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How to choose the right home security gate

“Nowadays, given that the crime rate is escalating significantly, every family would like to buy a good home security system to ensure the security of the family. One essential aspect of it is the security gate. It enables you to control the in and out of individuals and keep an eye on suspicious entries and various other activities. There are already variety of designs and specs that you may choose from. Use these practical advices to help you in making the right choice.”

Define your own requirements clearly.
Security gates are usually installed to avoid any unlawful entry. However, they can do a lot more for you. You only need to determine what you really like to accomplish. If you would like them to preserve wild animals away from your property, as an illustration, you should choose a model with solid panels ideally made out of metal. If you would like the gates to obstruct the noises produced by street traffic, you can consider wooden models that offer great noise insulation.

Take into account the constant maintenance and repairs.
The wooden gates require most upkeep while the aluminum ones need the least maintenance. The steel models fall in between. In the same manner, the types with a lot more complex features will be more difficult to clean. If you want a high-maintenance type, you should consider finding a professional supplier for doing the job.

Choose safe and effective automation.
An automatic gate system will allow only the key holders to unlock the gate. This can lead to a decreased probability of home invasion. The gate is the initial layer of security of a home. Except for security reasons, your children and pets can be held away from the roads, avoiding dangerous accidents by having an automated gate system. And most importantly, it is hassle-free. Gates could be opened and closed in a few seconds with just a click.

Choose the most suitable access control system for you.
The standard pieces include a good remote control and a typical lock. However, you can certainly gain from installing voice intercom at the least. If you require a higher level of safety, you need to obtain a voice and video intercom. You can benefit from installing additional security cameras too. You can also set up a digital keypad that may allow the access to the premises only after entering a code.

Finally, you should work with experienced pros who possess in depth expertise in the design and set up of automatic gates to make sure you will get the very best result in terms of protection, safety, effectiveness and durability.

Picking Out the Best Kitchen Countertops

“Your home kitchen cannot be complete without having a countertop. This is among the furnishings that will make kitchen functions much easier. This is the space where you can chop your meal. If you are finished cooking food, this can be the spot for plating. It is the best spot for preparing food and displaying kitchen items. No surprise that it is important because it’s probably the most used spots in your kitchen. Because those in no way cease to quit using countertops, you have to find a very good one. Each and every house owner should certainly find high quality countertops at the best price. Listed here are the top five selections you could choose from.”

A.    Laminate countertops

Possibly the most inexpensive are laminate countertops. Laminates are incredibly thin boards that are set on current countertops or prefabricated countertops and glued on. They cost a part of the price of the other countertop materials and so are simple to clean. It is available within different textures and shades. It’s resistant against stains and water, yet non-resistant to high temperature and could scrape or break. This countertop will probably be among the less expensive choices.

B.    Natural Stone Countertops

An even more high-priced selection for countertops is the natural stones. Stones like quartz, granite, marble put class and magnificence to the kitchen plus there is an endless color selection available to suit your kitchen style. They withstand heat, and as long as they are accurately mounted, they can keep going for a lifetime.

C.    Tile Countertops

The tile itself does not burn up, scorch, or cut with normal wear. There exists a wide array of colors, designs and because it is a hand installed product, you may get as luxury or as plain as you prefer.

Various sorts of kitchen tiles utilized for the countertops are ceramic, stones, concrete and porcelain. Each one has different appeal and features that may match your own home design.

D.    Wood Countertops

Wood is an excellent material for incorporating warmth to a kitchen. It’s available in different patterns and colors and it is flexible enough to fit a contemporary kitchen or a country-themed one. A few examples of hardwood used for kitchen countertops are oak, walnut, cherry, teak, mahogany, pecan, hard maple, and many more.

Due to the fact wood is permeable, there are more areas for bacteria to be exposed to. Therefore, it should be cleansed at all times. It is also vulnerable to burns, stains and scratches. But the plus side to them is they may be refinished once they look worn out. It really is effortless to bring back their old appearance.

E.    Stainless Countertops

Stainless countertops are a fantastic option for any kitchen countertop. It truly is popular to restaurants and company given that they find stainless very easy to clean with a modern looks. Many homeowners who wanted to have a modern and low maintenance countertops invested on such. Although quite resistant, the stainless steel countertop could be damaged.

