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 Bedroom lighting should be selected for its functionality, decorative properties and its convenience. Here is a discussion on each of these factors relating to lighting in a bedroom.


Whether you retire to a small alcove or a grand master suite, you probably use your bedroom for more than just slumber. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but too little light hinders you from doing much else.

Bedroom lighting can range from basic to bold; dimmed to dramatic, and these tips will help you choose the right style for you:

1. Be Size Wise

Before buying bedroom lighting, first determine the size of room, says Artcraft Lighting vice president Howard Bernstein. Take your room measurements, along with outlet locations and furniture placement to a lighting showroom. The experts there can help you fill in with just the right light.

2. Keep Height In Mind

Consider scale. Bedrooms typically have lower 8 or 9 ft. tall ceilings. Avoid fixtures with longer bodies in favor of shorter or flush-mounted fixtures. “You want a certain level for reading and enough lighting for dressing,” says Bernstein. “You also need light to be high enough to reach all the areas.”

3. Leave Room to Glow

Decide what you want to do in the room, then choose appropriate lighting. Home computers, sewing machines and reading nooks in the bedroom need directed lighting. Sitting areas beg for softer, shaded fixtures. Vanities demand brighter light.

4. Stay On The Light Side

Avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too opaque, otherwise your bedroom will be too dark, according to the American Lighting Association (ALA). The fixtures may look nice, but the light will not be as functional. “When buying a table lamp, opt for one with a softly diffused shade,” says Dan Blitzer, ALA continuing education instructor. “Spend a moment to see how you turn it on and off to make sure it is not going to be too difficult to manage when you are in bed.


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Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemians usually do not adhere to trends or patterns. They have shades of bright elegance and shabby eclecticism in an creative combination. Instead, bohemian is centered on a heart which loves colours, creativity, adventure and most importantly, freedom from rules and conventions.

Since our bedroom is regarded as the private space where we could be ourselves and let our imaginations loose, below we will discuss 5 amazing ways that the bohemian decor could be efficiently implemented and channelized in our bedrooms.

A. Never leave the walls blank

Free spirited bohemians never keep their walls blank. Allow your fantasies run wild and screen your souvenirs on the walls in a sweet chaotic manner. If you are searching for an edgier feel, look at painting graffiti and murals on the walls.

B. Embrace Colours

Some of the most important aspects of bohemian styles are the boldness of the design and concept, the color used and the contrast employed. As the bohemian style is supposed to be creative and experimental in nature, boldness is a feature integrated into it naturally. Use of rich and vibrant colours is yet another noticeable property of the bohemian style. But black and white bohemian bedding can also be extremely popular since the insufficient colour is together by the design, contrast and use of varying shades of grey.

C. Introduce interesting lighting

Regardless of whether you get a realistic Bohemian crystal chandelier, you could at least obtain one that resembles the sort of glass and designs the Bohemians designed centuries ago. Even today, fine glass and crystal is a large part of the Bohemian culture and you will notice several shops that carry the well-known Bohemian crystal.

D. Make a beautiful bed for yourself

Bohemian bedding likewise invariably includes bohemian sheets, bohemian quilts, bohemian comforters, bohemian bed linens, etc. Each one of these could be picked and used individually, depending on the other bedding items, to make an overall theme or effect that meets your personal taste or usage. Bohemian chic bedding is really a little variant of the bohemian style and that is a lot more sporty and trendy when compared to a bohemian.

E. Select furniture which tells a story

The older the furniture, the more bohemian vibe it exudes. Hand painted cupboard, dressers and armoire likewise seems attractively mystical. Utilize old trunks as opposed to fancy shelves to keep your books, lampshades, plants, photo frames as well as other knick knacks. Hunt for furniture that has interesting shapes and carvings. They will immediately provide a personality to the bedroom

Your property is a reflection of your innate style, taste as well as your soul. Display all that you have in a playful manner and create a personalized space which is unique and inviting.




10 Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Look Great

 A small bedroom can be challenging to decorate. Know how you can transform your small space into a cozy and welcoming bedroom.


Although it can oftentimes seem frustrating and challenging, planning a small bedroom can be fun (honestly). With the right design tips and techniques, you can turn your snug room into a dreamy retreat. From clever storage solutions to multitasking furniture, these great ideas will breathe new life into your compact scheme.

1. Stick to a limited color palette. If all white isn’t for you, bring in your favorite colors, but in a thoughtful way.


Here, the brights are limited to reds and oranges — which work beautifully with the brick wall and wooden furniture — and are teamed with plenty of white for an airy feel.

