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10 Beautiful Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity

Make up vanity tables are a must have to any and every female. With so many jewelries and trinkets to deal with, we need a useful storage for them.


I have always appreciated a beautiful makeup vanity. When I was a little girl, I loved to play with my mom’s makeup at her vanity and I couldn’t wait to have my own someday. There is something uniquely personal about this space. I believe it should be a spot that inspires you and makes you feel beautiful as soon as you sit down. A makeup vanity is a fun space to decorate because it really doesn’t take much to make it look pretty. It’s all about choosing elements that make you feel good. It can be as simple or elaborate as you please. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through photos for this post, so I hope you enjoy these ideas for giving your own makeup vanity some personality.

Styling A Makeup Vanity

1A pretty tray is a perfect balance of style and functionality for a vanity. It keeps everything you need in one confined space. You can find trays like this one at antique and thrift stores. With a little spray paint, you can make an old one new again.

Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity | DecoratingFiles.com | #makeup #vanity #makeupvanityThe Glitter Guide

2 This designer thought outside the box by mounting a large, full-length mirror to the wall and placing the vanity against it. The mirror makes a grand and glamorous statement.

Ideas for Styling A Makeup Vanity | DecoratingFiles.com | #makeup #vanity #makeupvanityLiz Caan Interiors


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What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

Discipline is a hard thing to comment on, as it varies from person to person. 

June Arbelo, a second-grade teacher at Central School, comforts a student who wants to go home during the first day of school. Tristan Spinski/GRAIN

Leigh Robinson was out for a lunchtime walk one brisk day during the spring of 2013 when a call came from the principal at her school. Will, a third-grader with a history of acting up in class, was flipping out on the playground. He’d taken off his belt and was flailing it around and grunting. The recess staff was worried he might hurt someone. Robinson, who was Will’s educational aide, raced back to the schoolyard.

Will was “that kid.” Every school has a few of them: that kid who’s always getting into trouble, if not causing it. That kid who can’t stay in his seat and has angry outbursts and can make a teacher’s life hell. That kid the other kids blame for a recess tussle. Will knew he was that kid too. Ever since first grade, he’d been coming to school anxious, defensive, and braced for the next confrontation with a classmate or teacher.

The expression “school-to-prison pipeline” was coined to describe how America’s public schools fail kids like Will. A first-grader whose unruly behavior goes uncorrected can become the fifth-grader with multiple suspensions, the eighth-grader who self-medicates, the high school dropout, and the 17-year-old convict. Yet even though today’s teachers are trained to be sensitive to “social-emotional development” and schools are committed to mainstreaming children with cognitive or developmental issues into regular classrooms, those advances in psychology often go out the window once a difficult kid starts acting out. Teachers and administrators still rely overwhelmingly on outdated systems of reward and punishment, using everything from red-yellow-green cards, behavior charts, and prizes to suspensions and expulsions.

How we deal with the most challenging kids remains rooted in B.F. Skinner’s mid-20th-century philosophy that human behavior is determined by consequences and bad behavior must be punished. (Pavlov figured it out first, with dogs.) During the 2011-12 school year, the US Department of Education counted 130,000 expulsions and roughly 7 million suspensions among 49 million K-12 students—one for every seven kids. The most recent estimates suggest there are also a quarter-million instances of corporal punishment in US schools every year.

But consequences have consequences. Contemporary psychological studies suggest that, far from resolving children’s behavior problems, these standard disciplinary methods often exacerbate them. They sacrifice long-term goals (student behavior improving for good) for short-term gain—momentary peace in the classroom.


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Bamboo Cabinets – The Nature’s Own Stylish Cabinet Option

Bamboo kitchen cabinets will appeal to those homeowners who might be contemplating having a more eco-friendly home. Bamboo is an eye-catching substitute to conventional woods, and has been utilized in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets along with other household furniture for a number of years. This includes flooring that’s been around since the past few decades and it’s now a material which is used in other parts of the home, such as kitchen cabinets.

For anyone who do not already know, bamboo is not actually a wood, it’s in fact a type of grass and if harvested properly will re-grow in three years, compare this with oak that will take a minimum of three decades then you can immediately see the difference to the environment. Bamboo kitchen cabinets are actually sturdier and longer lasting than many hardwoods and it has proven that it’s actually up to 25% harder than oak wood.

Bamboo has a similar color as woods such as pine and is a light color with a hint of yellow and that’s generally referred to as “blonde”. Yet, it can be discolored which means that you can have it almost any color you could think of.


