. To this day, fine glass and crystal is a huge part of the Bohemian culture and you will see numerous shops that carry the renowned Bohemian crystal.

Select furniture which tells a story.

Your choices for furniture are about as wide as those for flooring. It’s advised, though, to use vintage or period furniture to maintain the lived-in feel of the aesthetic. This is one look in which mismatched furniture isn’t a problem; actually, they’re a lot better with this shabby chic look simply because they provide the room that signature eclectic ambiance. Just take care to sand down the flea market furnishings you get and to repaint as essential. Leave a few imperfections for accent, though.

Never leave the walls blank.

Design with all the free spirit, let your imagination go wild with colors and yes keep it classy, every corner of the room comes with a exciting story to share with, the places you traveled and the activities of your spirit. Indian antiques and carvings tell stories of years gone by whenever our forefathers tilled the lands and sat in the veranda after a hard days work, eating from wooden plates and pots, drinking water from copper and brass pitchers.

At the end of the day, a true bohemian style would be to have a room that reflects every aspect of yourself and your travels. What makes you cozy and calm is the real foundation of the style.


Your Must Haves Luxury Modern Bathroom Design

Nobody wants to adopt the obsolete designs. Same is the case with the bathroom products and bathroom accessories as well. After all, it is the bathroom products that make the bathrooms look luxurious and comfortable.

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is also rising in importance when it comes to remodeling and design choices. More and more, we want our bathrooms to be our private retreats. As such, they should inspire us and reflect who we are.

If you want to create a luxury modern bathroom for your home, here are the design must-haves you need to incorporate.


Your bathroom vanities should set the tone for the entire room without being too imposing. Streamlined, handlefree vanities provide an understated yet elegant canvas that allows you to complete the design with other interesting accents.


Minimalism doesn’t mean boring or predictable. Playing with the arrangement of the various units (vanities, wall units, shelves, and mirrors) can help create interesting, unexpected and dynamic compositions.


As it is true for the kitchen, a primarily neutral color palette works well in modern bathrooms. It creates a soothing, intimate environment. Current trends privilege darker vanities or dark walls with lighter vanities (for contrast).

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How to Decorate in French Country Style

You don’t have to be an interior designer or French expert to create the French country style to your home. Even if you have not been to rural France you may still get the look by doing a bit of research.


When considering what colors to use for your French country decorating, you should stick with colors that are earthy. Mustard yellow, muted blues and greens as well as pink (salmon pink) are great choices. Unless of course you’re working with a particular French country motif, such as roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Fabrics that are used in French Country design frequently have a repeating pattern. Countryside scenes, flowers, birds and nature scenes are utilized.


With a traditional appeal and old-world comfort the French country is still simple to replicate. To imitate the French country look you might find in a cottage in rural France you need to have a mix of gemstone floors, rooster motifs, carved wood furniture, wrought iron furnishings, plastered-surface walls painted or washed in butter-yellow paint.


The furniture has a distinct rustic appearance to it, often in darker woods. Be sure to include the Amoire, a tallish cabinet with drawers, shelves or cupboards used in storage or for decorative purposes. For instance, you can utilize it to show pots, for hiding the television or storing linen along with other items. Use your imagination, it’s an extremely helpful furniture piece and helps to share that genuine French look in your property.


Soft pastels are good for the walls, and you may even embellish them with stenciled French country motifs like sunflowers, fruits or roosters. Virtually any wall hangings ought to continue the rural appeal, and photographs framed in antiqued wood or wrought iron make a great centerpiece. Chipped pitchers also are an ideal addition to your French country decor. Use an old ceramic pitcher that is cracked or chipped to hold herbs, sunflowers and other natural greenery from the back yard. The idea is to give your home a rural, comfortable effect.


Including a couple of beautiful carpets to your residence brings in another touch. Search for ornate rugs with winding grapevines in warm colors. You could also select a rug with a classic blue shade and tiny gold yellow accents. Floral rugs are a great option for this design style too. Floral rugs come in every size, shape, and color imaginable. Get creative and select the perfect rug to add a touch of softness to your space.

One reward that numerous people enjoy about decorating their home in this fashion is that it is so economical. Old furnishings, color, fabrics and French country motifs blend to create a look that is inviting and relaxed. It doesn’t matter what type of decor you have already at home, you possibly can transform it to give it the appealing atmosphere of a French country style farmhouse!


Living Walls: How They Can Improve Your Home and Your Health

Green walls or living wall systems not only beautiful but have health benefits to the air you breathe and just make you feel better. In this article we look at what benefits a green wall can have on our health.

A living wall, or a green wall,  is a garden that grows vertically, as opposed to horizontally, which can exist inside or outside the home. Any well lit place inside your home, would make a suitable environment. Indoor herb gardens are growing in popularity and thrive well in sunny kitchens. Conversely any outside wall would do as well. Green, or living walls, are beneficial to us in so very many ways. Below I discuss, in simple terms, how these vertical gardens can protect your home and environment, save you energy, and benefit your health.