2. Let the light in. Keep window treatments to a minimum in a small space to make the most of the natural light and keep the look unfussy. For privacy add plain roller blinds or hang flat panels of lace or voile.



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Room Scenting 101: Flameless Edition

When your thoughts turn to home fragrances, do you have a preference for scented candles or for fragrance diffusers? Whichever type of home fragrance you choose may be determined by a number of factors, including design and scents available.

Room Scent 101

We’ve talked a lot about candles recently, and while we’re not intending to stop anytime soon (I mean, Michael only just got hooked!), a fair number of our lovely readers have told us in comments that they can’t use candles in their current living situations (dorm rooms, etc)—or maybe you just don’t love the idea of candles. They’re sort of rude to burn during dinner, for obvious reasons (food/perfume don’t mix) and, as Emily pointed out the other day, sometimes if you let your Feu de Bois go for a while, you start to wonder if your apartment might be burning down. So, this brought us all to a new topic of conversation: ways to scent your space that don’t require any excess feu near your bois. Let’s talk about fragrance for the flame-averse, or Room Scenting 101. [Cue applause!] And please note, all of the below are decidedly unisex.

Admittedly, in the room-scenting game, avoiding the wax-and-wicked stuff out there will narrow your options down some, but you are by no means out of them.

For those still happy to play with (a little) fire: Both Santa Maria Novella and Francis Kurkdjian make gorgeously scented incense papers— the latter’s come in the ITG-beloved flavors Aqua UniversalisApom, and Lumiere Noir, and are really tellement chic in their little box (matches on one side, papers on the other). The procedure is the same with both: you fold up the paper like a little accordion, light one edge, blow it out, and let the perfumed smoke go, à la incense. Santa Maria Novella’s Carta d’Armenia papers are shockingly effective deodorizers (if someone in your flat’s been smoking, or is smelly, or your cat has been marking his territory and you just cooked gumbo, whatever), and their little red leather box is very sophisticated looking. Be sure to get some sort of ashtray/saucer on which to burn them, though, because again, please don’t burn down your house.

If you are of a particularly… let’s call it ‘woodsy‘ mindset: A company called Juniper Ridge—motto: “We go to the mountains ->Harvest wild plants -> Distill natural fragrance’—sells their earthy home-scenting wares at Steven Alan boutiques and online. These include the seriously Voodoo-looking mini Smudge Sticks (available in Mugwort, also known as “dream weed,” Sage, and Cedar). Note that white sage is considered ‘purifying’ and has been used on at least one episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to cleanse a crash-pad of some seriously bad juju. They also carry “Campfire Incense’ in flavors such as Juniper,Douglas Fir, and Piñon. (Yes, incense burns and thus is usually grouped in with candles as potential fire hazards, but, unlike candles, sticks only need a few minutes to fully scent a room, so you can light one and be done with the ‘fire’ part in no time.) Now, go get your neo-shaman on, because, for the record, incense is cool again: photographers Inez and Vinoodh sent out incense and a teepee-diffuser as a Christmas gift last year.

For those looking to buy something and leave it be: To us, “potpourri” has always kind of screamed “waiting room,” and/or “nursing home,” neither of which is something we’ve ever really wanted to move into. (Also, open bowls of the stuff always look like heavily fingered piles of those health chips that are made of rutabaga and yams.) But forget all that because Santa Maria Novella’s Pot Pourri is a centuries-old “secret blend” that comes in what looks like a coffee-bean bag—if those beans were hand-collected herbs and flowers grown (pesticide-free!) in the Florentine hills, collected …



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15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas

 There are various different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched art to more restrained Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever may be the case, if you are someone – who enjoys this kind of interior designing – then the following decorating ideas will be of much benefit to you.


Okay, all this Gothic designs are pretty old in the business, but since it is not widely used and practiced, it seems new for the most part. When we think Gothic, we recall all those churches with the spiraling poles and whatnot – oh college! But for today, we will be sharing a few tips as to how you can create a bedroom into one Gothic-inspired space. First is to make sure the room is clean because Gothic is clean and organized. Second, pick a Gothic theme you like. Next, paint your walls or use wallpapers, the effect it creates is just dramatic. Then, off to decoration!

More on that later, before all the definitions and tips, let us go ahead and take a look at the 15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas which we have prepared for you guys! These range from the fantasy rooms, complete with silver walls and stars, or a darker room, with black walls and haunted pictures. Let us go ahead and enjoy the list!

Beverly Hills Estate


Beverly Hills bedrooms


Master suite with black lace surrounding the bed, back lit lucite steps and platform. Stunning like a Film Noir movie scene. The beautiful, vibrant wonderland of Christina Aguilera’s residence.