One of the main benefits of bamboo kitchen cabinets is that it is easy to maintain. This is a durable cabinet solution that doesn’t warp or chip easily and can last many years, adding value to your property and appealing to possible buyers should you ever decide to sell. These water-based finishes and natural glues likewise have the main advantages of being non-toxic, which means they are excellent for take advantage of in homes that have kids or pets, or simply for anybody that wishes to limit the amount of chemicals in their house and their effects.

An additional basis that could give explanation to the question of just why bamboo use has increased through the years is that it is much more steady than wood. It gets its strength from the undeniable fact that each and every strand is totally straight, giving it enormous strength compare to wood which doesn’t have such a straight grain.

If eco-friendliness is vital to you, it pays to do a little bit of research prior to making your purchase. Even though bamboo cabinets are applauded as eco-friendly, the reality is that not every cabinet are made in an eco-friendly manner. bamboo is treated with harmful chemicals. Look into the company you’re thinking about purchasing from first, before making your purchase.


Home Decorating Themes

Image result

Most people believe that interior decorating implies shelling out lots of money. If you are in a limited budget, you could always do it yourself rather than hiring an interior decorator; however if you simply can afford to employ a very good decorator, then why not. You could check on magazine and internet for design inspirations along with ideas which could aid you start the activity.

Listed below are some examples of living room design inspiration that you could desire to involve in the house.

i. Classic-modern design
Classic-Modern Design is amongst the most popular living room design concepts. This kind of design delivers a feeling of calmness and simplicity to your property at the same time creating an effect of larger space. If you have an extremely geometrical or sharp edged space, toning and softening it with textures will be the technique of doing it.

ii. Tropical decor
Tropical decor is exciting with dynamic overtones. The luxurious greens and yellows of natural flora are merely two of most usual colors you’ll find in a tropical living room design concept. Opt for colors which can be naturally found just like the shade of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Consider a tropical forest or a market loaded with tropical fruits to inspire your design and style.

iii. Hawaiian inspired
Hawaiian inspired living spaces are also popular and not so difficult to build.. The atmosphere of this theme is vivid and all-natural. Anyone can easily make use of island sunset or beach hues as inspiration when selecting paint and cloth hues and add more native ornaments, wood furnishings and plants to conclude the design and style.

iv. Modern zen design
Modern zen design is often referred as the meditation inspired concept. A zen inspired design is centered on natural hues, in soft tones, like white, off white, shades of beige or pink beige, which may have the power to produce a feeling of rest and peace. Zen interior is minimal and straightforward and makes use of decorations such as bonsai and stones.

v. Victorian design
Victorian design is focused on elegance and history. You’d probably normally find Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style homes and hotels. The key here is classic allure with a splash of texture and color. Victorian style living rooms communicate opulence.

No matter what living room design idea you find attractive, make sure that it is going to meet your needs and lifestyle. Make sure you consult with a designer who knows how to deal with a tight budget and matches what you wish. And constantly remember to decide on the design that you’ll love for some time.


Roller Shutters – Essential Security For Homes and Businesses

If you own a company or maybe just a homeowner, there are a few things that you’ll be most concerned with – foremost of which is security. Your property or premises needs to be constantly secured from vandals or perhaps thieves. There are many way of security that you can make use of. A real guard, security cameras, trip alarms and more but one of the most effective of staying safe is with a security roller shutters.

Roller shutters can easily be set up and you can select from the manual or the electronic version. With the electronic version you’ve got better control over the system and can even manage it remotely. Here are a few tips that may help you choose a shutter system that is certainly best suited to your premises.

You should determine what sort of material to choose. Generally, aluminum is suggested. This is because it gives you security while allow light to get into your house. However if you want full relief, then you can think of using solid steel instead. You’ll want to seek out quality products at prices that you’re confident with. Particularly thinking about the current monetary situation the country is in. You need to ensure that you get the very best for your money. Negotiate with your service provider and search for a great deal.

A service provider must provide alternative services meaning that they should have a range of security roller shutters for you to check out. Once you’ve made your choice they should be competent to install it for you and lastly they should have a service station as well that will enable for your shutters to be in top condition round the clock.

Many people believe that security shutters should be put only on front doors. This is a wrong thought. They can be easily modeled for windows as well as peep versions spaces like the attic etc. Security roller shutters is money well spent towards a safer premise, it is therefore important that you financially strike a balance between what you see and just what you actually need. Use a fixed budget in your mind after which work from there.

As with all purchase, you must do your research when purchasing roller shutters, to be sure the ones you choose satisfy all of your requirements. Some requirements will be more crucial than others. A frequently overlooked advantage of installing window roller shutters in your home is the lowering of noise externally they provide, while probably the most popular reasons is the increased security they provide your house. You’d want a security shutters that won’t just keep all intruders out but also keep the safety of the property as well.

