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10 Home Safety Mistakes to Stop Making Now

“Keeping children safe at home can be challenging, especially when they are under 5 years old. Not only do they need constant supervision, but we need to take certain precautions to ensure their safety.”

baby in bathtub

ave you ever left the room “just for a minute” when a candle is burning? Ripped out the battery in a smoke detector that wouldn’t stop beeping? No one’s perfect. But common mistakes people make have caused countless accidents and injuries — tragedies and ER trips — that are entirely preventable.

Home safety experts want us to change our ways. Here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts from the experts that will help keep you — and your family — out of trouble…

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What are the Benefits of Venetian Blinds?

There are numerous ways to cover the windows in your home, from vertical blinds, to shutter, curtain, shades and blinds. One common technique is the ‘horizontal window blind’, which is commonly known as the Venetian blind.”

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When you choose the interior décor of your recently built home or when adorning your own house, one thing that must definitely be determined is what to make use of to cover the windows if you want privacy and need to keep the sunlight from home. You have to choose between curtains or new generation blinds.. When viewing long term benefits, venetian blind is among the best option.

Normally, Venetian blinds are made of several materials which includes aluminum, wood, or some type of plastic. Aluminum Venetians produce a chic, sophisticated, contemporary style whilst providing great durability. Aluminum blinds are available in a wide range of colours and will complement the style of any room.

They give you more control.

There are several typical traits just like light and privacy control in which stayed exactly the same for all of the Venetians regardless of the materials used. Thanks to the adjustable slats, you can easily control the privacy and decide when to enlighten or darken our home. A balcony and a porch are magnificent places to spend warm summer evenings, but most individuals avoid them during the daytime. Summer days can be quite sultry at times, and sometimes very pleasant, so make use of Venetian blinds and regulate how much light by positioning the blinds slats in various angles, cooling down the space at the same time.

These types of blinds are easier to install.

It’s simple to set up Venetian blinds as well as any handy person can get the job done. It is however essential to make sure your Venetian blinds are set up properly. If not, you might end up with blinds that become tangled and crooked. The first step would be to make sure that your measurements are perfect. Measure each window individually. You will be surprised at the number of windows which are supposed to be the same size, are not. You can mount Venetian blinds on the inside or the outside of your window frame. In the event the window is particularly small, mounting the blinds externally make the impression of a bigger window.

They are easier to clean.

Many owners find blinds to be low maintenance and simpler to clean. As opposed to fabric blinds, which have to be taken to the cleaners so as to keep them looking their best, venetian blinds could be cleaned using a damp cloth or by way of a feather duster. It is just that easy. A vacuum cleaner can also be used every six weeks to ensure that blinds are kept clean and dust free.

When you wish to provide a real face lift for your residence you will find there’s particular role played by the blinds to assist augment the décor of the rooms. Pick one that meets your requirements and budget for you home.

How to get rid of Mosquitoes Naturally (Update)

” If you suspect that mosquitoes might be breeding in these places, treat them with bleach. Also make sure not to leave containers around the garden that can fill up with stagnant water.”

Last van muggen in de winter

Summer is finally here and in the midst of all the summertime merriment that’s sure to occur, we’ll be met with an all too familiar sound… The buzz that signals the start of a sleepless night, at the mercy of the troublesome mosquito.

Why Do Mosquitoes Like Biting Me?

That’s a question I’m often asked when people find out that I’m interested in insects. The truth is that mosquitoes do, in fact, like some people more than others, so you can at least rest assured that it’s not all in your head. Dr Jonathan Day, an entomologist and mosquito expert at the University of Florida, confirms that some people produce more of a certain chemical (such as lactic acid) and that it is those chemicals that attract mosquitoes. Think of it as a natural cologne, giving off a mosquito-alluring aroma. Day mentions that the CO2 emitted from your body is also a great contributor to you being a hot topic amongst the local mosquito population…


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Reasons You Should Own a Chest Freezer

“For many people, storing their freezer in the garage is regarded as the convenient. In addition to convenience, they have some other rewards that make them the good choice for storing frozen foods. Their effectiveness rating ranks very high as among the advantages.”

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The two basic types of freezers used by most people are the upright and the chest freezer. One of the main options for domestic needs is chest freezers because they’re very practical. Although refrigerators have a freezer section that comes standard, for families with high volume has to store frozen foods, this freezer section isn’t big enough. This goes true for smaller families who like to take full advantage of acquiring food in bulk to benefit from discount prices. Having the need to store additional food makes the chest freezer an excellent option. Smaller than the upright freezer, most of them may be stored in convenient locations right within the kitchen or adjacent areas.

