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Interior Design

9 Rules For Arranging Your Living Room

You want your living room decor to suit a particular style, or motif. When planning for a living room design there are things you need to consider first to achieve the overall look that you’ve always wanted. Based from the rules in this article I realize that I made some mistakes in designing our old living room. Well it’s not too late to learn them!

Our living rooms are often the center of the party: we entertain, hold meetings, host parties, and lounge. Some homes have very formal spaces, others quite casual. Regardless of how you use your living room, follow these rules of thumb to make your furniture placement functional and beautiful.

1. Find the focal point

Is it your fireplace? The view outside? Most homes will have one focal point and this doesn’t mean that all the furniture will face it. The focal point is what you want the eyes to find first upon entering the room; it’s the part of the room you want to show off. If your windows are low, like the living room below, choose furniture that has a low profile so it doesn’t block the view.

2. Establish the center point

This isn’t necessarily the middle of the room but most of the time it will be. Generally, this is where the coffee table or center table should sit. If your home has a very long, or very large living room, consider having two center points, one will be larger than the other. In this living room arrangement, the first center point is where the glass coffee table is, the second one is near the windows.

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Cool, Sleek Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Need Now

Remodeling our bathrooms can be costly. However it can also be a returned investment  if we are to sell our house. So we need to consider every aspect if we decide to remodel it.

The hottest tech products like the Apple Watch or iPhone 6, the Tesla S sportscar or a Bang and Olufsen BeoVision TV all have something in common: the latest in innovative, modern design. Take the features that make them sexy, like minimalist fluid lines and the latest tech — and use them for your bathroom remodeling ideas.

According to Remodel Magazine’s annual report of cost versus value remodel projects, the bathroom remodel is one of the top projects that brings a good return on your financial investment. Getting your remodeling expenses back when you sell your home is important, but enjoying a design-forward bathroom is better.

The most valuable remodel projects have three important features. Keep them in mind when considering bathroom remodeling ideas:

1. Low Maintenance

Selecting finishes that are easy to keep looking clean and new not only saves you money and time in maintenance, but also extends the life of your remodel by looking new and fresh longer. Consider the following ideas for a low maintenance bathroom:

–Quartz counters instead of marble
–Quality faucets that are built to last a lifetime
–Glass shower doors treated with water anti-spotting agents


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Decorate Your Room With Retro Style

If you think about retro decorating do you think of avocado kitchen appliances and shag carpeting? You better think again! The 60s and 70s are making a comeback in retro decorating and this fun style is better than ever. To get the retro look right, don’t just pick a traditionally precise duplicate, rather get a truly contemporary twist – be retro inspired!

How do we include bits and pieces of retro without completely altering the theme of your house? Read on this guide to learn.

Fabric – Try to find bright colors and patterns, such as plaid or paisley. Blending patterns is acceptable, but do not exaggerate or your room could feel chaotic. By just tossing a number of pillows on your sofa or adding a few rugs for splashes of color will lead to a fast, easy retro look to any room.

Furniture – You can even go for beanbags, retro style chairs and patio furniture, that is growing in popularity among many decorators. Egg chairs manufactured using lightweight materials that are low maintenance can also be put into the living room.

Accessories – You can add different types of accessories, which include door beads, lava lamps, sculptures and stools with bright colors along with vintage era tables to lend that retro look to your decor. For those who have some retro posters of movie albums, you’ll be able to even consider framing them on your wall to attract more interest.

A great way to shop for retro décor and furniture is online, in charity shops and rummage sales — or perhaps look through your basement or attic. You can get some really unique retro redecorating items at a fantastic price! But if you cannot find appropriate family heirlooms, there are numerous retro-inspired components of stores today.

Color – Home decor in the 60′s and 70′s put plenty of focus on color that lent nearly all house a unique look of its own. You don’t have to redo your whole home, all you want do is use punchy hues in certain parts of your house to provide it with a classic look from the bygone era. As a general rule of thumb, make use of pale colors in a small room and darker colors in rooms that happen to be larger in size. In case your room is small, paint the walls with a lighter color and complement the look by throwing in many more saturated accessories.