Certainly, there are many of kitchen countertops now available in the market. You only need to keep in mind that each material has various features. Be aware of your requirement and budget to think of the right choice.

Carpet Flooring Options for Your Home

•    Sleeping rooms

A brand new house may become cozier and homier once carpet is installed. Aside from the convenience that it gives, it is a great way to put colors into an otherwise a colorless looking bedroom. Since the bedroom has much less foot traffic, you may opt to use a more plush soft fiber to be used since it has fewer problems with discoloration.

You can select from many carpet fabrics to match any formal room or bedroom. The type of material you will pick will greatly rely on your own personal style and fabric. Go with carpets with extremely soft fibers just like wool which do not collapse easily and so are resistant to mildew, static or mold.

Carpets for the kid’s bedroom ought to be more heavy duty due to high possibility of stains or soil marks. A naturally stain resistant nylon or polyester fiber carpet is for sure to offer a best choice. Furthermore, a patterned carpet construction works more effectively at hiding the stains and marks compared to the solid or single colored carpets.

•    Living area

If you are going to position a carpet in the living room, then the foot traffic is going to be heavy in comparison with other rooms. It usually is the active the main home where everyone stay especially kids to watch TV, eat goodies or maybe just to bond with the family. Due to this, it is more prone to soil and stains and that means you must have a specific carpet appropriate in this condition.

Textured carpets are created from yarn that is woven in a way that it creates two slightly different colors based on the direction that it is viewed from. The benefit of this sort of flooring is that foot prints and vacuums really don’t leave marks to them.

•    Hallways and stairs

For the parts of the home that bring in by far the most foot traffic just like the hallways and stairs, carpeting with a dense, low pile is guaranteed to supply a useful choice. Nylon is considered as one of the most durable carpet materials in the home. And so making use of the right fiber for these active areas, it may help to raise the life span of the carpet.

•    Basement

A multi-color and dense carpet having a polypropylene construction is certain to give a beneficial option for installing in the basement. It often allows you use a high-quality underlay to aid with enhancing the performance and overall life of the carpet.


“Broken families have its causes and effects. It usually affects not only the couple, but also their children. There are many ways for a family to broken.  Going through a divorce is a very difficult situation to be in; usually their children are the ones who always suffer. An argument of the parents is one of the basic causes of broken families. Money is mostly the cause of the basic cause of a couples arguments. Too much money in a person’s mind can cause greediness; this will let the person forget about love towards its partner. Another one is unfaithfulness; in a marriage, the couple must be faithful toward his/her partner. In this situation either the husband or wife has an affair with other persons that will eventually lead to being unfaithful to their partner.”

child holding mom's hand

Recovery Kid-Style

Of the 386 guests staying at UGM’s four shelters on a recent evening, 99 of them were children. Not only do these children need safe shelter, food and stability, they need to experience the love and power of the gospel every bit as much as our adult guests.

Some of these children have experienced abuse and neglect. Others have been separated from their moms for extended periods of time. Involvement with Child Protective Services and being shuffled back and forth between parents, foster care and other family members are not unusual. Many of these children have seen things children shouldn’t see and been in the role of caring for their moms, dads or siblings.

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Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

“Dogs and humans coexist quite well, but humans have some quirks that many dogs are just not that crazy about. If you have a dog, you want to know what these things are so that your relationship focuses more on spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. This helps to keep both of you happy and it allows you to develop a deeper relationship so that you can be best friends with your dog for years to come without any issues.”

You may look forward to your daily bath or shower, but the experience is an uncomfortable one for your dog. Your pooch doesn't understand that a bath means being clean. The sounds and smells of the bath, plus the feeling of water blasting at your dog's face, aren't its idea of fun. Most dogs should tolerate a bath as long as you ease them into the experience and you're sensitive to their reaction to the water. If your canine is extremely fearful of the bath, it may have been traumatized by water at a young age. Be patient and use plenty of praise and treats during bath time.Image via Getty Images


You may look forward to your daily bath or shower, but the experience is an uncomfortable one for your dog. Your pooch doesn’t understand that a bath means being clean. The sounds and smells of the bath, plus the feeling of water blasting at your dog’s face, aren’t its idea of fun. Most dogs should tolerate a bath as long as you ease them into the experience and you’re sensitive to their reaction to the water. If your canine is extremely fearful of the bath, it may have been traumatized by water at a young age. Be patient and use plenty of praise and treats during bath time.


