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Wall + Bed + Sofa = Stylish Convertible Stealth Furniture

“These days, a lot are living in high rise condominiums, apartments or buildings which mean that they don’t have the luxury of space in their homes. This is the reason why, convertible or multifunctional furniture has become a trend to cater the needs of homeowners nowadays.  In this way, you no longer have to worry about space and functionality of your home.”


We all know about hidden wall beds and transforming furniture, but what happens when you combine the two? By day these space-saving hideaway beds are subtle, tucking back into walls and leaving simple shelves and sofas behind to make their presence all the more invisible. By night they are full-fledged bedroom furniture – often still including storage space and other functions.

Some of these BonBon all-in-one bed designs are incredibly crafty, requiring multiple operational moves to convert them from one position to another – but, as a result, they look completely natural in either configuration.

Others are easier to operate and simply take over the space of the sofa by folding down a bed on top of it – leaving a little room on the side to put things at night.



How to Minimize Carbon Footprint in Your Home

It’s been revealed in most reports how the earth is worsening and how the environment has been degraded by the human acts. Most people are not having the understandings that we couldn’t turn back the planet as it was before. Sustainability is not within their vocabulary!

If you haven’t began carrying out a thing, then shame on you. Everyone should do their part. Start with a step-by-step campaign to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. In case you have no idea what that is, it’s actually a measure of the Earth’s resources needed to help a household’s way of life. There are even websites which will help you compute yours.

You will discover three parts of your life that contributed o the 75% of environmental destruction. According to experts, they are listed here in order of priority:

• Our intake of food
• Ways of transport
• Energy and water consumptions at home and outdoors

It’s in fact the way you operate the household, not protecting the whales or polar bears that can do the greatest for the planet. Daily household activities which includes cooling and heating, preparing food, lighting, and household waste are accountable for 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions annually. Based on studies, our choice of foods or any other product shows more unwanted effects when compared to the home energy consumption and transportation.

Try to eat more local foods. Shop at your local farmer’s market or natural foods store. Find local, seasonal foods which have not traveled long distances to reach you. Then find out how to rich compost your waste material.

We’ve been hearing more and more concerning the impact which our purchasing habits are having on the earth. Have a list of your purchases for the week of for a month so that you would not be going often to the stores and buy goods that are not processed. Using this method of shopping is healthier for both humans and the environment.

Minimizing our food footprint may well be a start of change in the family. Eat lower on the food chain or going meatless for just one meal a week can create a change. Throughout the world, it is determined that 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are related to meat consumption. Make an effort to have at least once weekly “No Meat Day”. It won’t just help the environment; it’ll also benefit your health.

You do not have that instant change as a way to change everything. It is usually within our simple actions that sets out everything. When all of us would just recognize how essential it can be to recycle, conserve energy, eat organic foods and all, then we’ll be able to conserve the Mother Nature. We should start it right now in order that our future generation may still live beautifully and bountifully in this planet.

Improving Security with Door Locks

The idea of lock is developed to avoid any sort of forced entry to one’s properties. Yet whenever you want to get one there are several other considerations to have in mind just like exactly what is the lock size, how large is the shackle, what material is the lock body, and what sort of lock cylinder does the padlock have. We might not have an idea on this right now but we’re going to attempt to discuss the 5 common locks that you desire to consider.

1) Dead bolts
Deadbolts are definitely the most secure kind of bolt. Dead bolts are fitted into a steel frame inside surface of the door. Such deadbolts lock with a key from the outside and through turning a small knob from the inside. Other deadbolts are positioned in the door. They’re just labeled ‘dead’ because they can’t be pried open. It can be purchased in either a single or double cylinder model. Here as well, both the single and double cylinder deadbolt locks possess a key on the outside. The previous comes with a thumb-turn handle inside and the latter using a key.

2) Mortise Locks
This sort of home security lock is fitted into a mortise (or rectangular cavity) on the outer most corner the door. Mortise lock sets are regarded for their pin locking mechanisms that enable you to release both lock latch and deadbolt with a single turn of the key. They have an identity for being quite well built, heavy duty and secure. These types of lock sets tend to be regarded as high-end locks.

