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Interior Design

Decorating 101: Modular Kitchen

“With the incorporation of stylish designs which includes kitchen cabinets, storage facilities along with other accessories, the traditional and conventional kitchens are quickly fading from the modern lifestyle. The modular kitchen is recognized to bring convenience and comfort to home makers in many ways. Traditional kitchens are being replaced by these advanced and elegant kitchen designs.”

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Whenever there exists a talk of kitchen, it really is considered the most important part of house for ladies. So, the decoration and care of kitchen is as significant as the other areas of the house. As the question of redecorating the kitchen arises, a lot of people seem to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen of late. The modular kitchen set is now a popular feature.

Modular kitchen is called since modules are put together to form design of kitchen. The cabinets were created based on the size, length and breathe of the kitchen. In addition, essential accessories such as chimneys, ventilators and sinks are inbuilt which in turn decrease the overhead complexities related to creating a kitchen.


Individuals who are new buyers immediately go for it, and those who opt to re-model their houses also seem to prefer it to the older versions. This is because modular kitchen designs include various elements such as visual appeal, latest trends along with efficiency.

Maximizing storage space happens to be important in the kitchen. New storage trends include dividers and sliding trays into cabinet and storage spaces, bringing space to previously cluttered kitchen areas. From shelf height to cabinet handles, with regards to space for storage, design is in the details. Designing our own, efficient, custom-made structures for the cabinets could boost the kitchen’s functionality, clear up precious countertop space and make up a more tranquil atmosphere.

Moreover, it requires very little time to install them kitchens as most of the fittings are ready made. Experts needs little time to put in them and it’s very handy for homeowners at the same time if the gets a short session of installment guide training.

We can purchase the modular kitchen cabbies based on our budget and keep on adding pieces later as and when possible. If you test this type of kitchen in accordance with cleanliness viewpoint, to clean and maintenance of modular kitchen is super easy and also time saving. Whenever you need to make repairs in your kitchen or house you are able to dismantle that particular module and also have it mended.

Today a modular kitchen is fitted with innumerable accessories to really make it even more sophisticated, modern and well equipped. Add-ons like elegant fittings, sleek glass work, trendy wooden finishes along with the latest gadgets. A lot of the interior decorators want on using chic and stylish hardware like stainless steel doorknobs, extremely colorful doors and so forth. There are lots of online retailers which offer attractive rates to install these kitchens of varied sizes and shapes.

2018 Colour Trends for your Home

Every year, there is or there are certain colors which stand out from the rest of the paint palette.Whether it’s office or home, color has a direct impact on virtually every aspect of our lives.

I have a really weird obsession with trends. I follow them very closely and I love to write about them and drool over them in magazines and on blogs and on Pinterest. However, I don’t always buy into them and bring them into my own home. Not unless I deem them to have longevity and I know I won’t go off them in a matter of months. Sometimes, I even find that I’m even ahead of the trends. For example, I painted my living room green at the end of 2013, a number of years before green became such a huge trend and culminated in being Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. I intend to keep my living room green despite the fact that new colours have now come onto the scene and I find it extremely harmonious and it helps me to feel balanced. On the contrary, when indigo was announced as Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2013, I jumped right on that trend. Navy blue has always been my favourite colour so this was a great trend for me to follow. I painted our bedroom dark blue in early 2014 and I have no intention of changing that either as I love it and I find it really calming and restful, not to mention cosy. I think I have a pretty good approach to trends. I follow the ones I love, and ignore the ones I don’t. But I do like to share all kinds of trends with you guys, even if I won’t be following them myself. They may not be for me, but you may love them. So that’s why today I decided to do a little round up of 2018 colour trends. Here are some of the colours that have been selected as Colour of the Year for 2018. Let’s see what we think of these and whether we will be jumping on the bandwagon or nonchalantly watching it drive past.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 – Heart Wood

First up is Dulux‘s choice for Colour of the Year 2018, which they announced back in September 2017. Heart Wood is a warm neutral, with a hint of heather. It sits somewhere between a smoky taupe and a dusky mauve. The team of experts that selected this colour believe that it best reflects the world and cultural climate as we move into 2018. They say that it encompasses the mood of the moment, which is one of uncertainty and unpredictability.

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Hilltop Residence

If your looking for a great place to live, a hilltop house is a great choice. Been dreaming of living in a hilltop someday. This house from Denver Colorado is probably an inspiration for whoever wants to have a hilltop house.

Full interior and exterior renovation to a builder grade home built in 2000. Renovation completely restructured exterior of home to allow for a glass wrapped patio area creating indoor and outdoor living room and dining. Original staircase was completely removed and a new steel staircase was hoisted and built in place to connect all floors and create a 3 story stone wall. Original areas of kitchen, dining, and living room were opened up to each other and the outdoors. A private office and mudroom were added to the main floor and the children gained a large study area and indoor climbing wall. The exterior was completely overhauled from a Tuscan inspired stucco and claytile roof to a modern stone, steel, and barnwood exterior.