You don’t have to go overboard with bright colors and wild patterns. Should you not wish to opt for an entire retro theme, you may use retro chairs, an orb-style fireplace, and patterned rugs.

Whatever your own thoughts on the retro trend, it cannot be denied that interest in this particular genre is incredibly strong and is also continuing to grow as new generations acquire their own properties. No more solely the “cool” choice for students, it has created as a valid style of its own.


Eclectic Home

A home adorned in eclectic style consists of a range of themes that are pulled together for a well-balanced feel. The biggest benefit of eclectic style is that you can choose pieces from different styles and fuse them together. Maybe you really like the perfect lines of modern decor, but want to add a few conventional or country rural pieces.

If you’d like to think out of the box and begin experimenting with your home decoration style, then eclectic decorating style will offer a captivating design style. Perhaps you like French country yet wish to put modern pieces as well. An eclectic approach will let you utilize all of these sources. It will require a great eye for what goes together to pull together an eclectic style. Redecorating with a theme now is easier mainly because it helps to have a common thread. When making an eclectic style, you have to find acute similarities and contrasts. The few listed tips will help you produce an eclectic room. You just have to think out of the box.

Here are a few basic elements of eclectic style that could help you prepare interior design tips for your place.

1) Color
When it comes to color you may be dictated to by elements of an existing scheme that you are not able to replace. Interior designers like mixing dark and light colors, vintage and contemporary – such as placing an antique mahogany chest of drawers with a wicker piece. Everything has to look airy and straightforward, not very fussy. Simplicity is key!

2) Artwork and Decors
Cool art pieces for the walls, distinct knick knacks found at flea markets, and thick throw pillows embellished in nubby textures with added fringe are typically great additions for the eclectic look. Don’t be afraid to mix different types together, as eclectic decor ought to be totally based on what you love, rather than what you believe looks “right.”

3) Focal Point
Pull your design together by having a focal point like a piece of artwork or a major piece of furniture that attracts your eye to it when you enter the room. For instance a vignette of vases at varying sizes, heights and colors may add a striking focus point to a room.

4) Furniture
There is absolutely no boundary to furniture selection in eclectic style. You can go for everything from flashy carved chairs to simple enamel coated cabinets. Usually, the paint covers up the diversity of the style as well as the type of furnishings.

5) Finishes
Combined together, finishes and textures are definitely the elements that set the eclectic style apart from the rest. Finishes are the only elements that are basically not a mixture but materials that separate the eclectic look from appearing like a mixture and give it with its own originality.



Guide in Decorating A Man’s Pad

Image result for simple bachelor's pad

There isn’t any being quite like the single man. Single men live a completely different lifestyle than any other kind of human in the world. They live for the day, focusing on anything that catches their fancy, often switching their interests more frequently than they do their underwear. Most men tend not to take pleasure in decorating their residence. Sometimes they decorate with things that were bought for them, typically by a parent, or some other people. However if you want to decorate your own personal space, then you need some tips to make it done perfectly.

If you are searching for the perfect masculine makeover for your house, you should begin by browsing some magazines for tips. Avoid the trendy home decorating magazines and go after the magazines you would actually sign up for. Consider the advertisements and see the rooms utilized as backdrops for photo shoots. Do any of these designs peak your interest? Have an idea of the items you like and dislike. This will make choosing your decorating elements much easier.

Once you have chosen a theme or design on your room, you then need to examine your current room. You have to identify the specific area of the room you can play and test out. You need to pick what will remain and what should go and attempt to look at where you can complement the design you have in mind.

The main thing to keep in mind about bachelor pads is the fact that these are designed primarily for simplicity and comfort -the principles of modern designing. So don’t overstuff a room with furniture you won’t ever need, bookcases with books you won’t ever, ever read, or porcelain figures that you won’t ever look at. Selecting a single color scheme and theme is more than enough -solid colors would be best to use in this situation, and floral designs and colors are obviously out of the question. Acquire furniture that you like to sit around in for a very long time, as your pad will probably be your sanctuary quite often.

