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Monthly Archives: July 2017

How to Remove Wood Stain from Wood

Wood staining tips including required tools and techniques. Anytime surfaces are stained, it is always a good idea to clean as quickly as possible so the stains do not become set. There are ways to remove stains that will leave your floor looking good once more!

Are you looking for ideas on how to remove wood stain from wood? Learn some effective techniques to remove a wood stain product from wood without hurting woodwork.

Removing Wood Stains and Finishes

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a wood stain or finish from woodwork or furniture. It may be because you want to try to uncover the original wood or perhaps replace it with a new type of stain. This can sometimes be difficult to do without ruining the wood, but there are gentle methods that can keep wood in good condition.

Instructions on How to Remove Wood Stain from Wood

Gather the following materials for wood stain removal:

  • Wood stain remover product
  • Mineral spirits
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Paint brush (for ease of application with some wood stain removers)
  • Scraper (only with nonrinsable remover products)
  • Steel wool (only with nonrinsable stain removers)
  • Light sandpaper
  • Rags
  • Sheet or tarp
  • Garbage bag for scrapings
  • Towels
  • Gloves

Directions for removing wood stain from wood:

  1. Prepare the woodwork for stripping. If dealing with furniture, remove attachments such as knobs, handles or other decorations. Cover the working area with a sheet or tarp to prevent surrounding areas from getting dirty.
  2. Apply the wood stain remover product, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Many can be applied with a paint brush, others can be sprayed on. It is important to follow all of the manufacturer’s directions to prevent wood damage. Many stain and paint remover products sit on wood for up to 40 minutes but time varies, depending on the product. Test part of the surface by dabbing a small section with a rag to see if stain is lifted.

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These 10 Things Make Life With Kids Easier

For a busy mom like us, it’s not new anymore how hard for us to keep up with the kids. But thanks to these advanced generation since there are lot of things that we can do now to make things easier with them.  To all moms out there you can check out these tips and apply it to your home.

From wrangling backpacks and finding lost shoes before the morning school run to the last kiss at bedtime (and just one more drink of water), life with kids is an adventure. We can’t prepare for everything, but these 10 small changes can make the time spent at home with our kids a bit easier.

1. Stash kids’ books in the dining room. Keeping a selection of children’s books (and perhaps some drawing paper) in the dining room can help antsy kids stick it out a little longer at the dinner table. And between mealtimes, if the dining room gets more use as a playspace, storing a few favorite books and games here will make cleanup time quicker and easier.

2. Instead of wainscoting, try a kid-height chalk wall. This half-height chalk wall makes a nice compromise when you don’t want to give over an entire wall of your home to kid-friendly scribble space. Little ones get to draw in the space they can reach, and you get to choose grownup paint and artwork above the rail. It’s a win-win.

3. Invest in adjustable stools. Kids can’t resist twirling these metal stools to adjust the height — but beyond the fun factor, they serve a practical purpose as well. Being able to twist to raise or lower the seat means everyone, big and little, gets to sit at the just-right height. And the stools work as well at a desk or a craft table as they do in the kitchen.

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