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22 Gorgeous Bedrooms with Glass Sliding Doors

 A sliding door lends sophistication and grace to any room where it is installed. Sliding doors of good quality will have silent rails and a damper system so the door doesn’t slam with force. It should slide silently and easily into place each time, you close the doors.


Sliding doors are one of the few things that helps home owners and designers alike to save space; while some people do not even recognize that sliding doors can save them the space that they need, designers help them think about it by suggesting or incorporating it in their designs.

To give you more concrete idea as to how sliding doors are actually able to save our homes with tons of room for movement, you should go ahead and check out the list that we have below – the list about 22 Gorgeous Bedrooms with Glass Sliding Doors. Each bedroom is pretty in itself, but imagine if the doors in here weren’t sliding doors – tell us what you think and let us go ahead and check the list out.

1. Abbots Way


Abbots Way


AR Design Studio Ltd.

First on this list is this wonderfully white, large bedroom from AR Design Studio Ltd. This is one very minimalist bedroom – we barely see just the bed in here – but with a lovely view like this one – I think you’d not need anything else while you’re in here.

2. Bachelor Pad in Elliott


Pad Elliott


i3 Design Group

Check out this bedroom that has a sliding door that connects it directly to the living space. This is one example of how much space you can actually save from using a normal swing door – this sliding door may cost you more than a panel door, but I think you and I could agree that a glass sliding door looks rather prettier.


See more: http://homedesignlover.com/bedroom-designs/bedrooms-glass-sliding-doors/

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