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A Guide to Understanding HVAC Filter Maintenance

“The air filter units play a vital role of improving air quality where they trap dust particles and allergens thus preventing them from gaining access into the house. For the units to continue working efficiently you need to take good care of them.”


Proper HVAC filtration is at the heart of indoor air quality and provides an important service in keeping indoor environments clean and free from the dust and particulates that may reduce product yields or create other risks. Filters will only do their job and perform as specified, however, when they are maintained correctly.

Proper filter maintenance is crucial to keeping HVAC ductwork clean. If dirt accumulates in the ductwork, and if the relative humidity reaches the dew point (so that condensation occurs), then bacteria and mold may grow. This is especially the case in HVAC systems with acoustical duct liners, which are frequently used in air handler fan housings and supply ducts to reduce sound transmission and provide thermal insulation.

For all of these reasons and more, it is crucial to establish the appropriate filter change-out frequency. However, filters should be changed immediately if they become wet, microbial growth on the filter media is visible, or when filters collapse or become damaged to the extent that air bypasses the media.


After specifying a filter media and selecting a filter, it’s important to pay close attention to proper filter installation. The goal is to avoid bypass air, which causes contamination in housings, coils, fans, and ducts. Do this by making sure that all the air in the system goes through the filter. To avoid problems later on, consider these installation tips:

  • Check for filter media damage such as rips or holes and replace damaged filters.
  • Make sure media is sealed in the frame to avoid bypass air.
  • Install the filter according to the airflow direction indicated on the frame.
  • Ensure that the filter fasteners are in place and correctly installed, especially if filters are serviced from the downstream side.
  • Check to ensure that the bank of filter frames is rigid and well reinforced to avoid collapse.
  • Caulk any cracks between filter frames or …


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