The correct lighting is essential in creating the perfect, comfy Bachelor Pad. Stay away from halogen and stick to warmer, dim lit lamps. Preferably you should have lights where you can adjust the brightness. Chinese, lantern lamps are great As well as steel standing lamps with several fixtures that one could shine in numerous directions. With regards to other forms of lighting, nothing says comfort in a home than candles.

Start adding some drapes to your windows to soften the effects of bold colors. Pick simple valances or panels in solid colors or stripes to continue with the masculine theme. You should go the colors of the curtains with your rug, if at all possible. This can draw interest from the floor to the ceiling, tying the entire color scheme together.

Usually, it is the small things that really make it appealing to both the owner and the visitor. Having personal valuables in the room, like photos and frames or little knick knacks in some places make it feel lived in and comfy. Without these little touches, the room will just feel like an impersonal space, similar to a hotel room. Even wall hangings of prints which are chosen randomly could be a key to personality and will add flavor to a simple and empty space



Define and Highlight Your Style with Living Room Accents

Living room accents is an important part of your interior. The endless options of these great decors allow you to decorate this part of your home where you have to spend much time.


As one of the most trafficked spaces in a home, the living room is primed to showcase your style preferences. The large pieces in your living room definitely play a role in the tone and appeal of the space, but it’s the living room accents that play a critical role in defining and highlighting your style. Choose wisely, and your guests and other house members will love to spend time in the living room environment you’ve created. This article presents some great ideas for living room accents that aim to inspire and delight.

foley cox setting - living room accents

Gossamer 3-D Animal Head

Enrique Gomez de Molina -Gossamer 3-D Animal Head

While animal head mounts have certainly become more popular and more common recently, there are still ways to use this idea in your living room décor in original ways. Different colors, sheens, and/or other coatings on an animal wall mount than what are generally expected give it just the right amount of personality and individuality. A sophisticated twist that showcases great style (and a sense of humor).

Contemporary Area Rug.

FInch blue chairs with contemporary area rug

Living room rugs can be interesting beasts, really. If your décor is spare, you might want to bring in some visual interest with a heavily patterned rug. If your room already has multiple things going on, a sparser rug might be in order. Play off the lines and proportions of your living room to select a great rug… and make sure it’s big enough for your space.


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Style Your Bathroom With Stylish Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are getting to be an essential part of home décor; the stylish types of mirrors have made them an important piece for interior decorators. There are various things that you should look at before choosing a mirror for your bathroom like size, budget, color, shape, design and many other such factors. Deciding on the best one will match the general look of the room or even accentuate it.

What Should You Choose

It is vital that you need to think it over if it’s the perfect accessories to use. There are numerous accessories which you can use for your bathroom improvements but is very important to choose the one that is stylish and functional. A bathroom mirror is regarded as very functional, but being stylish only few people knows.

You may get out there and shop for stunning decorative mirrors but you do have to expect that you’ll be offered a number of mirrors types to choose from. Choosing mirrors for the bathroom isn’t any different; you have to choose the best mirror to cater to the decorating needs of the bathroom without neglecting its main purpose or function. You will need to evaluate your budget as well whenever deciding what to opt for.

The Three Types

Typically, bathroom mirrors fall into 3 various types. First, you’ll find fixed mirrors which are often fitted into cabinets or into a door. Next, you will find hanging wall mirrors that happen to be literally set into your bathroom walls. And ultimately, there are moving mirrors which may be mounted, moved, and pivoted.

o Moving Mirrors

The moving mirrors also are reckoned to be very popular, mainly because it can be moved according to individual requisites. Even though common in hotels, the movable ones are gradually making way into homes due to their flexibility and convenience. They could be moved and adjusted to have the suitable viewing angle.

o The Fixed Type

Fixed bathroom mirrors are in fact a component of an ordinary metal. They’re usually placed on the surface of the built-in medicine cabinets you have in your bathrooms. They are basic types of mirrors which have a useful style. Though they are not even close to elegant, the fixed mirrors work all right.

o Hanging Wall Mirrors

Hanging wall mirrors are full of art and style. There are various materials utilized to design these mirrors. Some are even etched with designs to make them seem a lot more stylish and ideal in your bathrooms. You’ll find full-length hanging mirrors that happen to be quite valuable in a bathroom. There are also small to medium-sized mirrors which are great for an empty wall in your bathroom.