Gaillardia Show Home


Gothic Bedroom Ideas

 Hoge Architectural Development


We know that you have noticed the wonderful bed frame that this bedroom has; but before all that, have seen the outstanding ceiling treatment? Talk about great style.


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Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas

 Walk-in closets seem to suffer the most from disorganized storage since walk-in closets offer a lot of space that can be hidden from sight. Time then to take a closer look at walk-in closets and all the storage options that it offers.

White Backdrop

Walk in closets have always been a symbol of luxury, but the days when a walk in closet exclusively belonged in a mansion are over. We have some of the most functional and beautiful walk in closet ideas to help you create an impeccable, organized dressing area.

If your clothes and accessories are works of art to you, it’s time to display them properly. With some good design choices, you can have (and enjoy) the walk in closet of your dreams. The first thing to decide when considering walk in closet ideas is how to create the most functional space possible.

Start with these three practical steps:

1. Select a Walk-In Closet Shape

In closet design, there are three general possibilities:

–an “L” shaped closet
–a “U” shaped closet
–a straight walk in closet

Closets in the form of “L” occupy two of the walls of the room leaving you space to move. A “U” occupies three walls for maximum storage. The straight closet design allows for his and hers sides and works well in smaller areas. Depending on closet size, all three shapes benefit from an ottoman or seating area for putting on shoes or dressing.

2. Add Good Storage

Most of us have have lots of accessories, not to mention a wardrobe of seasonal items that need to be stored most of the year. Having dedicated storage for all clothing and accessories makes it easier and less stressful to find the items when you need them. Adding plenty of drawers to your closet design is the best way to keep items organized and dust-free.


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10 Beautiful Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity

Make up vanity tables are a must have to any and every female. With so many jewelries and trinkets to deal with, we need a useful storage for them.


I have always appreciated a beautiful makeup vanity. When I was a little girl, I loved to play with my mom’s makeup at her vanity and I couldn’t wait to have my own someday. There is something uniquely personal about this space. I believe it should be a spot that inspires you and makes you feel beautiful as soon as you sit down. A makeup vanity is a fun space to decorate because it really doesn’t take much to make it look pretty. It’s all about choosing elements that make you feel good. It can be as simple or elaborate as you please. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through photos for this post, so I hope you enjoy these ideas for giving your own makeup vanity some personality.

Styling A Makeup Vanity

1A pretty tray is a perfect balance of style and functionality for a vanity. It keeps everything you need in one confined space. You can find trays like this one at antique and thrift stores. With a little spray paint, you can make an old one new again.

Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity | DecoratingFiles.com | #makeup #vanity #makeupvanityThe Glitter Guide

2 This designer thought outside the box by mounting a large, full-length mirror to the wall and placing the vanity against it. The mirror makes a grand and glamorous statement.

Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity | DecoratingFiles.com | #makeup #vanity #makeupvanityLiz Caan Interiors


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Foam Latex Mattress Benefits

There are many reasons why people are switching to the Latex Mattress as an alternative to uneasy innerspring mattresses and pungent memory foam. The latex mattress is now less costly than ever and has now authorized many individuals to realize the rewards that latex offers. This rising understanding has included with the (well earned) reputation.

Developed from the sap of natural rubber, it has got the property of rubber. Latex is soft and elastic in nature, and also resilient like rubber. Latex is additionally created from sap of plants just like milkweed as well. The sap is in a position to coagulate after which processed to form the mattresses material. Being elastic and supportive in the basic attribute, latex mattresses are fantastic support for the back and possess the property to help ease back pain too.

A latex mattress is said to blend the advantages of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. What people love best concerning the innerspring is the fact that its utilization of springs keeps it responsive and springy even in spite of regular use. Now, people have found out the wonderful responsive firmness offered by latex foam. Latex mattresses can offer exactly the same body conformance properties of memory foam mattresses.

In this respect a latex mattress is quite much like a memory mattress. Latex however has 2 additional strengths over memo foam. Botanic latex is all-natural and is made into a foam layer though the production process, not with the addition of any chemicals or any other probable sources of allergens or irritants. Many people grumble of a chemical smell associated with memory foam that can take months to completely dissipate. This is also true for people with very sensitive smell or those people who are very sensitive to perfumes and dyes.

A large number of latex mattress pads and pillows have got simply one type of hole throughout and, therefore, the entire latex foam mattress is going to have a steady resistance. A number of latex mattresses however, were created showcasing individual bits of latex rubber with different sized holes. This allows the latex bed to hold several regions.

