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35 Super Epic Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas To Consider

The bathtub can be your oasis of sanity in a chaotic world. Tubs have come a long way since the days of sitting in a barrel. We can still capture the natural feel of yesterday, but with the comforts of our modern day world.

A bath is a treat, a treat like no other. We get to enjoy it every now and then with a glass of wine and a good book in dim light, surrounded by bubbles. Tranquility and peaceful relaxation at its best .

(C) homesthetics.net

(C) homesthetics.net

An experience that we are going to cherish and encourage today with a drop of spice. We are going to cover the wooden bathtub, a long lasting tradition in many cultures around the world, today an exotic presence that speaks of exclusivity and the highest degree of exclusivity often hand carved by craftsmen around the world.

Wood naturally speaks of warmth, coziness and it presents a degree of uniqueness unparalleled in the world, a pattern, a texture grown through years, wooden bathtubs also require the manual input of a craftsman, a carpenter that shapes and curves the sculptural presence towards the highest standard of detailing.

We invite you to cast a glance over the gallery that follow, you will hopefully find soothing tranquility immortalized in photography.




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