Dogs are pack animals that need a leader to feel secure. When they are left home alone for too long, some dogs start acting out due to anxiety, stress and boredom. Certain breeds can also be more affected by being left alone—especially working breeds, Labradors, Retrievers and Terriers—though any dog can suffer from separation anxiety. You may come home to the aftermath of your dog working out its anxiety on your couch cushions or trash.

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How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

“A mouse is a nocturnal creature, meaning they do their dirty work when the sun has set and the lights are out. Mice are rarely spotted during the day unless a heavy infestation exists. When it comes time to get rid of mice, many people wish to repel and drive out critters before clearing away traps, locating dead carcasses hidden in walls, and shelling out the money to hire an exterminator. “

Image titled Get Rid of Mice Naturally Step 1

Repelling and removing rodents from your home can be a hassle; but here are some quick and easy instructions to keep the rodents away in their natural habitat.

Block up holes in interior and exterior walls. Start with the interior walls; it’s best to leave a way out for the mice. They may leave your home or apartment for easier pickings elsewhere. If trapped within the walls they may chew new holes.

  • Find the places the mice are using. Sometimes there will be greasy stains, and there will almost always will be faeces near an entryway. There is also a characteristic odour. Mark the holes with chalk and clean the area.
  • Seal the entryways with scouring pads. The usual recommendation is steel wool. Unfortunately, steel wool rusts and is not a permanent solution. Instead, use green kitchen pads (those used for cleaning pans and such) cut to the right size, or copper scouring pads. The pads must be secured to the sides of the hole or the mice will eventually pull them out. Large holes will need to be repaired.
  • After a couple of days, look for evidence of continuing mouse activity. If there is any, check the holes that you sealed, and look for more holes. Seal as needed.
  • Once you are sure that the interior walls are secure, seal any holes on the exterior of your building. You may use plastic scouring pads, but in some cases walls may need tuck-pointing or other repairs.

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Are you living with someone who has a mental illness?

“When caring for someone else, it’s important to remember to look after yourself and other family members too. Having a mental illness isn’t easy. Caring for someone affected often isn’t easy either, and sometimes first instincts are not helpful. When caring for someone else, it’s important to remember to look after yourself and other family members too.  You and other close supporters may be the first to notice changes in a loved one’s mood, behaviour, self-care, or other area that shows their mental health may be worsening. This means you can help your loved one find the right help early. You can also help them see hope at a time when they feel it the least.”

Family Support image

Family Support is a program which offers support to the family members and loved ones of a person living with mental health problems.  Our goal is to reduce stress on families by providing:

Information and Education

  • Coping and stress management strategies
  • Crisis management skills, relapse prevention
  • Signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • Medications
  • Community resources

Support and Advocacy

  • One-to-one support to assist with the practical and emotional aspects of caring for someone with a mental illness
  • Information sharing and peer support through regularly scheduled group meetings
  • Assistance navigating the mental health system
  • Referrals and coordination of support

Read more: http://dmhs.ca/are-you-living-with-someone-who-has-a-mental-illness/

Hidden home hazards: 5 risks for children

“Children under the age of five are most likely to have an accident at home. Boys are generally more likely to be injured than girls. Their perception of the environment around them is often limited and their lack of experience and development, such as poor co-ordination and balance, can result in them being injured. Injuries that occur in the home are often linked to a child’s age and level of development. “


The child left his mother’s sight for mere minutes. Yet that was enough time for 21-month-old Ollie Hebb to fall into the top-loading washing machine and become submerged in a full tub. The Utah boy died a day later, after suffering severe brain damage.