The chief advantage of having a chest freezer at home is that it is more energy-efficient when compared to the upright freezers. freezers are designed in a way that they will consume less energy when operated. Based on the technology they retain the temperature and keeps the cold air trapped inside even when the lid is opened regularly, this consumes less electricity and also the bills are lower. As these freezers have automatic defrost system it will help you in saving power, with the result that the frost remains out of the freezer and the energy is saved.

This type if refrigeration offers more storage space, while in regular refrigerator the freezer compartment is too narrow to store the frozen food. There is much space in the freezer that even large family members will have enough space for all their food items. Since there are different compartments inside the chest freezers it allows you to organize the items in a systematic manner.

These refrigerators save money since homeowners can buy the food items in more amount during the season and store them or using throughout the year. Food can be inexpensive when bought in bulk. It’s not at all at all surprising to now that so many homeowners are investing in purchasing a freezer, of course because of a lot of benefits. Chest freezers are ready to store food items safely for an extended duration, even considering frequent power cuts, they’ve been specifically designed for frozen food items. The temperature inside the refrigerator is controlled at an ideal level event at the time of the power cut, and it doesn’t let the food to get spoiled.

Benefits of Portable Ice Makers

“Shaping the ice-cubes is not an difficult process simply because you simply need a simple ice maker. You will then be aware that ice cube makers are an essential appliance to possess in your home.”

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Entertaining your invited guests is most likely one of the most enjoyable things you can do as a homemaker. With that said, it is only enjoyable if things go as planned right through the occasion. As any hostess or host know, thinking ahead is pretty crucial to the success of any event. Although, there are lots of items you should think about, one of the most frequently dismissed is ice. This is where ice cube maker is a must and a great alternative plan particularly if outdoors.

A home ice maker might appear to be a luxury for many households. In fact, Americans hardly ever use ice and when they do, they are oftentimes limited to one season – summer. Even if you may believe that an ice maker just isn’t worth it, you might find that it could actually provide you with some relief when you need buckets of ice… especially if you have friends at home.

On hot summer days the requirement to have a this type of device will be even more evident. Should your hosting a party on a hot summer day then the portable ice maker is the best savior as your guests will be needing ice on every small interval. Prior to the party starts you can produce all your desired amount of ice which you can store then in the freezer. If you have a minibar at house then you certainly need a portable ice maker at home allowing you to have instant ice at will. You can maintain it right there at the mini bar so that you don’t need to keep running to the kitchen to get fresh ice.

Fridges are a fact of life and certainly add convenience to our lives. However if you are like most ice biting fanatics, you are probably not satisfied with those hard “half-moon” shaped cubes. As soon as you get the ice and chomp down on one, it’s so hard and unnatural. Doesn’t sound like fun. Portable ice makers create bullet shaped ice cubes perfect for biting down on. And to further your pleasure to bite on ice, the “bullet cubes” is hollow. Good for easy biting as well as cooling off your drink.

Most people are used to have their favorite drinks cabinet in a corner of their residence or probably a mini bar in which a portable ice maker fits as a best accessory proudly displayed on the counter top.

If you’d like ice constantly then you need to get this amazing product. It is a great product for parties and so if you are intending to throw a party soon you should definitely buy it.

10 Reasons Why Your Child Isn’t Eating at Meals (and What to Do!)

“Although children are born with the ability to stop eating when they are full, it can often be hard for parents to judge whether their kids have eaten the right foods, and enough of them. Children are more likely to become adventurous eaters if they know how to cook. Make it fun by giving them their own aprons and letting them help you regularly with small tasks in the kitchen.”

There’s nothing quite like spending time prepping, cooking, and serving a meal, only to have your child turn his nose up to it and push his plate away. I’ve been there and know how frustrating it feels. What I’ve learned though, is not to take it personally (which is hard) and that there are several common reasons why this happens (and ways to overcome them!).

Here are the most common reasons why your child is refusing to eat at meals, and what to do about it:


If a child feels pressure to eat or senses that you as the parent are anxious at mealtimes, she will likely back off and not eat. Toddlers and young kids sense pressure, even if it’s not as direct as “eat your peas!” If you focus too much on…


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12 Natural Ways to Defeat Allergies

“Skin allergy symptoms like redness, itching, and swelling often go away on their own in a week or two, with or without treatment. Each individual is unique. And the immune system proves that. Trying to navigate the subtle needs of your own unique system can sometimes be overwhelming.”

