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Interior Design

Style Your Bathroom With Stylish Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are getting to be an essential part of home décor; the stylish types of mirrors have made them an important piece for interior decorators. There are various things that you should look at before choosing a mirror for your bathroom like size, budget, color, shape, design and many other such factors. Deciding on the best one will match the general look of the room or even accentuate it.

What Should You Choose

It is vital that you need to think it over if it’s the perfect accessories to use. There are numerous accessories which you can use for your bathroom improvements but is very important to choose the one that is stylish and functional. A bathroom mirror is regarded as very functional, but being stylish only few people knows.

You may get out there and shop for stunning decorative mirrors but you do have to expect that you’ll be offered a number of mirrors types to choose from. Choosing mirrors for the bathroom isn’t any different; you have to choose the best mirror to cater to the decorating needs of the bathroom without neglecting its main purpose or function. You will need to evaluate your budget as well whenever deciding what to opt for.

The Three Types

Typically, bathroom mirrors fall into 3 various types. First, you’ll find fixed mirrors which are often fitted into cabinets or into a door. Next, you will find hanging wall mirrors that happen to be literally set into your bathroom walls. And ultimately, there are moving mirrors which may be mounted, moved, and pivoted.

o Moving Mirrors

The moving mirrors also are reckoned to be very popular, mainly because it can be moved according to individual requisites. Even though common in hotels, the movable ones are gradually making way into homes due to their flexibility and convenience. They could be moved and adjusted to have the suitable viewing angle.

o The Fixed Type

Fixed bathroom mirrors are in fact a component of an ordinary metal. They’re usually placed on the surface of the built-in medicine cabinets you have in your bathrooms. They are basic types of mirrors which have a useful style. Though they are not even close to elegant, the fixed mirrors work all right.

o Hanging Wall Mirrors

Hanging wall mirrors are full of art and style. There are various materials utilized to design these mirrors. Some are even etched with designs to make them seem a lot more stylish and ideal in your bathrooms. You’ll find full-length hanging mirrors that happen to be quite valuable in a bathroom. There are also small to medium-sized mirrors which are great for an empty wall in your bathroom.



Some Fundamentals in Interior Designing

If you are fed up of just how your place looks like, if it has no distinct style and seems out of date, it’s time to give your interiors a new modern look. Upgrading your home with some modern home decor might sound to be a challenging work for you, but the efforts are going to be totally worth it. If you’re not certain where to begin with your modern home decorating, here are a few basic rules you need to understand.

Decor Rule #1: Minimalism
The initial thing you need to bear in mind is that modern home taste in simplicity. Setting up a modern and contemporary home design, easy cleaning, stylish and minimalist are the basics you’ll need while organizing modern style. You will find it so refreshing seeing minimal furniture and decors in every corner.

While arranging for simplicity, therefore it describes increase the open space. Be sure that the room get enough light comes through the window and you use the clear and airy window. Try to think about creating spacious look by plain wall treatment, best furniture also avoid clutter.

Decor Rule #2: Lighting
Concentrate on lighting both artificial and natural light. Your house can’t ever have too much light, and so the budget should allow for many light sources throughout the residence, from one room to the other. Consider that one central ceiling-mounted light fitting just won’t do, and instead, aim for six light sources per room. As to natural light, with all the advances in insulated windows right now, select a design and style that enables the sun shine in through as numerous openings as feasible. You may also choose to put high lamps or lighting with dichroic lamps in the ceiling. It helps you if you have modern decor with big windows that have spaces.

Decor Rule #3: Windows
Many windows to get huge amounts of natural sunlight into the residence is one character of modern homes. The utilization of different styles of windows, just like bay windows, garden windows, picture windows and single or double hung windows, with distinctive grids or v-grooves (etched) on the panes to give an additional layer of dimension. Picking out fabric, patterns and prints on these drapes will also affect how luxurious and stylish the room could be

Developing your own interiors is never easy, though with researching and guide from specialists or friends may lead you to creating the modern home that you want. Just remember that aside from the theme that you are attempting to achieve, comfort and usefulness must come first.



Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Throughout the years, many variations of the traditional tree have come up, thanks to a lot of creative minds. Have you tried giving your own tree a new twist, or have you been putting it up the same way year after year? Why don’t you try something new this time.

As we are approaching the Christmas holidays, it is time to prepare decorations for our homes. Why don’t you make this year decoration by yourself? If you engage children, it can be a great family activity. We should not neglect the savings, while at the same time you will get a unique Christmas decor. You do not have to run around stores and wait in long queues to ensure a Christmas ornaments for the tree, as also the tree, but you can look around your home strips, different materials, sequins, old buttons and similar details and make unique DIY ornaments according to our ideas and your creativity.