 Between 2005 and 2009, two children under the age of five died as a result of laundry room accidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Washing machine-related injuries are more common than deaths, says Scott Wolfson, director of public affairs for the CPSC. Aside from drowning, children may suffer burns from hot water in the machine, or injuries to their limbs if they come into contact with a rapidly spinning basin. “Kids are curious. We have to be very vigilant about our children, and really live in the moment and be present when we’re supervising them,” says Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide, which aims to prevent unintentional childhood injuries.

Washing machines aren’t the only hidden dangers lurking in homes. From Angela Haupt at U.S. News, here are 5 others to be cautious of…

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

“Conversations are much more effective than lectures. The focal point should be your family’s values and what you as a family hope to accomplish with what you have, and not how much you have. Talking with kids about money is an ongoing dialogue, not a one-time conversation. As your children grow, and their responsibilities, priorities and relationship with money change, conversations about wealth will evolve. By keeping the conversation going, you and your children can continually use your financial capital to live out your family values and goals.”

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

Whether it’s talking about the birds and the bees or explaining the death of a loved one, parents know that difficult conversations are essential for their kids’ emotional and intellectual growth. For many parents, talking about money is one of the hard conversations they least want to have with their kids.

According to a 2015 T. Rowe Price study, over a quarter of surveyed parents say it’s not important to include kids in discussions about family finances; 41% report that they sometimes avoid talking to their kids about money.

But the sooner parents teach children about money, the more effective they’ll be in raising financially successful adults. So how do you start the conversation in a way that will be meaningful, comprehensible and engaging?

Here are some ideas for how to talk to your children about a variety of financial concepts.

Guide them through a budget

Many parents use an allowance as a way to teach children about money. You can take it one step further by helping them create a budget for their cash.

Use real-world examples of monthly expenses — like a soccer uniform, a birthday present for a friend, new school clothes or favorite snacks — so your kids can see what a dollar is worth. By including real-life examples, you’ll share with your children what it takes to maintain their lifestyle.

Read more: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/finance/talk-kids-money/

How To Turn Down The Heat On Fiery Family Arguments

“All families have conflicts. In a family, arguments and disagreements can take on a new tone and significance.Parents worry about children being rude, defiant and disobedient. Parents worry about what happens when they leave their children with their partners and whether they will be aggressive or uncooperative. Children often find it hard to understand or explain their feelings. So, they tend to ‘act them out’. Children need to have their own response to the new family acknowledged. If children ‘defy’ you, it’s better to dive under the behaviour to understand what’s going on than get into a head to head fight. All behaviour is a way of getting what you need. Bad behaviour is actually a way of trying to show bad feelings.”

Parents can minimize the negative impact of their arguments on their children using a few simple techniques to calm down.

All parents are bound to disagree, argue or even raise their voices with each other.

But psychologists say parents can minimize the negative impact of their arguments on their children. It’s just a matter of using a few simple techniques to turn down the heat and repair the damage after it’s over.

Psychologist Suzanne Phillips at Long Island University says one of the most important things for parents to remember when they’re on the verge of a big argument is not to involve the child.

“Remember, the child in some ways identifies with both of those parents,” Phillips says. “So if the mother is really asking the child to be her sounding board, advocate or collaborator against the other parent, the child loses the opportunity to feel good about the other parent and is put in a very conflicted situation.”

Even little swipes and criticisms can be harmful. Because kids identify with their parents, they interpret negative characterizations as also aimed at them. Phillips says this is why we often see “shame and low self-esteem in children who are caught in these battles.”

“Remember who it is you’re arguing with before you open your mouth,” says clinical psychologist Alan E. Fruzzetti at the University of Nevada, Reno. “When we get negatively charged, our cognitive performance goes down, and we often miss the larger context and start arguing as though our loved one is our enemy.”

Even in the heat of discourse, it’s important for parents to remember why they’re there in the first place. “You have to remember, ‘This is someone I love,’ ” he says.

For parents who feel they just can’t stop arguing when they get angry, University of Washington psychologist Laura Kastner has written extensively about what she calls “getting to calm.”

“The default position should be to say nothing,” she says. “A good mantra is: ‘Don’t just do something, stand there.’ “

Read  more: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/04/29/179238127/it-s-how-you-fight-that-counts