3) Lever Handle Locks
These are generally utilized for the inside of a workplace. A house may very well be loaded with these locks as well but this might be an unusual occasion. They are utilized in offices more than the knob locks as they can be easier to use. Pushing down on a lever is a lot easier for a handicapped than turning a knob.

4) Padlock
Padlocks are not installed on any structure or device. It could be moved from one item to another and can be utilized wherever that ought to be secured. They come in sizes and so are of two kinds. One works on a key to open the locking mechanism whilst the other works with a dial that will need a combination of numbers to open it.

5) Combination Lock
A combination lock makes use of a pattern or series of numbers or symbols in order to be opened and accessed. The combination numbers and/or symbols can be inputted using one rotating dial, an electric or mechanized keypad. If a rotating dial is utilized, the dial interrelates with a number of discs or cams.

Creating An Amazing Outdoor Garden

Creating a fantastic outdoor view is not that tough to attain. All you want to do is make a wonderful garden full of flowers which will definitely give life to your house. You simply need some advice in doing so and be educated of the two major principles of it; design and space.

A garden can only be as big as the space you’re working with. Even though you have a small space, you can still get the most from it and create it as amazing as you would like it to be. The best method in having it work is by having a focus to start out everything with. Focal point or also generally known as the principal focus or focus the point is primary attraction for your garden. It can be a fountain, bird bath or a tree. Tend not to confine your imagination to plants and flowers only as you can apply your resourcefulness in this project. Among the tricks in making the garden seem more huge, try to include mirrors on the design. It is a trick that has been applied to homes since then to give rooms the feel of having more space. There isn’t any reason why you can’t apply it in the garden too. Should you have a wall or fence, you can purchase lovely mosaic mirrors and put them on the wall/fence at various angles. It will help not only to reflect your current blossoms but create the illusion of having more space. Coming up with a small garden work to your benefit is not hard if you select a focal point and make use of elements like mirrors to produce the illusion of space.

Today how your garden seems is equally as essential as how your home appears. It is important to really think about design for your garden as well as what type of surroundings you intend to have. You can actually opt to go the modern route, with harsh lines and metallic attributes amongst the flower beds itself or go the old route where plants and foliage are the major feature in the garden. It is also important to don’t forget that the design of your garden still ought to be practical. At the end of the day you would like the garden to meet the needs of yourself and your household. In addition to that, you have to be capable of maintaining the garden comfortably. If you want to understand how to set up a striking flower garden then you need to look at all of these factors into account.

An important part of the garden is the flowers and plants so choosing and deciding on them has to be done carefully. You can try looking into for perfect annuals, perennials, bulbs and roses for the garden because they have different characteristics which only suits for a certain weather condition or season.

Apart from your garden, you might also include your patio on this activity. What about considering using synthetic flowers and plants for this area of your home? You’ll be able to concentrate on your garden and still a beautiful looking patio that needs little to no maintenance

8 Ecofriendly Roof Options for Low Budgets and Up

We are all aware that Singapore is a well-known country for its initiatives towards clean and green environment sustainability. No wonder that for the past years, Singapore’s government has been doing so many schemes just to raise awareness to all people especially to various industries. However, as homeowners we should not just rely on the government alone as we can also explore many possibilities on making your home environment friendly just like in roofing.

Advanced Metal Roofing

White Roof, aka “Cool Roof”

Traditional Exterior by Advanced Metal Roofing

Pros: A light-colored or white roof of any material is also known as a “cool roof” for a reason — it can significantly cool the roof’s temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the house, keeping the interior of the home cooler as well. This reduces summer energy bills and helps deter the “heat island” effect in cities. White asphalt shingles (such as the Energy Star–rated GAF 25-Year Royal Sovereign White Shingles available at Home Depot) are similar in price to regular, darker shingles, making this one of the least expensive ecofriendly roofing options.

Cons: Just because it’s a cool roof does not mean it is completely ecofriendly. If it’s made from asphalt shingles, those are still petroleum based and are nearly impossible to recycle. A metal roof in white could be a better option.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Standing-Seam Metal Roof

Traditional Exterior by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Pros: Extremely durable, long lasting, light reflective and fully recyclable, metal roofs are a great investment for anyone — not just green homeowners. You can ramp up the green factor by choosing a metal roof made with recycled content and in a lighter color.