Why Your Home Needs Roof Coating

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Roof coatings are basically a film which protects the roof from the impact of environmental factors which includes sunlight, rainfall, hail, and wind damage. Modern roof coating materials have elastic qualities that allow it to stretch and go back to normal during calm periods. The key advantage of a coating application is that it can substantially extend the life span of your roof as well as reducing utility costs. While somewhat overlooked in the whole roofing process, a coating is an important component that has its lots of benefits.

The roof coating process and material is an elastomeric coating which causes a uniform, seamless surface remaining flexible even during low temperatures. It expands and contracts with all the changing conditions, shielding a roofs surface from the sun’s damaging rays which varies in thickness. This lets the coating to endure continuous thermal stresses over the lifetime of the roofing.

The application process varies depending on the materials used but can be applied with brushes, rollers, or a spray which is one of the reasons many painting contractors are accredited to apply the coatings. A number of layers (usually 2-3) are usually set in order to create a greater barrier between a roof as well as the elements. Yet again, this method very closely appears like any exterior painting and a painter is thus a knowledgeable and professional source for roof coating info.

Roof coatings are used for a variety of reasons together with extending the life span of the roof. The ideal kind of roof coating cannot just repair cracks and leaks in the roof but tend to also lessen the amount of contraction and expansion as a result of temperature models in the future. This can prevent future leaks and other damage. It can also stop any corrosion or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Moreover, coating is generally preferred due to the reflective nature and its efficiency in lowering the home temperature. You can consider roof coating so as to cut down cooling cost which you may have to consider other wise. Certain firm boasts of anything up to 40% savings on power bills, and even though this can be exaggerated as part of their sales message, it’s undeniable the reducing the loss of heat through the top of the house will improve the energy-efficiency of any home.

While usually unobserved, a roof coating offer a fundamental security for your roof and is a sensible investment for all those contemplating such a measure. It is important to keep in mind that any coating should be handled professionals to ensure the benefits of its application. When utilized correctly, your roof will have a proper film of protection from the worst Mother Nature throws at it.



How to Reface an Appliance

In order to successfully and attractively freshen up an old appliance one can use commercially available appliance paint. This paint can be used to freshen up your kitchen or dining area with perfect results.


If you want a red fridge, you're probably going to have to turn to paint to get it.

Paint has come a long way in the last 20 years, and there are quite a few specialty paints available that can help you transform your appliances on the cheap. Specialty appliance paints, paints designed for plastic and heat-resistant paints can help you create a harmonious look in your kitchen at a low cost. This is a do-it-yourself project that calls for patience and can be labor intensive. An advantage to paint — beyond its low price tag — is the fact that you can create whatever design strikes your mood. If you want a pink dishwasher and a baby blue refrigerator, by all means, let pastels rule. If you want to use an unusual color, painting the appliances yourself will ensure that everything matches when you’re done.

Appliance paints are available in both brush on and spray on varieties. Brush on painting is usually reserved for smaller jobs, like countertop appliances and large appliance touchups. You shouldn’t ever use regular acrylic or enamel paint on appliances. It won’t bond well, and you’ll just end up making a mess.

Spraying your large appliance is a good way to create a smooth, even finish, but to avoid over spraying and getting paint on everything in the room, you’ll have to cover adjacent areas or move the job outside. In kitchens where you’re working in a small area, it’s probably easier to just move the refrigerator, stove or dishwasher rather than try to work in cramped quarters.

If you plan on painting a stove, range hood or microwave (or anything that gets hot), you’ll need to buy heat resistant paint. These high-heat paints have temperature limitations. Typically, they can be used on range hoods and on the sides and front panels of most ovens but are not rated for stovetops where the heat can get fierce. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you buy.

When you’re preparing to paint your appliances, make sure that you’ve sanded or treated any rust spots to stop future oxidation. Remove handles and mask logos, hardware, decals and trim pieces with painter’s tape. Clean everything thoroughly with soap and water, and let it dry completely. When painting, the best way to do a good job is to get everything prepped well before you ever pick up a paintbrush.


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It is important to ensure that your home and its surroundings are maintained well. Termite control plays an extremely important role in home cleanliness.


Americans spend billions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. Because of that, homeowners take termite control very seriously. There are several types of termites, so there are several different treatments. For every treatment, the goal is to keep termites from eating the wood inside the home or business.

Many builders and homebuyers have new homes treated to prevent termites from attacking. These treatments can be done before building starts or during the building process. These treatments are usually called pre-constructiontreatments or pre–treats.

For many years, pre–construction treatments were done with liquid termiticides. While this method is still very common, there are other methods being developed. Many pre–construction treatments use a physical barrier in the soil to keep termites out of the home. These barriers might be made of gravel, sand, wire mesh, or plastic.