Even though both a latex bed along with a memory foam bed will mold to the sleeper, people who prefer a firmer mattress feel find the latex mattress to be much more comfortable and familiar than memory foam. It’s worth noting that many times the internal layers of a memory foam bed as well as a latex bed are extremely similar. It’s difficult to acquire 100% latex or 100% memory foam beds. In both mattresses the top layer is coupled with internal layers of high-density foam that gives much more support. It is very important have this combination to make use of the properties of both types of foam.



Linen Logic: 20 Tips for Taking Care of Your Bedding

 Sleeping is one of the most necessary biological activities. It helps rejuvenating our body and mind. But achieving a goodnight sleep is not always easy. Some people keep on turning sides and not able to enjoy a sound sleep. In many cases changing the bedding, elements can be a solution.


New York–based Swedish designer Anki Spets has been making luxuriously minimalist bed linens for the past 25 years. I discovered her company Area via my favorite cotton blanket, the herringbone-patterned Harry, which has long been synonymous with summer in my house. More recently, I’ve met Anki in person at design shows, and each time we cross paths, I ask her for insider tips on linens care. After several of these discussions, she presented me with her How Best to Wash Bedding primer.


Above: Anki makes her daughter Selma’s bed with Area’s signature muted linens, including Parallel Pillowcases in blue and the Heather Duvet Cover in gray. Anki grew up in Stockholm and studied fashion at the Beckmans College of Design before she segued into bed linens in 1990: “At the time, there was a huge void in easy-going, good-quality bedding. And someone needed to dismantle the traditional bedroom: Out with curtains and carpets and in with Scandinavian flair.”

Washing Rules

1. Remove any spots before the textile goes in the washer–once they’ve been cooked and baked, they’re permanent. Oily grease stains from body lotion, etc., are common on sheets. Remove them with dish soap: Wet the spot, apply soap, and, if the fabric isn’t fragile, massage in or scrub with a nail brush before washing.

2. Prepping the laundry is important: Button buttons, close Velcro (so it doesn’t get stuck on other things), and turn patterned or decorated fabrics inside out.


Above: A linen-cloaked bed in a mix of pastels and bolds in France. “Linen is a good environmental choice,” says Anki, “It doesn’t require fancy equipment to process, and uses fewer chemicals (and is also stronger) than cotton.” Photograph by Romain Ricard.

3. Do not mix bedding with clothes that have metal zippers or a rough texture–they can cause pilling and abrasion.

4. Use less detergent than the manufacturer recommends: Too much detergent weakens fibers over time. I like Ecover from the supermarket and I’ve been thinking about splurging on Swedish natural laundry soap lines L:A Bruket and Tangent.


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Ideal Bedroom Lights

lighting can be very difficult. Why? This is because bedrooms are utilized for way over simply sleeping. They are also probably the most convenient area to read, work out using fitness equipment, watch a movie, or spend time relaxing alone or with your partner. Therefore, bedroom lighting must be meticulously planned and planned since normally the bedroom has several functions.

Children’s Bedrooms - Typically, children’s space can be used for learning, playing and rest. And so the overall indoor lighting ought to be greater and gentler than the adult’s room. Moreover, the rooms additionally have a corresponding local lighting to ensure that children can do homework, reading, enjoy games and so forth. In order to make a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, parents could use unique shaped lamps to make room fun.

Recessed Fixtures - For a sleek look in a adult bedroom, you cannot go past recessed fixtures for a fresh new update. These lighting fixtures work efficiently with any modern home and are incredibly flexible.

Suspended Industrial - One of the biggest developments these days in almost any room of the home is the trend for industrial illumination. These huge fixtures are well-known because they are practical and non-fussy whilst being beautiful in an unusual way. Industrial fixtures will also be great for creating a shared room manlier as they easily balance any far too girly or romantic features.

Bedside Lamps - More table lamps for the bedroom are very important if you would like spend time at night and not really feel like it is the middle of the day because of the bright overhead illumination. Placing a lamp or two beside the bed could make your bedroom feel more comfortable and welcoming late at night. You can place a lamp on a bed side table or think about putting in wall lamps that flex stylishly just over the bed head.

Dressing Room – In picking lights for your bedroom, keep in mind the objectives your bedroom serves aside from a place to sleep. Try placing a tall lamp or hanging a bright pendant near your wardrobe to have a dedicated space for fitting your outfits, lit up to become as flattering as you can.

Don’t Overstuff - Since bedrooms are utilized for various purposes, it’s important to make this lighting layered to give lighting that doesn’t overlap too much. You may have lighting for your study or work area with a separate switch so that you will don’t have to switch on all the entire lights. Don’t overdo your lightings and make sure that you have control in every area or the intensity of the lights.