The new entry and mudroom are open and spacious. Floor to ceiling matte grey cabinets were added for storage. A full length bench with pull out drawers below takes advantage of new large front window.

Floor to ceiling glass was added all around an interior south facing courtyard. A new steel and butcherblock tread staircase connects all three floors of the home and has a 3 story rock wall.

Read more: https://www.dwell.com/home/hilltop-residence-cfb12886


Wood Decor – A Touch of Nature Inside

We all want to make their residence more desirable and presentable and some of them choose several things to put in their decoration. If you select decoration within your house it is advisable to pick the natural product and among it are the wood décor. With this particular kind of product you can help nature and at the same time you may make your house and lawn as elegant as you want.

If you wish to alter the look of your walls, you can test out options like painting, using sheer fabric over it or curtains. Given, should the wood is fine looking, a little cleaning and polishing will brighten it. But to break the monotony through the wall, place a book case and/or a standing lamp in front of it to cover a portion of it. You may also hang tapestries, photos as well as other pieces of art creatively to break it up and cover bits of it.

Quality wood has a presence and personality all its own also it lends an air of permanence and character to a house. If it is expertly crafted, it will be around for hundreds of years and for this reason, many interior decorators put it to use in their decorating plans and purchase heirloom pieces of furniture that can be passed down through the generation. One of the things you’ll love about wood is that it can be pastoral in design; made from oak and excellent for a country home or cabin. It can be made from Danish teak; with a minimalist feel and look. Or it can be elegant; built from flamed tiger oak and used in a grand foyer.

Wood is soft material to work with but strong and difficult enough to be used in making any type of furniture, just as steel is. As opposed to steel, producing wooden furniture does not need too much investment in terms of money. Less and cheaper tools are needed if you work with wood. Wood is a type of a material that invites you to be creative and play with it in order to produce unique piece of art. Anyone can do it, from kids and grown up to professionals, of course.

When you choose wood décor as part of your design in your property you’ll find things you need to take into account. Don’t let it to be wet for a long period of time because wood can’t stay for long in a wet condition. It’s best if you can keep them clean and dry most of the time.

17 Lovely Easter Centerpieces You Will Love To Copy

Try your hand at a quick and colorful Easter centerpiece decoration for your table setting. Here are some Easter centerpiece decorating ideas to help you get started.

The next big holiday that you cannot wait to celebrate is Easter. So, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring its lovely spirit in your home. Well, you should think of adding some beautiful decoration for your table that can instantly catch some eye. And as we are always here to get you inspired, today we want to show you several Easter centerpieces that you will love to copy.

These centerpieces are quite versatile but what they have in common are the symbols used for them. So, you must be guessing which are they, because nothing can be more associated with this festive holiday than eggs. You can decorate them in many different ways and combine them with flowers to make wonderful centerpieces. Feel free to paint them in any color you like, because Easter is all about colors. And now go ahead and let the photos do the talking and choose which one of these Easter centerpieces would you try to copy. Enjoy!

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Say Hello to Japandi (The Minimalist Design Trend You’ve Been Waiting For)

If you are into minimalist design then I’m sure you will love this new trend of minimalist. It’s also my first time hearing this word Japandi but the design ideas is really amazing. Check it out!

Sometimes two styles are better than one. Japandi, one of 2017’s coolest design trends, is absolute proof of that. This hybrid aesthetic combines the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian — or Nordic — designs with the traditional elegance that’s associated with Japanese styles. Together, they’re about to become your new favorite take on minimalism.

If you’re as intrigued by Japandi as we are, read on. We explain in more depth what Japandi is, why it works so well and how to make it work at home. Trust us when we say this trend is everything that you’ve been waiting for.

What is Japandi?

Simply put, Japandi is a hybrid trend. This new look takes the modern flair of Scandinavian design and combines it with the timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic to create a style that brings together the best of both worlds.

It’s not hard to see why these two styles have been paired. Though they come from different sides of the globe, they share similar principles. Both are exercises in minimalism. They both emphasize the importance of creating function-driven spaces defined by a handful of statement pieces rather than an abundance of décor.


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A Cloakroom Suite Is Best For Your House

Cloakroom suites have grown to be the most popular method to create an additional bathroom with a toilet and basin, that is a great way to ease pressure on the main family bathroom, specifically on those busy weekday mornings. Cloakroom suites could be positioned in the smallest of spaces providing that you’re planning well and also have close attention to detail. As a result of all the space-saving products that are now available you actually do not require much space to be able to put in a toilet and basin and a cloakroom suite could even assist to add a bit of extra value to your home and make it more attractive to the potential customers if you ever want to sell later on.

