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Teak Furniture: How to Care for it Properly

Teak is very sturdy and durable. It’s long-lasting and can hold its quality appearance for years. Teak can be left outside all through the year since it has natural protectants from the elements. Taking care of your teak furniture is quite simple, providing you more time to invest enjoying sitting outdoors on it. Teak furniture has an all natural color that is silverish gray. You’ll never need to add oil, stain, or paint to your teak furniture. You may choose to oil it if you like the original yellowish brown shade of the teak wood.

Cover it when not used. It is mostly utilized as patio item because of its superior material. If you work with it for your outdoor equipment, make sure that they are covered when you are not using them. It will prevent building dust and retain its quality.

Dust it regularly. Eliminate the build up of accumulated dirt. You may dust it or simply just wipe the dust with a soft cloth. Using rough cloth might cause undesirable marks and scratches.

Clean it properly. Cleaning your outdoor teak furniture can be done by brushing with soft bristle brush and a mixture of mild soapy water with some table tablespoons of bleach. You should rinse them entirely by hosing to get rid of any remaining dirt and detergent residues. Be advised that utilizing a high pressure washer isn’t recommended. Teak cleaner solutions may also be used to revive the color to the authentic honey hue. Teak cleaners work by taking off the thin oil less layer at the surface and exposing the oily layers underneath. A sealer can be applied afterwards to preserve the honey color of your outdoor teak furniture. Teak is a low maintenance hardwood. Scrapes, scratches and stubborn stains can be taken off without too much effort by utilizing sandpaper.

Apply teak oil. Teak oil is a form of oil that’s based off of the oils that can be naturally found in the teak tree. It’s a substance which is highly recommended for teak furniture along with other types of wood applications which include very dense materials on them

Remove stains when you notice. Using fine-grit sandpaper will allow you to get rid of heavy stains. When it is positioned in your patio, bird dropping is normal, you ought to be mindful about the drop because it can cause stains. As soon as you see stains, get rid of it right away.

It’s also important to keep its finest condition. It isn’t enough that you just do the cleaning and oiling. To maintain the shine and natural glow of the wood, you need to protect it from the sunlight. When you have an outdoor deck, make sure that it’s covered during daylight or you’ve got an umbrella to keep it from drying and fading out.


Why Round Coffee Tables Always Work (and 15 Great Ones to Consider!)

Nothing beats the elegance of a round coffee table. It’s really flexible and can match any home interior. No matter what material, size, shape, or design you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a round table that matches your current decor.

Some people get their kicks from the next installment of the “Star Wars” saga. For others, it’s the magical world of Harry Potter. And for others still, it’s discovering vintage comic books or anticipating the latest video game. For me, I geek out over furniture. Specifically, coffee tables. You use them to gather around with friends and family, set down your drinks, put up your feet, and, if you’re like me, eat dinner while watching reruns of “Law & Order: SVU” even though you have a perfectly fine dining table three feet away (it’s just easier). And while the straight edges of a rectangular coffee table might be the go-to choice for many, sometimes the right angles turn out to be the wrong fit for a room.

Here’s where choosing a round coffee table will save the day, helping you to maximize every square inch of your small space by giving you more walking room and allowing for better traffic flow and circulation. Rounded edges will soften your aesthetic and simply may fit better with the size, shape and placement of your sofa—and all the while, your feet will never know the difference.

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite round coffee tables in a mix of price points and styles to set you off in the right direction when searching for a circular piece. Watch out for dangerously stunning curves ahead.

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Benefits of Furniture Rental

Shifting to a new residence might be much more of an overwhelming experience, so it’s preferable to have yourself prepared before starting up with this daunting task. Finding the right furniture for your new place is a large investment decision you should put in to secure a better future. Leasing furniture undoubtedly is among the most helpful resolution on the subject of giving an stylish look to your property decor and taking care of your expenses throughout the property styling process. Numerous places now rent furniture that you can get monthly. The prices range from product to product.

1. The greatest benefit of rental furniture is the instant cash benefit. While renting appliances, you’ll need to pay just the rent for the period of time, you occupy the property. In companies, which often require continual operational costs holding on to cash is essential. By buying furnishings you will only add a depreciating asset to your balance-sheet.

2. Furniture rentals provide you a variety to choose from, maintaining your budget and also other issues in mind. Whether it is the sofas and side tables for your family room or that stunning bed and dressing table for your bedroom, anyone can have them fitted with all the furniture that you always dreamt about in a small fraction of the prices.

3. Rented furniture comes along with many benefits. A few of these is the maintenance and replacement as they want to ensure that you are receiving the best out of your funds. Rental Furniture companies provide you with warranty services and they’d replace the furniture anytime you want it. Not to mention the fact that they also give free design decorating ideas.