Whether it is real or artificial, Christmas tree is the central decoration during the winter holidays, and its decoration equally exciting to the whole family. Let this Christmas be quite different and creative. Decoration at home for Christmas is certainly one of the most beautiful family rituals, and we give you a few suggestions for making a unique Christmas tree. Although Christmas decorations and trees can be seen on many websites, there is no need every year to spend larger sums of money for the house to be arranged in a festive spirit. All you need is a bit of old stuff, a little imagination and a little effort to create a cheap and original Christmas tree for the house. Enjoy your own decorating!

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

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Decorating Small Spaces: Inspiration from Nine Tiny Houses

 People can be very picking when it comes to where they live and how big their home or apartment is. However, there are some people who are perfectly content living in a tiny home.

1. The interior of this little 125 square foot dwelling is just gorgeous, and looks a lot more expansive thanks to the white palette and decorative touches; from ProtoHaus

2. This small space in Asheville, NC is stick-built, and a lot of the work was done by the homeowner himself. He does a great job describing his thought process and the outcomes of his choices on the Tiny House Blog.

3. This little house — the Harbinger — is just the cutest thing ever… and it can even fit a queen size bed! You can even buy the plans to build it yourself from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

4. You may remember this little place from Christopher & Merete’s House Tour; I still love the warm industrial feel of their tiny home.

5. This little place from Tiny House UK looks so cozy and comfortable… and it’s completely portable!


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Home Decorating Themes

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Most people believe that interior decorating implies shelling out lots of money. If you are in a limited budget, you could always do it yourself rather than hiring an interior decorator; however if you simply can afford to employ a very good decorator, then why not. You could check on magazine and internet for design inspirations along with ideas which could aid you start the activity.

Listed below are some examples of living room design inspiration that you could desire to involve in the house.

i. Classic-modern design
Classic-Modern Design is amongst the most popular living room design concepts. This kind of design delivers a feeling of calmness and simplicity to your property at the same time creating an effect of larger space. If you have an extremely geometrical or sharp edged space, toning and softening it with textures will be the technique of doing it.

ii. Tropical decor
Tropical decor is exciting with dynamic overtones. The luxurious greens and yellows of natural flora are merely two of most usual colors you’ll find in a tropical living room design concept. Opt for colors which can be naturally found just like the shade of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Consider a tropical forest or a market loaded with tropical fruits to inspire your design and style.

iii. Hawaiian inspired
Hawaiian inspired living spaces are also popular and not so difficult to build.. The atmosphere of this theme is vivid and all-natural. Anyone can easily make use of island sunset or beach hues as inspiration when selecting paint and cloth hues and add more native ornaments, wood furnishings and plants to conclude the design and style.

iv. Modern zen design
Modern zen design is often referred as the meditation inspired concept. A zen inspired design is centered on natural hues, in soft tones, like white, off white, shades of beige or pink beige, which may have the power to produce a feeling of rest and peace. Zen interior is minimal and straightforward and makes use of decorations such as bonsai and stones.

v. Victorian design
Victorian design is focused on elegance and history. You’d probably normally find Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style homes and hotels. The key here is classic allure with a splash of texture and color. Victorian style living rooms communicate opulence.

No matter what living room design idea you find attractive, make sure that it is going to meet your needs and lifestyle. Make sure you consult with a designer who knows how to deal with a tight budget and matches what you wish. And constantly remember to decide on the design that you’ll love for some time.


Create the Perfect Guest Room

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A guest bedroom is truly a helpful extension of your home making it easier for loved ones to come from long distances to see you. Yet, you could be pondering how to start having one or worry of the cost that you could need to pay in planning for it. Guest room is essential if you don’t want your guests to irritatingly or awkwardly sleep on the couch or your living room. Decorating this room doesn’t automatically have to be expensive.

For the random drop in guest or a regular visit from family, being sure your guests stay the best possible is obviously vitally important. Having a space that’s dedicated for regular visitors, or the unanticipated overnight guest, you’ll always be ready for visitors. When it’s a multi-purpose room, then you may want to consider twice the furnishing that you’ll put. But exactly what is the secret to making your visitors feel at home?