While seeking more from your cloakroom, you should be cautious in balancing the amount of furniture used and the size of the cloakroom, in order to avoid the error of cramming all things in a little environment. An easy way of accomplishing this is by putting in hanged wall furniture. Hanging the units creates the much-needed beauty and storage space while also leaving more room to maneuver while in the cloakroom. The cloakroom furniture specifically made for use in small cloakrooms comes with readily-made drawers and shelves in order that they are set for use when installed. This idea is a great way of getting the best out of your cloakroom.

Wash basins and the cloakroom

The washbasins that typically are preferred for small cloakrooms are square countertop basins, which permit for some storage space. Even the wall fitted ones work great since they permit easy cleaning. Corner washbasins are another option for smaller cloakrooms because they do not occupy much space. Nevertheless, it is not easy to have a mirror on those types

Vanity Units

You’ll need some space to keep the toiletries, so you could reach them easily when using the washbasins. There are a few vanity units with mirrors which you can use above the washbasins. You might also decide on the cabinet types should you wish to have some more space for storage, but that again is based on the availability of space.

Well, there are no solid rules with regards to cloakroom ideas. It’s much more individualistic or personalized remedies that you’ll want to seek. The design of your small cloakroom will essentially depend on your house plan, as well as your decision which portion of your property you would want to convert into a cloakroom.


34 Easy and Elegant Christmas Mantel Ideas

Personally, I find the winter holidays to be the most special time of the year. Adding decorations and foliage to your mantel is a great way to add another decorative focus to a room  especially if you’ll also be enjoying an open fire this season.. Discover the fun and new Christmas mantel ideas for the 2017 holiday season.

How to Decorate a Mantel for Christmas

Decorating the fireplace for the holidays is a holiday tradition. Whether you plan to go over the top with garland or go simple with natural greenery these ideas will add seasonal joy to your home. Here are 34 festive ways to style your mantel for Christmas.

Chic Christmas Mantel

Establishing a focal point is the best way to kick off a mantel styling project. This festive ledge by Syd and Shea McGee behind Studio McGee decorates around a large mirror that anchors the display.

To avoiding overloading the mantel with holiday stuff, the duo suggests adding year-round décor that works for the season. Here the couple used a green vase and brass boxes. Afterward, they sprinkled on a layer of festive ornaments: a metallic tree for holiday sparkle, natural garland for seasonal color, and three Christmas stockings for Santa to fill.

Christmas Printables

Take a classic holiday mantel to the next level with this idea by Kellie at Nest of Posies. Her display needed a festive focal point. A whimsical printable got the job done.


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Buying Interior Molding & Trim

Molding is a great transition piece bringing the wall and ceiling together creating the feel of a room. Most interior designers today would agree that every room can be improved with the use of molding and trim.

rim boards, also called molding pieces, gracefully cover joints between different surfaces and materials. The most common applications are casings around windows and doors and base moldings at the bottom of a wall.

Crown molding is sometimes used to dress up the joint where wall meets ceiling, and various decorative trims, including chair rail and picture molding, are used to add interest to a wall or ceiling. If you enjoy installing or repairing a fireplace mantle, staircase parts, wainscoting or paneling, you will find a wide variety of trims made to suit those situations.

Trim pieces are identified by their profiles- how they look when viewed at their ends. You can find profile charts at home centers and from online suppliers to help you choose the right board for your purpose.

Interior Trim Types

The word “trim” refers to almost every applied decorative element you can think of, including baseboard, door and window casings, chair rail, picture rail, crown molding, pediments, pilasters, columns, ceiling medallions, corbels, spandrels, mantels, and fireplace surrounds.

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How to Decorate with Orange to Stylishly Warm Up Any Room

Do you love the color orange, but are not confident enough to introduce them in your home? Orange is a wonderfully bright and sunny color and will brighten up any interior, the trick is knowing just how to use it to the correct extent.

Mandarin, pumpkin spice, sunset, warm persimmon … these are all paint color names for orange. Orange is a contemporary, fun and warm color, but it can be tricky to decorate with — until now. Here are some orange decorating ideas to inspire you! You’ll be an expert on how to decorate with orange to add some contemporary flair and warmth to a room.

So, how to get started decorating with orange? First off, you don’t have to spend a fortune or redo your house to add orange. The color works beautifully with earth tones and neutrals such as taupes, beiges and greys. It’s such a vibrant and eye-catching tone that a little can go a long way. You don’t have to commit to a fully orange room. Choose a few elements instead, like the images below.

Decorating with pumpkin spice in the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to add a little (pumpkin) spice into your life is by adding some orange to the bedroom. Start with some throw pillows and a blanket, or a bench or orange foot stool. Decorating with orange by adding these small elements isn’t expensive. You can warm up your bedroom on a budget.

Here’s how to decorate with orange wallpaper

Since spice or orange can be such a strong statement, wallpaper only one wall in the orange pattern. Doing so will create an intimate focal point for the room that you can then work with to sprinkle more touches of orange throughout the space.

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