4. The reputable furniture rental agencies can provide you varied choices with variable but exceptionally beneficial payment plans. So you’ve the flexibility dependent on your financial capacity. And, needless to say, in case you are brand conscious, be prepared to spend additional dollars to savor luxury. Many are even prepared to bring them to your home for tryout.

5. Almost all of the companies which offer furniture renting also offer free relocation services. On the other hand companies which sell appliances don’t give transportation facilities. The firms providing furnishings on rent will offer moving service while shifting to a place and moving away from it. You may also avail insurance plan to maintain the beauty of the furniture from wear and tear.

Renting furniture will not only help you save time and money but additionally professional styling services with no pre-installation or post sale storage costs. The deals would normally include every item to make your home complete, useful and comfy. A lot of such companies also offer not only residential and commercial furniture but a full line of tradeshow, event furnishings and house wares. A few would offer furniture leasing to satisfy the furnishing needs of expatriates, property owners, developers and service. This will allow flexible payment structures and payment methods and cash flow advantages of renting as opposed to buying.


Tips in Looking for a Good Furniture

Success may not be along with you sometimes when you want to purchase a furniture for your home. The main reason for this is you really don’t have any understanding what are you seeking for. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! You’ve come to the right spot. You can try this as your guide to having fabulous furniture. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at a couple of steps that one can take in to obtain great furniture which you’ll actually be bound to adore.

Number one point in obtaining a fantastic furniture is understanding what is the function or what generally do you want. Like for an instance, do you really want a brand new sofa or a dining set or possibly a bigger size bed? Always keep in you the details of the furniture that you desire such as the color, the size so you can try to look for another if it doesn’t fit your criteria. Coordinating your furniture may be one of the main fundamentals being sure that you pick the best fantastic furniture.

The other factor in purchasing a furniture is recognizing or having in mind the furniture type that you need. For instance, do you love to have a cutting-edge style furniture? If yes, then you’ve got to start looking for transitional or contemporary styles. Or perhaps you are trying to find something that is more traditional or perhaps country-styled. Regardless of what the situation is, you should have a good understanding of exactly what kind of furniture style you wish. The furniture should match the other or maybe fit the other ones in where it will be positioned in the home. An important factor is to coordinate them in one place. Having a good understanding on what style or design that you desire to use is vital in discovering the right furniture at your home.

The price or the cost for each furniture should also be taken with importance if you wish to obtain a furniture. Furniture can be quite costly depending on the style so you would definitely wish to have a discount. So well, numerous flea markets might have cost-effective furniture to offer. Additionally, there are yard sales or used furniture stores that sell furniture which are already used yet still in good shape. Bear in mind that one person’s garbage might be another person’s treasures. Regardless of whether you got it brand new or used, what matters most is that it is based on your preference and you’re simply pleased with it. To obtain less costly but amazing furniture, visit several stores and don’t just settle on one or two store. It’s likely that one store may have the exact same furniture item that you are looking for at a cheaper price. Make certain to check around and do a price comparison.

Without a doubt, there are many ways in which you can follow to ensure you have bought the furniture which fits your house. Looking at prices and being aware of what you want are two main factors to finding awesome furniture that you will be sure to adore.


Types of Dining Tables

Dining room tables appear in numerous styles and sizes. Also, they are made from various materials like timber, glass and metal. Several of the most well-known kinds of dining tables are:

A. Round and octagonal tables

One of the advantages of these units is that they enable you to squeeze in more guests compared to table is ideal for. Another benefit of these units is they often come with a round rotating tray where you place the food to be eaten.

If you need to seat four, then the table that has a forty inches circumference is the best size. If, however, you will want seating for 5 or 6 people, then look for a round table that has a circumference of at least forty eight in, although more should be good. Always check the circumference before getting one.

B. Rectangular and oval tables

These are generally great for huge rooms that happens to be long and narrow. The pieces are often created for 6-12 individuals and as a result of this, they are ideal for individuals with large households or those who entertain often. The tables can also be ideal for dinner get-togethers where the host can to make use of the head of the table while other people be seated by the sides.

C. Square tables

When you have a smaller space or maybe you merely want a more intimate ambiance, get a square table which is in proportion to the measurements of the room. Because of its size, you will have limitations when guest arrives. Purchasing a larger square table will make it difficult for you to get the food so it is not suggested to do so.

D. Drop-leaf and expandable tables

A drop-leaf table is a table that features a set portion in the center and a hinged section (leaf) on either side which could be folded down (dropped). These tables are made of a variety of woods from Cherry to Walnut, to Maple or Mahogany. Dependent upon the style or drop leaf or gate leg tables, the leaves change from coming almost right down to the floor to only coming down a bit.