The following are a few tips that you have to take into consideration when planning and decorating your guest room.

i. Cleaning

First impression lasts particularly if you are looking at the cleanliness of the area. A room with a few furniture or decoration can certainly still be a great place to sleep in if it’s fresh and clean. Hence prior to putting anything in the room, empty the area first and clean it thoroughly, not only the floors but also the ceilings and walls.

ii. Furniture

Think about a multipurpose room. Generally, the guest bedroom does not have to serve only one purpose. You can buy a fold up bed, or a futon, that could be used as a couch, enabling you to double the space as an office, computer center, or TV and media room. You ought to be able to give the space up when visitors come a calling. Check if you possibly could use old furniture at home to place in the guest instead of purchasing a brand new one, just be certain that it’s still in good condition.

iii. Décor

With regards to colors and design, work with simple modest shades that will not be annoying to the eyes, or make them uncomfortable. Avoid vibrant reds, yellows, or oranges, and instead go for white and off white tones, which will melt into the background. Work with elaborate pieces on the walls to add fascination and color to the space. Remember that you will have different types of guest and it’ll be safe to keep things neutral.

iv. Storage Space

Your visitors must have hangers for skirts and pants, as well as for shirts and dresses. If you can’t part with an entire dresser, try to keep one or two drawers empty and ready for your visitors. It is a requirement since you do not wish your visitors to place their things on to the floor.

v. Linens

Additional linens, like clean sheets, bath towels, along with other essentials ought to be easy for your guests to locate and make use of. Whenever showing them the room, it is best to discuss the location where the extra linens are stored in order that they do not need to ask you later.

vi. Amenities

Additional room accessories can help your guests feel at home. A radio or small television set could be a nice touch. A beautiful indoor plant can also make the room more pleasing to your guests. Correct lighting for reading in bed and, if room permits, a good armchair so that your guest have another area to sit, other than the bed.


45 Cool Ideas To Make A Small Balcony Cozy

 Not many of us are quite fanciful when it comes to decorating our balconies, in fact most of us treat our balconies like a store room by dumping all the daily utilities. Here are some outstanding ideas to convert your dingy balcony in to a pleasant abode.


It’s common for some countries to have really small balconies in their apartments. Russia is one of those countries and IKEA has recently hosted a contest for the coziest small balcony. We’ve chosen some of the best balconies from this contest and added some more to the mix. They serve different purposes but everybody could find some interesting ideas in their designs. A lot of these balconies feature IKEA’s furniture so it won’t cost you much to furnish a balcony of the similar size. If your balcony is really tiny don’t hesitate to check these ideas out.

You’ll be able to turn your balcony in one of those areas that provides comfort and could become a place to have a romantic dinner there. If you aren’t interested in that you might turn it into a little home office or a small garden. You’ll learn that even though balconies usually aren’t very spacious they could be functional and cozy anyway.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider designing your balcony:

  • Go vertical. Using balcony walls to hang pots or shelves on save might save you some space.
  • Consider using a fold down table. If you want your balcony to become your breakfast nook without losing its other functions that might be a way to go.
  • Keep it simple. A tiny balcony doesn’t need lots of furniture.
  • Combine things. A daybed could feature lots of storage under those cozy cusions.
  • Create privacy. Don’t forget to add curtains. They might also protect you from sunlight if neccessary.

even a small balcony could feature a hammock for additional relaxationeven a small balcony could feature a hammock for additional relaxation

fold down table could easily save you some spacefold down table could easily save you some space

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Elements of A Perfect Study Area

Right now, far too many kids rooms are not conducive to studying at all. Lots of kids wind up studying in bed, on the sofa, on to the floor, on their cell phones, or in front of the TV – not one of which are very supporting of a child’s educational betterment. Building of a study is essential, because this is just what provides that comfortable, yet clean atmosphere that one needs as a way to focus.

Allotting time for studying is vital, as is learning when to study and possessing your own particular place to study and especially for a child. To be able to do well in school and college, it is essential that the kid has their own study space which is arranged in best suited way. However in decorating a study room, the point of interest is not about dull colors with one table and chair. This bookworm room is about privacy and elegance

• Chairs
Do remember a comfortable chair. You don’t want a plush chair that will only promote sleepiness. Preferred is a straight backed, ergonomically designed chair that keeps them alert and on task. A cushion upholstered with a color or pattern which interests them may give them that extra added incentive to sit down and buckle down with their schoolwork. Just be sure the chair fits them effectively to reduce (or even eliminate) the strain and discomfort they feel in their bodies while sitting there studying.

• Desk
A desk is actually a key in a study room. It has to be large enough to accommodate all your working supplies. A painter, writer or a fashion designer, a spacious desk is a must for any professional. It can either be a simple wooden board or a large desk with animated or traditional designs.

