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Define and Highlight Your Style with Living Room Accents

Living room accents is an important part of your interior. The endless options of these great decors allow you to decorate this part of your home where you have to spend much time.


As one of the most trafficked spaces in a home, the living room is primed to showcase your style preferences. The large pieces in your living room definitely play a role in the tone and appeal of the space, but it’s the living room accents that play a critical role in defining and highlighting your style. Choose wisely, and your guests and other house members will love to spend time in the living room environment you’ve created. This article presents some great ideas for living room accents that aim to inspire and delight.

foley cox setting - living room accents

Gossamer 3-D Animal Head

Enrique Gomez de Molina -Gossamer 3-D Animal Head

While animal head mounts have certainly become more popular and more common recently, there are still ways to use this idea in your living room décor in original ways. Different colors, sheens, and/or other coatings on an animal wall mount than what are generally expected give it just the right amount of personality and individuality. A sophisticated twist that showcases great style (and a sense of humor).

Contemporary Area Rug.

FInch blue chairs with contemporary area rug

Living room rugs can be interesting beasts, really. If your décor is spare, you might want to bring in some visual interest with a heavily patterned rug. If your room already has multiple things going on, a sparser rug might be in order. Play off the lines and proportions of your living room to select a great rug… and make sure it’s big enough for your space.


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Bathroom Cladding: Why Are They Necessary

Modern bathroom design doesn’t have to be very pricey, or complex. For any new bathroom, cladding and paneling provide a lot of positive aspects that ensure that you get optimal use out of this essential part of your family property. In general, bathroom cladding is manufactured out of PVC, which makes it incredibly cost-effective to buy and give a wonderful look for everybody to savor.


Keeping bathroom cladding clean requires a simple quick wipe. This goes a long way stopping moisture build-up or condensation. There is a range of wall cladding available, thus every property owner can find cladding that is appealing to their taste. The normal designs have wood grain effect, tile effect and mosaic effects.

Cladding can enhance a home’s defense against the elements by defending the brickwork beneath and helping to prevent structural damage. Cladding furthermore adds another layer to your outside walls which means it can benefit to insulate your home. This just means that the external structure of your house may require less maintenance. Also the smart, angular board utilized in cladding could be lined up to create a paneling impact on your house that will give it a modern style.


Bath panels: Wall panels that are primarily put in for protecting the interiors have gained a prominent place in the interior decoration sector. Right now, manufacturers supply wall panels which are solely created for bathrooms. It transforms an existing space by making a beautiful new décor.

Bathroom ceilings: Bathroom cladding can be used on the bathroom ceiling. Given that the panels are really easy to clean and maintenance free there will be no requirement to paint the ceilings. In addition, the cladding will come in different colors as a result, you’re certain of fixing a bathroom ceiling that complements the current bathroom decoration.

Shower cubicles: To make certain that your floor is resilient and will not wither easily, bathroom cladding in utilized in shower cubicles. Water breaks down any kind of adhesives and creates water damage problems. When bathroom claddings are set up in shower cubicles, you can ensure that water is not going to seep through other areas of the bathroom.

Bathroom walls: Bathroom wall cladding is a type of decorative covering meant to make a wall seem like it’s made of a different sort of material than it actually is. It’s an outstanding alternative to tiling as it is simple to install, needs no grouting and is easier to maintain than the standard tiling. They are available in various types like wet wall cladding that is perfect for the interior of the shower bathroom.


Garden Watering System

Image result for garden irrigation

Most people believe only about their indoor water usage when thinking about conserving water. However, the outdoors utilizes much more water and water saving measures ought to be extended there as well with regard to the planet and to keep your water bills affordable and reasonable. Water might not be as expensive; however a little savings can go further in saving you cash you can channel to other parts of your own home for improvement purposes. Here are some of the things that you can use in the outdoors to save water but still take pleasure in your supply particularly when you reside in a very dry and hot place.

A. Careful Use

Make sure you time the use of water with the weather. If rain is anticipated later in the day or week, don’t operate your system. Also turn it all off during the night. Even in dryer climates, dew collects on the plant each morning, turning it into a waste to use your irrigation then. If it is a dry spell or similarly damaging weather, be careful about how often you kick on the system You can quickly run through your allotted water usage. Simply being mindful of the weather and just what your grass or plants can take can save you huge amounts of money and water.

B. Upkeep

Due to faulty designs and insufficient proper planning, great deal of water is lost in our own gardens. This can be avoided to a large extent by applying some of the useful landscape design tips, proper use of equipment, correct designing, right selection of plants, use of suitable soil, etc. If every individual makes a little effort and planning on his or her part then a great deal of water will be saved. If an irrigation plan is established, ensure that routine maintenance is being done. An easy hole in the line can substantially increase your water consumption.

C. High Efficiency Systems

Drip irrigation systems are an efficient way to provide precise watering at a slow rate for new plant material, raised beds, and edible gardens. Drip irrigation systems can apply 1-4 gallons of water per hour, giving uniform soil saturation. Water use is as well reduced when watering your garden/lawn by hand. You should have a spray nozzle which evenly distributes water through your garden/lawn. Watering levels needs to be adjusted based on the plant or grass type. It is much better when compared with older and other irrigation systems utilized today.



Why the Lucite Chair Is a Game-Changer for Small Spaces

 One of the hottest trends in home decor these days is the upsurge in popularity of modern dining room chairs. If you check the latest home decorating magazines or watch the home renovation television shows you will notice that more and more people are turning to cool and funky chairs for their dining rooms.