Cons: More expensive than asphalt shingles (though less than copper and slate), a standing-seam metal roof is a bigger investment up front. Also, homeowners in areas with heavy …


Read more: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/3362443/list/8-ecofriendly-roof-options-for-low-budgets-and-up



A Guide To Buying Dishwashers

Dishwashers are a modern convenience that many of us are very accustomed to. Homes, condos and most flats these days have one as a common appliance, just like a cooktop and freezer. Like any appliance, however, they do not last eternally. When it’s time for you to acquire or replace a dishwasher, take the time to look into the many choices that are on the market. Along with costs ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, pick out smartly to ensure that you obtain the appliance that best fits your needs.

These are just some of the considerations while you shop for a dishwasher:

1.    Interior: Ensure that the inside of the dishwasher contains things you need. Look at the number of racks and exactly how they’re arranged. Are they adjustable? Some models have 3 racks, and most possess a special utensils area. Look at the way you are going to load it with dishes, containers, cookware, glasses as well as other kitchenware as you go through the tub size and interior features.

2.    Functions: Timer delay is quite helpful function for picking the optimum time to run a load. You’d also want a dishwasher with a half load function. This function lets you tell the dishwasher to wash a lesser load only in the top tray.

3.    Size: Dishwashers are available in different sizes. It is always much better to choose the best dishwasher with adequate capacity with respect to the number of members in your family. A compact dishwasher is far more efficient in comparison with a robust dishwasher.

4.    Noise: The majority of modern units happen to be built for calm operation. As a general guide, approximately 50 db or lower is generally held to be an acceptable noise level.

5.    Budget: Prepare to pay out extra if you want to get a more sophisticated dishwasher. Anticipate that it’s going to cost you more if you are searching for further functions. But try not to be anxious because this is merely a onetime investment because quality ones are not prone to damages. Furthermore look into the product is covered with warranty. Some provide extended parts warranties however these often insist that you use their own technicians – at a premium cost when compared with independent engineers so you must really check on the warranty terms.

Dishwashers could cost a little or a lot, and can give you a few options or many. You’d like yours to satisfy your family needs and never hurt you wallet. Do a little research and shop wisely.

35 Charming Boho-Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you are the type of person who’s free-spirited and artistic, then most probably you love anything bohemian style. Where else can you express this love but definitely on your private space which is the bedroom, right?  Bohemian style room is rich in color and intricate patterns and that that shouts artistry and character.







See more at http://www.woohome.com/interiors/35-charming-boho-chic-bedroom-decorating-ideas

{All images courtesy of http://www.woohome.com}


5 Common Shower Fixtures

Valuable, practical and space-saving, Showers are an incredibly popular contemporary bathroom essential; however there are several types of showers to pick from. Let’s take a look at the options:

•    Manual Shower Mixers

The hose and spray are connected to a wall hanged unit that includes a temperature handle. The temperature control operates by merging the hot and cold water supply. Although very popular and cost-effective, these showers need to be at a suitable elevation that will help with water pressure. The hot and cold water supplies also need to be plumbed in the right way for the manual shower mixer to operate.

•    Bath/Shower Mixers

Basically, a bath/shower mixer is usually a bath tap with a shower connection. Seen on free standing baths, the hose and spray are combined with a mixer tap. The water temperature is altered through the taps, what is actually great about bath/shower mixers are that they will not require any additional plumbing, so they are certainly cost effective. For those who have a smaller bathroom (and therefore don’t have space for a physical shower independent of a bath) then this is a good choice. Even though remember, these types of showers often do not offer great water pressure – and it can often be tricky to get the temperature precisely how you want it.

•    Thermostatic Mixers

The hose and spray on this shower type are a part of the wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are linked to a single valve here too. It really is complete with a built-in stabilizer to self-adjust the water temperature and also to prevent it from becoming too hot. One of the greatest benefits of a thermostatic mixer shower type includes handy temperature control. Having said that, it is the most costly of the different mixer options.

•    Power Showers

They are connected to an electric pump and – as the name indicates – make a more significant spray force than any other type of showers.

•    Electric Showers

An electric shower is plumbed right into a mains cold water supply and it also heats the water electrically. The unit allows the temperature and pressure to be adjusted via a knob. Models with temperature stabilizers are better because they stay unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use within the household. It has to be installed on its own circuit and never spurred from any other connections or equipment.