Some Fundamentals in Interior Designing

If you are fed up of just how your place looks like, if it has no distinct style and seems out of date, it’s time to give your interiors a new modern look. Upgrading your home with some modern home decor might sound to be a challenging work for you, but the efforts are going to be totally worth it. If you’re not certain where to begin with your modern home decorating, here are a few basic rules you need to understand.

Decor Rule #1: Minimalism
The initial thing you need to bear in mind is that modern home taste in simplicity. Setting up a modern and contemporary home design, easy cleaning, stylish and minimalist are the basics you’ll need while organizing modern style. You will find it so refreshing seeing minimal furniture and decors in every corner.

While arranging for simplicity, therefore it describes increase the open space. Be sure that the room get enough light comes through the window and you use the clear and airy window. Try to think about creating spacious look by plain wall treatment, best furniture also avoid clutter.

Decor Rule #2: Lighting
Concentrate on lighting both artificial and natural light. Your house can’t ever have too much light, and so the budget should allow for many light sources throughout the residence, from one room to the other. Consider that one central ceiling-mounted light fitting just won’t do, and instead, aim for six light sources per room. As to natural light, with all the advances in insulated windows right now, select a design and style that enables the sun shine in through as numerous openings as feasible. You may also choose to put high lamps or lighting with dichroic lamps in the ceiling. It helps you if you have modern decor with big windows that have spaces.

Decor Rule #3: Windows
Many windows to get huge amounts of natural sunlight into the residence is one character of modern homes. The utilization of different styles of windows, just like bay windows, garden windows, picture windows and single or double hung windows, with distinctive grids or v-grooves (etched) on the panes to give an additional layer of dimension. Picking out fabric, patterns and prints on these drapes will also affect how luxurious and stylish the room could be

Developing your own interiors is never easy, though with researching and guide from specialists or friends may lead you to creating the modern home that you want. Just remember that aside from the theme that you are attempting to achieve, comfort and usefulness must come first.



Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Throughout the years, many variations of the traditional tree have come up, thanks to a lot of creative minds. Have you tried giving your own tree a new twist, or have you been putting it up the same way year after year? Why don’t you try something new this time.

As we are approaching the Christmas holidays, it is time to prepare decorations for our homes. Why don’t you make this year decoration by yourself? If you engage children, it can be a great family activity. We should not neglect the savings, while at the same time you will get a unique Christmas decor. You do not have to run around stores and wait in long queues to ensure a Christmas ornaments for the tree, as also the tree, but you can look around your home strips, different materials, sequins, old buttons and similar details and make unique DIY ornaments according to our ideas and your creativity.

Whether it is real or artificial, Christmas tree is the central decoration during the winter holidays, and its decoration equally exciting to the whole family. Let this Christmas be quite different and creative. Decoration at home for Christmas is certainly one of the most beautiful family rituals, and we give you a few suggestions for making a unique Christmas tree. Although Christmas decorations and trees can be seen on many websites, there is no need every year to spend larger sums of money for the house to be arranged in a festive spirit. All you need is a bit of old stuff, a little imagination and a little effort to create a cheap and original Christmas tree for the house. Enjoy your own decorating!

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


Top 21 The Most Spectacular & Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

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Decorating Small Spaces: Inspiration from Nine Tiny Houses

 People can be very picking when it comes to where they live and how big their home or apartment is. However, there are some people who are perfectly content living in a tiny home.

1. The interior of this little 125 square foot dwelling is just gorgeous, and looks a lot more expansive thanks to the white palette and decorative touches; from ProtoHaus

2. This small space in Asheville, NC is stick-built, and a lot of the work was done by the homeowner himself. He does a great job describing his thought process and the outcomes of his choices on the Tiny House Blog.

3. This little house — the Harbinger — is just the cutest thing ever… and it can even fit a queen size bed! You can even buy the plans to build it yourself from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

4. You may remember this little place from Christopher & Merete’s House Tour; I still love the warm industrial feel of their tiny home.

5. This little place from Tiny House UK looks so cozy and comfortable… and it’s completely portable!


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