Woman closing window to shut out a strong breeze

1. Shut Out Breezes

It’s a gorgeous day. But if the pollen count is high, keep the windows and doors closed to protect your indoor air. You can also install a HEPA filter on your air-conditioning system and a flat or panel filter on your furnace…

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” If you take the time to pick the right chandelier, it can be a great conversation piece as well as a part of your home that really makes you feel as though you are living in the lap of luxury. Decide where to hang your chandelier. The location will affect the style of home lighting you choose. While most people think of chandeliers in dining rooms or a foyer, there are many other places you can hang a chandelier.”

Exos Double Shade Medium Pendant

Whether you are looking for a lighting fixture to grace your foyer, set the tone in your dining room, or add character to another room in your house, chandeliers are the classic choice for making a big impression. Today’s modern, contemporary, and transitional styles offer an ever expanding array of fixture designs. In addition to style and materials, there are a variety of other factors to consider when selecting your ideal chandelier, including size, light output, type of light source, dimming options, and more.

In order to help you narrow down the choices, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relevant to buying a chandelier…

Raad more: https://www.lightology.com/index.php?module=how_to&sub=chandeliers

Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?

“You don’t only have to look at the quality of the security system that you choose, but also the ideal places to set up the security system. Regardless of how advance the quality of the system, it will not give its best performance when you’re locating the camera in the wrong place.”

Image result for best spots to install security camera at home


When you are planning to have a particular security camera for your residence, there are plenty of concerns to consider. You don’t just take into account the excellence of the security system that you choose, but also the best areas to put in the security system. No matter advance the quality of the system, it will not give its best performance when you are finding the camera in the wrong place. If you’d like more details about the best place for security camera in your house, plead see this whole article.

Prior to you making a decision about home security cameras, assess the threats to your house and property. You must know a general idea of where the cameras is going to be before you get them. Being aware of in which the video surveillance cameras should be placed will allow you to choose which kind of cameras you need. Furthermore try to find places in which you would like to give a little extra security. You might want to place one or two additional cameras in this area. A thief can destroy one camera or transfer to the camera’s blind spot, nevertheless numerous cameras will be more difficult to disarm.

For that reason, in general, the best spots for your security camera will be your window and door. However, setting up camera in those areas aren’t always enough. You should find it in a few other spots that will be supporting the performance of the system in monitoring your property. It’ll be better if you choose home security video surveillance system that is more comprehensive than other kinds.

Bookshelves are also good places for cameras, in fact a number of hidden cameras even come in the shape of a book to combine in with the rest of your collection. This is obviously an extremely specialized camera form, but there are a number of such forms to select from. Cameras may also appear to be items like mirrors, clocks, cigarette lighters, and much more. These everyday objects are incredibly common therefore virtually undetectable.

These are all the things you will want to be familiar with placing your Surveillance Cameras. While this can help you keep an eye on your location in the event of burglaries, using surveillance security camera systems and also overt surveillance security cameras can’t ever prevent crimes from happening in your area. But just the same, you could still follow this guide.

There are a number of considerations to remember when searching for a home surveillance system. The latest home security technology is no good if the cameras are situated incorrectly or aren’t functioning. When in doubt, phone professionals for a helping hand!

12 Reasons Why You Should Own A Gun (And 10 Why You Shouldn’t)

“Protecting your family means keeping them safe from harm. The best way to do this is to ensure you have the necessary home security devices installed. If you have a gun in the home, practicing proper firearm safety is just as important. So is understanding that firearms are weapons, not home security devices.”

12 Reasons why you should own a gun  (and 10 why you shouldn't)

12 Reasons Why You Should Own A Gun

  1. Because You Own a Fire Extinguisher. Bad things happen. You can still call 911, but when seconds count, you need to act quickly to save your life and the life of those you love.
  2. Because Shooting Is An Olympic Sport. Shooting is an Olympic sport and the United States holds more gold medals than any other nation.
  3. Because Many Americans Own Guns. Youll be in good company as a gun owner; nearly fifty percent of households in the U.S. own a firearm.
  4. Because You Respect The U.S. Constitution. Sometimes you wont like it when people exercise fundamental freedoms protected by the Constitution, such as freedom of speech. But that simply doesnt matter: The Supreme Court ruled that every person has a constitutional right to own guns. So respecting the Constitution means respecting the right of others to exercise those constitutional rights…

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