If you live in a town house or an apartment with a minimal space, the best option should be the drop leaf because of its space-saving attributes. You’ll be able to determine what is suitable for your space. Begin with measuring your room so you can know what size table will comfortably fit. After that figure out just how many people, maximum you need to serve. Thru this, you can decide what size of table and the number of chairs you should buy. Drop leaf tables can be found in all different sizes.

These are among the most common styles of dining tables. Whatever the style that you select, you must make sure that you purchase it from a dependable store that won’t con you.



Why the Lucite Chair Is a Game-Changer for Small Spaces

 One of the hottest trends in home decor these days is the upsurge in popularity of modern dining room chairs. If you check the latest home decorating magazines or watch the home renovation television shows you will notice that more and more people are turning to cool and funky chairs for their dining rooms.

Ghost chairs in dining room

When you live in a small apartment, there’s a good deal of wizardry that has to take place. You have to learn how to fit your extensive wardrobe (and shoe collection) into a tiny closet; make all of your specialty pantry supplies (five kinds of flour, really?) find a home in your cupboard; and then make your space feel as open and welcoming as possible.

That’s why I’m such a fan of the visual trickery that is the lucite chair. You’ve probably seen them in all those high-end design magazines and sites. Think: the Louis Ghost Chair, which can get very pricey, very quickly, although there are more affordable options out there if you do a little digging. But before you start on that bargain hunt, take a look at these eight examples of how they can make your small space look and feel more expansive.

  • Light and Bright Dining Area - Kate Marker Interiors: When your dining area blends right into your living area and kitchen, like in a studio, this light and bright space shows how clean and open this clear seating can make the space feel.
  • Side Chairs - Apartment Therapy: Make the chairs on the long sides of your table disappear so you can focus on larger and more decorative seats at the head of the table.
  • Colorful Upgrade - Oh Joy: Even with the addition of some color and pattern, these chairs still feel lighter and brighter than a solid chair would.
  • Dining Nook - Refinery 29: Not only does this small dining nook in a D.C. apartment have chairs that vanish before your very eyes, but the owner also added a mirror to make the space seem more expansive than it really is.


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Buying Outdoor Furniture: What Material To Choose

Many individuals look into the outside of their home just as important as the interior. This is why when getting the best outdoor furniture needs to be correctly designed for style and comfort. From chairs, tables, benches, rocking chairs, you name it; the choices are limitless when searching for outdoor furniture as some may spend several hours outdoors watching their plants and trees grow, inhaling fresh air or perhaps, studying in the shade.

Should you be to purchase furniture for the patio, you are able to notice that this item is made of several kinds of wood just like teak, cedar, oak, cypress, and many other types of hardwood. These woods are better known for their long-lasting qualities which can survive weather and elements thus making the furniture to be tough. Wooden patio furniture could possibly be left outdoors for some time making sure you have a worry-free feeling from the thought of damaging the furniture. Wooden outdoor chairs and tables are easy to maintain. You’ll just need to reapply a sealer or re-polished the wood a couple of times a year to maintain the natural color of the wood.

In case you are buying outdoor living or patio furniture with limited funds, plastic outdoor furniture is a practical choice. These are so lightweight and can be easily relocated. Even though it lasts for several years if properly looked after, its appearance will typically match its cheap price tag. One of several downsides of plastic furniture is that because they are lightweight in construction they are easily broken and often blows away in strong winds.

Wrought-iron can be another material used. Suppliers designed a technology which makes wrought-iron resistant against weather and elements and can’t easily be affected by rusts which in result make the furniture last for quite a long time.

Other than the various materials, the basic or decorative types of furniture are the other factor that you will need to consider in selecting for the items. You may make a classy outdoor setting out of the style and design of furniture you end up picking.

Spending restful time outdoor is possible. Using the chairs and table in your patio or garden, some of the tasks you do inside your house like dining and relaxing in the family area could also be done outside. You can spend the whole afternoon looking through a book of your favorite author beneath the shade of the tree while comfortably sitting on the bench. Outdoor furniture is among the things that provide you with comfort and convenience in life.


Tips in Wood Furniture Maintenance

Wood furniture is a furniture type that has to always be taken care of. Otherwise, the furniture is going to be heady damaged. The requirement for treatment is due to environmental conditions and weather conditions are extremely influential on the surface of the furniture. For the treatment of furniture not only created for a clean surface from the dust, but also to maintain the surface that doesn’t tickle your goals.

Image result

Clean your wood furniture often to keep the surface areas shiny and bright. Always use a soft cloth to prevent from damaging the wood. Whenever dusting, always dust with the grain of the wood. If the furniture gets dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. If this cannot work, try using a mild water and soap solution on your cloth, and check out it again. Keeping wood furniture dry can also be important. In the event the wood gets wet, it may cause the finish to peel or fade, and could actually warp the wood. Be sure to wipe up any spills once you are able. Do not let them dry otherwise you might end up with a permanent stain.

