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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

Your property surroundings is enriched in so many ways through a wonderful landscape in place. It won’t only boost the beauty of your residence but will also rise its price. The reselling worth of a property can rise enormously if this has wonderful landscape. It’ll also boost the curb appeal of the property which is one big aspect in selling real estate.”

If you’re considering working with a landscape designer, finding the right fit — and avoiding surprises midway through the project — is largely about knowing which questions to ask upfront and being familiar with the range of services these professionals provide.

We reached out to four seasoned landscape professionals — Peter Reader of Peter Reader Landscapes in London, Beth Mullins of Growsgreen Landscape Design in San Francisco, John Algozzini of K&D Landscape Management in Chicago and June Scott of June Scott Design in Southern California — to get the inside scoop on the range of services available and the 10 essential questions potential clients should ask before hiring a professional for the job.

First, get your ducks in a row. Before reaching out to a professional, write a wish list for your garden remodel, establish your priorities and budget, and decide which parts of the process you’d like to hire a pro for help. With this on paper, you’ll have a clear sense of what you’re looking for in a designer before you begin to contact professionals…


Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/real-estate/10-questions-to-ask-before-hiring-a-landscape-designer

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