• Lightning
Lighting is one of the main aspect in decorating a study. You need to be sure that there is adequate lighting in your child’s study space. Place an adjustable, incidental light, like a desk lamp, on or by your child’s desk to be able to angle the light as needed to focus best on their class work. The spread of light needs to be wide enough to cover the whole surface of the desk, and the shade on the fixture must be adequate enough to prevent the lamp’s bulb from glaring in your child’s eyes.

• Other Accessories
Ultimately, it is important that you keep your new study room free from disruptions. This means that you should nix the TV and/or video games and possibly even the radio. Dependent upon your child’s individuality, music either can enhance or inhibit remarkable ability to study. In case you have a number of children, you may want to let them use MP3 players selectively, rather than placing a non-personal music player in the room.



Rustic Home Decorating

Everybody wants a home that’s magnificently decorated and neat however, not everyone has the time to effectively get that look. Rustic decor is a particular strategy to enhance your own home that’s simple to do and very comfortable when finished. It does not require a lot of time to complete. Rustic decor has to blend together. Don’t merely concentrate on the color or styles.

You should understand that there are several various levels of rustic decor. This may make your choice difficult since there are so many selections. You’ll want to keep in mind that there’s no need to have the same rustic look in each room. It may vary and this will help if you are having difficulty deciding on just one particular rustic look. The first and most common rustic decor is the one which uses older things like antiques and hand-me-downs. Over time, you inherit certain furnishings from family members and when you first get them you truly don’t know what to do with them. That is when a rustic look works out.

• Walls

For starters, wood paneling is probably the best ways to start a rustic decor. If paneling is out, then paint the walls in warm tones which evoke wood: tans, beiges, browns or warmer whites like ivory or cream. Wallpaper, particularly in a log-cabin style, also can make the desired background. No matter what your wall covering option is, strive for having a feeling of being warmed by the sun in the outdoors.

• Furniture

Your furniture has to match so if the furniture is mixed you might want to consider purchasing new furniture for the room. Don’t mess the room with too many pieces of furniture; keep it simple. It doesn’t matter how light or dark the furniture is as long as it matches.

• Flooring

If possible, you would like to have hardwood flooring down. If you cannot have hardwood flooring down, then purchase hardwood-flooring look in linoleum. If you have hardwood flooring down already you will want to buff it and then re-stain it to have a facelift in your flooring. Place floral rugs down in front of the sofa and chairs. If you have a fireplace, it is possible to put braided rugs in front to highlight the fireplace and improve the look.

• Accessories

There are numerous new ways to accessorize this look. Utilize throw pillows, lamps, blankets, and more. You may use a southwestern blanket which has vivid colors to place on an ottoman for decor or you can make use of a plain white blanket. The colors from the southwestern blanket will help to balance the room if you don’t have enough color already. The white blanket will help tone the colors down if you have too much.

Setting up a rustic decor is a good start for newbies.



Rug Buying Tips

Rugs make a great practical and stylish addition to any home.. These items are often hand-woven by skilled craftspeople and come in a range of colourful and traditional designs that complement any home.


Rug making is an ancient tradition that dates back at least 3,000 years. Purchasing a handmade rug can be daunting, yet rewarding: an instant heirloom. Here are some tips to guide you through the rug buying process.

  1. The Portrait of Excellence.


    While some irregularity is part and parcel of being hand-made, a good rug lies flat and straight on the floor and is reasonably regular in its shape. It has lively, lustrous wool or fiber. Its colors are in balance, having neither faded nor bled. It has been intelligently “finished” so that it is not washed out, unnaturally shiny, or unpleasantly bright and harsh. Above all, the rug has a certain sophisticated quality, an elan that speaks of its having been designed and woven by skilled artisans.

  2. How to Find a Quality Rug.

    Perhaps the single most important step in buying a good rug is to find a rug dealer you can trust. Some of the finest, most ethical dealers in the country can be located on this site. The best rug dealers are born educators who love to share their knowledge with you and guide you without bullying. They will encourage you to take rugs home on approval without obligation. They are very concerned about child labor in the rug industry and carefully avoid rugs made under suspect conditions. Trust yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with a dealer, move on.

  3. Do Prep Work.

    First, measure the area the rug will cover. Remember, you should probably have a border of flooring all the way around the rug. Allow for a range of sizes; the greater the range, the more choices you will have. Consider whether you prefer traditional rugs or those with contemporary designs. To guide your decision, one option is to retain an interior designer. Designers can be wonderful allies in finding the right rugs. But remember, their focus is likely to be on “the look.” The rug dealer’s focus will be on quality. Yours will be on what you like. Listen to all, but mostly to yourself.


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