Kitchen Flooring 101: Facts Behind the Each Material

In selecting kitchen floors, it could be pretty complicated when you don’t have any idea the varieties of materials, styles and shades you can find. Purchasing a certain kitchen flooring type is primarily about knowing your artistic and physical needs, environment inclination plus your home décor style.

The entire family and friends gather in the kitchen area, which means that your kitchen floors are going to take plenty of wear and tear through the years, and may sooner or later show their age. Water and food spills on the floor cause it to be a death trap for many. Once food reaches the ground, bacteria can develop between the tiles or the small spaces which the flooring doesn’t quite meet up with the cabinets. This is the reason we will talk about below ways to come up with the best decision.

Listed here are just some components that one could consider if you want to check on the ideal flooring for your home.

Slip Resistance
Kitchen is one of the most busy portion of the home. With all the chaos of things, grease splatters, water sloshing onto the floor from your sink, food or mats sliding around are a few of the risks if the flooring just isn’t slip resistant.

Replacing the flooring every now and then cannot just make you unproductive and can cost you much as well. You’ll have a kitchen flooring which will withstand the large traffic and any activity in the area.

Easily Manageable
You wouldn’t wish to spend much of your time cleaning your kitchen flooring. Manageable kitchen floors signifies that there’s no such need to be on your hands and knees picking food pieces out as you can just clean them off quickly.

Based on these aspects of functionality, here are a few kitchen flooring favorites and how they compare in each quality.

Laminate. Laminate kitchen floors imitates wood and tile, requires minimal upkeep, as well as easy to set up. In spite of this, it typically falls short of warmth underfoot and is noisy.

Ceramic tile. Ceramic tile especially the huge ones is e well suited for spots with high traffic and it has wide variety of designs to choose from. Yet, these tiles are likely to be cold and don’t hold in heat and also if they are hit with some high-impact force, they can easily split and destroy into pieces.

Wood. Compared to other options hardwood flooring is warm, convenient on the feet and quiet, which is why it is a well-known choice for the kitchen. The types of wood along with the finish you choose will affect its maintenance and durability. Hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished, however.

Vinyl. Vinyl is durable, inexpensive and found in sheets or tiles, in smooth or knobby. It’s the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen flooring, and is found in a massive selection of styles, colors and patterns but it can be cold underfoot.

Bamboo. Bamboo floor is one of the environmental friendly flooring systems. It’s among the new introductions to the market but it is becoming very high in demand as this also provides warmth and less noise similar to the hardwood flooring. Adequate care is needed to keep the kitchen floors in good and utmost condition.

There’s no perfect floor as each one has its advantages and drawbacks. However, figuring out which useful aspects are essential to you will help lead you to the perfect decision for your kitchen.

Home Extension: How to Plan It

Home extensions work on the same basic principle of working with a given home and expanding it into the dream house with the potential it has to be. They may be designed specially as you started out creating it in the future, you’ll discover a requirement of a extra space. Should you have thoughts of extending your house, then you definitely must first consider this;

A. Opt for an Expert
A house expansion can enhance the way of life for a family and even improve the overall worth of their home. An expert contractor will get in touch with the homeowner, and together they will create a design for the project that’s eye-catching, comfortable and cost-effective. The contractor’s training and experience will give you fresh ideas to incorporate into the renovation plans to make the home’s living space more convenient and pleasurable.

B. Get Multiple Quotes
Get at least a number of quotes, considering for many people it’ll be their second largest investment a small difference in percentage between quotes could equate to lots of money. In addition to tis advice, quality will also be repaid with time. Thus consider both aspects prior to making your final decision.

C. Permits and Codes
A house owner will want to have the services of an professional contractor when planning an addition to his / her home. The remodeling task will certainly need a building permit and has to abide by city or county regulations, and a professional contractor will make sure that everything is done efficiently and to the appropriate specifications.

An established skilled workforce would complete the home extension in a timely manner and keep the disruption of the family’s living space to a minimum. They are going to keep the area as neat as possible while they’re working and leave the area looking neat at the end of each workday. Each time a licensed contractor finishes a home extension, it’s going to increase the value of the home, and the owner will recoup the expense of the project by making a greater profit when the residence is sold. A professional will assure that the project enhances the visual appeal of the home as opposed to detracting from it.