Pre-construction treatments are also being done with termite bait stations that are installed in the soil. In many parts of the country, the framing lumber is treated with a borate solution while the home is being built. This solution does not affect the lumber, but it makes the wood toxic to termites if they ever attack.

It is more common for homes and businesses to be treated after they have been built. These treatments are called post–construction treatments. Since subterranean termites are common in most parts of the United States, they are the termites that attack most homes.

Treatments against subterranean termites are done for two reasons — to stop termites from damaging a home or to prevent them from attacking it. If the treatment is preventive, it usually involves treating the whole house. These are often called complete treatments.

If termites have attacked a home or business, a complete treatment might be done. If the building is very large, many times only the affected area is treated. This is called a spot treatment. If part of a building is treated, it is often called a partial treatment.

Post–construction treatments often involve liquid termiticides. They are applied to the soil under a home and around the foundation to protect against subterranean termites. Liquid termiticide is often applied with …


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Should Consider Tile Roofing?

Tile roof is among the ideal options people can choose once the desire to install new roof happens. There are various kinds of this sort of roof that can fit a homeowner’s taste. These types of roofs, of course have their own pros and cons.

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The basic types of tile
A tile roof has provided coverage from harsh weathers and seasons keeping everybody inside the home warm and dry. Tile is fireproof and much more home owners are choosing to go with this kind of roof covering than any other kind. This sort of roofing is available in many different types of materials including clay, concrete, and slate. One reason for the popularity of tile roofing is that it can last for numerous decades, even up to eighty years without needing replacement. Several roofing materials only last up to a maximum of thirty years. This can save thousands of dollars in roofing throughout the years.

The advantages it offer
Roof tiles are great insulators; this will come in quite handy during the winter season because it will help to maintain warmth within the house. The opposite effect will be felt in summer as it could keep the house cool. Tiles have the outstanding ability of complimenting the external color or surface of virtually any structure. Additionally, Tile roofs can in fact raise the safety of your property. Should a fire ever erupt, the roof is a lot more likely to remain intact without flimsy shingles to feed the flames, lowering the risk for your family and home.

The considerations
In case you have a damaged roof or if you desire to give a new look to your home or office, and then it is the most suitable choice. The best provision to protect your house from those leaks and cracks on your roof is to give such roofing which will not just protect the dwelling but in addition give a long lasting solution for your residence. Both heat and cold could be regulated with the aid of tile roofing thereby lowering your HVAC expenses. But, price for a roof is another concern as with any job there is a budget. There is a selection of prices when it comes to a tile roof. There are pricey options and more economical options. Often quality is a sign of cost and a more quality item will cost more. Nonetheless, a concrete material tile is the least expensive usually.


How to Start Your Own Herb Garden

Herb gardening is fun and simple to develop. They put colors and add beautification to your homes. It usually contributes in having an awesome landscape and incorporates harmony to your place or perhaps your garden. There are many methods to design your own herb garden, whether it is situated in your house or outdoors. Listed here are the top five things that you ought to keep in mind when designing your herb garden to ensure that it looks beautiful:

Image result

• Depending on the tastes of designers garden designs can vary greatly. Your herb garden design would generally rely on your preferences, tastes and needs. In Europe along with other countries of the world, there are new gardeners who hire the services of numerous gardening specialists to design their gardens in the backyard, windowsills, or any place in the house.

• You can choose in numerous approaches what type of herbs you want to plant, may it either be for culinary, decorative or medicinal purposes. The majority of herb growers design their herb gardens in a rectangle form or in square types, however it is dependent upon how your imagination works it method to having a creative design. You need to know the intention of your herb garden.

• When deciding your herb garden design and exactly where your particular herbs will live, you really don’t need to concern yourself with breaking any hard and fast gardener’s rules. One rule to be aware of would be to separate those herbs that like the dry soil – like rosemary and thyme – from the ones that demand more moisture – like basil and parsley. Or group together particular herbs that have the same color. In this way, you could cultivate some areas without disturbing the plants that will be returning.

• For formal herb gardens, they are typically laid out like a wagon wheel, with a fountain or statue at the center and many herbs planted in each wedge. They use of geometric shapes with sets of plants divided by walkways or paths made of stone or brick. Larger, formal gardens usually have a bench, fountain or water characteristic included in the design. Plant the herbs properly.

• For starters, container herb gardening may be the best bet. They’re super easy to manage and are flexible enough to be changed often. Pots or containers of numerous color, pattern and texture add a character to an otherwise dull and green garden. A number of herbs like rosemary, that happen to be easier to keep indoors during winters, can be brought in without any fuss.

Herb garden designs could differ from one individual to another. Create a plan that work well for your location as well as the herbs you intend to grow. Happy gardening!