At times make use of a bit of lemon oil on wood furniture to keep it from drying out. Wood looks best just after it is oiled. Do it with all wood which includes cabinets, china cabinets, wood coffee tables, everything. Only dampen the rag or paper towel with the oil and apply that to all wood surface areas. Even when this gets on fabric, a little bit of lemon oil will not likely destroy furniture. Do it every few months and wood will be new and the lemon has the added benefit of making the house smell clean.

To protect the surface of the wood, feel free to use a wax. But before embarking on using wax it is vital that you note the type of finish on the furniture item and if a particular wax will complement or damage your furniture. The item can develop a dull surface after using wax many times and thus it’s wise to seek the advice of professionals.

You’ve made an investment in fine wood furniture now look after it like you would in any other quality investment. It is vital to dust routinely and to fix any kind of issues before or when they happen. The scariest thing that you can do is neglect your wood furniture, since this is how it will slowly become ruined. Taking proper care of your hardwood furniture will assure that it is going to last for years to come.



How to replace the sling on Samsonite patio furniture

 If you love something, you will really try your best to keep it and make it last forever just like a samsonite furniture.


Q: We love our Samsonite patio table and chairs. One of the chairs has come apart at the seam where it attaches to the frame. We contacted Samsonite, and it was unable to help. How do we find someone who repairs this kind of outdoor furniture?


A: Samsonite, most known as a suitcase manufacturer, did make steel patio furniture from the late 1960s until about 2000. In the late 1990s, it also took over a company, Halcyon, that made aluminum furniture. Then the company stopped making furniture on its own and licensed and eventually sold the brand to a company that imported furniture, mostly aluminum, and labeled it Samsonite.

probably wouldn’t last, he said; the tension is so great that the fabric and stitches would rip out.

SF Patio Furniture in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (888-808-2253; sfpatiofurniture.com), does make the new piece you need, said Drew Scott, a customer service representative there. “This is what we specialize in,” he wrote in an email. “We are the last living link to the original plant just up the road from our facility and have been doing this for 20 years now.”

A reader wants to remove this five-piece mirror set from the wall without breaking it. (Reader photo)

From the picture you sent, he identified your furniture as part of Samsonite’s steel

A couple of companies sell replacement slings for the original steel furniture styles. But your pieces don’t match any of the designs on file at Creative Play Stores in Knoxville, Tenn. (888-858-7529; creativeplay.com), said James Tidrick, who handles consumer inquiries there. He suggested going to a company that specializes in boat upholstery to get a new piece. Trying to mend the seam with a needle and thread …


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Hammock Swings

Among the finest ways to reminisce and return to our lighthearted childhood memories is through hammock swing chairs. Hammock swing chairs combine the comfort of a hammock and also the happy-go-lucky memories of the beloved swings of our childhood. It’s the perfect strategy to relax after having a stress filled day in a world which is totally different from our childhood. Yet more than that, it offers more.

It truly comes down to gravity. A hammock forms to your body when you lay on it. Due to “hugging” effect that occurs when lying on a hammock, your body weight is distributed equally across the surface area of the body. Your entire weight will no longer rests on your muscles. Removing the excess fat from those muscles lets them and your spine to relax and help to reduce pain in those areas. This can be a big benefit for people who suffer from bad backs and pain in their lower limbs.

It is well known that excess stress is harmful to health, therefore anything we can do to reduce stress in our lives, will be beneficial. Relaxing in a hammock recliner is a superb approach to reduce stress naturally – the gentle swaying motion of the hammock can promote rest for mind and body, and reduce panic levels.

Concentration is a third benefit you will get by using a hammock. It’s considered that the moving movement caused by a hammock stimulates the brain enabling increased concentration. The motion helps stimulate the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain recognized for concentration. Tests have shown that individuals that read whilst in hammocks have a tendency to know the material much better than individuals reading in a char or a bed. Think about when you were a baby. A lot of the chairs you’re in offered is in swinging movement. This can help remind the baby of being in the mother’s womb. Once the mother walks the baby normally feels a swinging type movement.

The best part about a hammock is that they usually fit every size of people. Because the hammock adjusts to one’s body anyone can lay in a hammock. Because of this the comfort a hammock provides is unmatched to many other types of chairs and beds. Due to the fact hammocks are extremely comfy a lot of Americans are utilizing them as their main bed to sleep on.

As you have seen hammocks provide many health advantages to the owners. This should make the decision of getting a hammock or hammock swings very much easier. Who said you can’t enjoy something that is so good for you. Cause let’s face it, it doesn’t happen that often.