How living walls can improve indoor air quality

Pollutants exist all around us, both outdoors and indoors. Toxic fumes infiltrate the air we breathe through our air systems and ductwork and can cause what we commonly call “Sick Building Syndrome.” Green, or living walls, can significantly clear up the toxins. While all plants absorb pollutants, there are certain plants that do so with much more efficiency. While even one plant can remove toxins from your home or building, the more plants that are added, the more toxins are absorbed.

A green wall can contain as many as thousands of plants. These living walls can help to remove formaldehyde, VOCs, Carbon Monoxide and many other harmful pollutants. NASA (The National Aeronautic and Space Administration) has identified the 15 best plants for living walls. For the list, visit Ecologic Design Lab.

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Paint vs Wallpaper Pros and Cons of Both

As soon as you enter a residence, the initial thing that you observe is the wall. The way the wall is adorned and painted takes its great impact on the entire look of the home. It doesn’t matter how high-class the furniture are, it still won’t be appealing if the wall will not match it. That is the reason why picking out what you will use you wall is a significant decision, whether you’ll go for wallpaper or paints.

Advantages of Paint

Cheap and simple – the main advantage of paint is it is accessible in the market and there are already a lot of professional painters who will get the job done for you. Paint can efficiently hide the marks, small holes, and scratches on your wall. It is possible to test out any graphics with your wall or experiment with many decors once you use paint for your walls.

Disadvantages of Paint

Heavier oil based paint will dry gradually and in most cases require a professional to apply it as oil based paints often run. Paint with a high oil content is also less resistant against heat. Paint can also emit dangerous compounds known as VOC’s. Paint lasts from 5-10 years but depending on your paint decision you can also find yourself painting more often.

Advantages of Wallpaper

Numerous modern wallpapers lasts for ten to fifteen years, whereas, repainting often should be done as frequently as every couple of years. This lowers your expenses. Wallpaper can also add complexity and interesting features to a room and wallpaper provides several kinds of ‘looks’ like patterns, textures and even made to look like wood or cloth.

Disadvantages of Wallpaper

Indeed, wallpaper can be an instant answer to your dull walls however when you get lethargic at its design, it can be difficult to get rid of it especially for distinct types of wallpapers. Additionally, once a section gets torn, you simply can’t just cover it with another since it won’t look pleasant. Your choice would be to just bear it in case you don’t have the funds or simply replace the entire panel. Depending on type and design, wallpapers tend to be more expensive that paint as it is sold per meter. There’s also a big tendency for molds to grow because of humidity.

Why choose?

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t stress yourself in finding or choosing one since you may just combine them whenever you like. You may have solid painted walls with wallpaper borders or perhaps in one of your rooms, you could go full blast wallpapered room.


Why Choose Tuscan Interior Design

One of many styles of home décor, the Tuscan décor that recreates an old world Italian charm occupies a special place. This is a home décor style that is inspired by nature. Stone, wrought iron, hardwood and marble are made use of in Tuscan style home décor. If an welcoming and tasteful old-world style is the thing that you seek in your home decor then you can definitely think about proceeding with giving a Tuscan touch to your house.

The weathered or distressed Tuscan look is cozy, rustic and evocative. It summons up a balmy Mediterranean climate and rural or peasant homes, redolent with the patina of age, with a worn, lived-in feel. The houses that inspired the Tuscan look have an organic quality, and would have been plastered and painted using subtly colored, natural materials, many locally obtainable.

Texture is a crucial facet of Tuscan home design. The appearance of numerous layers of paint, cracked stucco or marble walls, and worn furniture are widely-used to include an Old World charm to the room. Wood grain and texture are highlighted, and also any cracks or crevices. Irregularity can be used to incorporate interest and warmth.

The natural colors in the Tuscan palette mix and match well, though there are more considerations. You can choose paints of various color intensity. Warmer colors may be required for a cold room and conversely, cooler colors for a bright, sunny space. Color washing requires a at least two colors, yet further colors can be added to make a more textured and varied effect.. Depending upon how you apply the paint and the nature and range of the colors utilized, you are able to have a cloudy, airy finish or a denser, moodier feel.

Tuscan home design can be accomplished on a very low budget. For individuals who know how to shop, items with the suitable flavor can be purchased for low prices at vintage stores and art sales. Though it may be vital that items have the same general feel, they do not have to match. A particular quirky individuality is appealing. Furthermore, scrapes and dings in furniture complement their character in Tuscan interior design. Paired carefully with the right colors and other furnishings, crevices and signs of wear turning out to be charming. Tuscan interior design utilizes brilliant colors without feeling overwhelming. A sunny atmosphere evoking the warmth of the Mediterranean can revitalize any room.