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7 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Personally, I love open shelving. It’s feels you are bearing yourself but still being styling. When it comes to kitchen shelving, it has that that sense of warmth especially for guests and also you can showcase your kitchen wares in a very creative and styling way. No need for more accessories for the open shelves themselves creates the mood you want in your home.


1. Cabinets offer fixed space, but open shelves may increase your storage options.

“We couldn’t stand the upper cabinets in our kitchen. People tend to see them as a cornucopia of storage, but they were actually quite awkward. One cabinet was a nightmare because I couldn’t quite reach around to get things in and out — I had to clamber up on the counter. The corner cabinets were too narrow for glasses to sit side-by-side. And the one above the stove was fake. Open shelving increased our storage, and created a space that felt a bit more modern and relaxed.” – Tanya at Dans le Lakehouse


2. It helps the space look bright and open.

“Our kitchen was small, dark, and felt closed in with old ugly upper cabinets. We were originally planning on just tearing out one wall of cabinetry, but once we did, we realized that ripping out all of them would truly make our kitchen more open. We haven’t looked back since! It lets so much more light in from our windows, which helps make the space feel so much bigger.” – Christina at Christina’s Adventures


See more ideas at http://www.countryliving.com/homes/kitchen-open-shelving-pros

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