Ghost chairs in dining room

When you live in a small apartment, there’s a good deal of wizardry that has to take place. You have to learn how to fit your extensive wardrobe (and shoe collection) into a tiny closet; make all of your specialty pantry supplies (five kinds of flour, really?) find a home in your cupboard; and then make your space feel as open and welcoming as possible.

That’s why I’m such a fan of the visual trickery that is the lucite chair. You’ve probably seen them in all those high-end design magazines and sites. Think: the Louis Ghost Chair, which can get very pricey, very quickly, although there are more affordable options out there if you do a little digging. But before you start on that bargain hunt, take a look at these eight examples of how they can make your small space look and feel more expansive.

  • Light and Bright Dining Area - Kate Marker Interiors: When your dining area blends right into your living area and kitchen, like in a studio, this light and bright space shows how clean and open this clear seating can make the space feel.
  • Side Chairs - Apartment Therapy: Make the chairs on the long sides of your table disappear so you can focus on larger and more decorative seats at the head of the table.
  • Colorful Upgrade - Oh Joy: Even with the addition of some color and pattern, these chairs still feel lighter and brighter than a solid chair would.
  • Dining Nook - Refinery 29: Not only does this small dining nook in a D.C. apartment have chairs that vanish before your very eyes, but the owner also added a mirror to make the space seem more expansive than it really is.


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Having a modern bathroom doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, a couple of changes can make a difference. The walls and ceiling of the bathroom normally are damaged by years of steam and dirt. This can also lead to the growth of mold, is not only an eyesore; additionally it is harmful to one’s health. Although a coat of paint may give your ceiling a short lived ‘make over’, the better and much more appealing option would be adding bathroom cladding.

Keeping bathroom cladding clean demands a simple quick wipe. It goes further avoiding condensation. There is a range of wall cladding available, for that reason every home owner can find cladding that is attractive to their taste. The normal designs have wood grain effect, tile effect and mosaic effects.

Cladding may enhance a home’s protection from the elements by shielding the brickwork below and helping to prevent structural damage. Cladding in addition adds another layer to your outside walls which implies it can benefit to protect your home. This simply means that the external structure of your property may need less maintenance. Also the smart, angular board utilized in cladding could be lined up to create a paneling impact on your own home which will give it a modern style.

There are various ways claddings can be used to for the house and bathroom.

Shower cubicles - To ensure that your floor is resilient and won’t wither easily, bathroom cladding in used in shower cubicles. Water breaks down any adhesives and creates water damage problems. When bathroom claddings are set up in shower cubicles, you may ensure that water is not going to seep through other parts of the bathroom.

Bath panels - Wall panels, that happen to be primarily put in for insulating the interiors, have gained a leading place in the interior decoration sector. Nowadays, manufacturers supply wall panels that happen to be solely designed for bathrooms. It transforms an existing space by creating a stunning new décor

Bathroom ceiling - Bathrooms may be particularly difficult because of the high humidity levels which are continuously within the room, this means that the ceiling requires continuous attention. Ceiling Cladding can be easily installed and does not require any maintenance work. It doesn’t matter how high the humidity is in the room and the way much condensation occurs the cladding will appear perfect for years.

Bathroom walls - Tiles are usually utilized for the common bathroom walls. The tiles are often challenging to fix. Additionally they take a great deal of time to fit to the wall. Additionally, the tiles are cold and call for a lot of regular cleaning to keep them clean. Alternatively, bathroom claddings can be fitted in a matter of several hours. Also, they are cheap and easy to maintain.



Even the professional gardeners sometimes make mistakes. Avoid these common mistakes when working on your own garden.


1. Buying the wrong plants. 

Most beginners buy plants that don’t meet their expectations. They don’t understand the plant’s flowering habits or that the plant is an erratic performer. You will have a greater chance of success with tough native plants that are well adapted to our climate. Do your homework and learn how the plants grow before you buy them.

2. Planting in areas with poor drainage.

Most plants grown in soil that is constantly wet will die pretty quickly. Drainage problems are the major cause of wet spots in your garden. Some drainage problems can be solved by tilling your soil to a depth of 8 to 12 inches, or punching deep holes through the soil with a shovel or auger. Adding course textured soil amendments, like expanded shale or pine bark, and tilling to a depth of 12 inches, also helps drainage. Do not use sand. Clay and sand make concrete. If your problem is not solved seek out the advice of a professional.

3. Purchasing the wrong fertilizer.

Grass fertilizers are different from the fertilizer you will use on the rest of your plants. Follow the instructions. Twice as much is not twice as good. Slow-release fertilizers are best. They are milder, and most don’t burn plants. The nutrients are released slowly over time. So they don’t have to be applied as frequently, making it easier on you. Testing your soil is the best way to gauge the need for fertilizer.

4. Watering incorrectly.

Plants need quite a bit of water to get established, particularly if planted in spring or summer. Not enough in the beginning could spell death. Too much later could also spell death. Your plants will tell you when they need water. Observe them carefully the first season. If a plant is wilting it needs water. If the soil feels dry when you insert your finger, it needs



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Types of Exterior Paints

In terms of wall painting a crucial factor to take into account whilst choosing the paint is its finish. There are selections of exterior paint finishes you can choose from for your household but the trick is to make the correct choice. Not every paint finish is similar and intended to be applied on each and every surface, it is a thumb rule you should bear in mind always. Below described are the options exterior paints offer you can select from.

Image result for exterior home paint

a) Gloss finish
When making exterior paint choice you can consider gloss finish paints too. These paints have high sheen in them which is really apt for painting surfaces like window panes, door handles etc. If you would like emphasize a particular area within your wall, gloss finish will completely do justice to it. It is possible to check out the several shades available with the help of a colour chart and create your own personal combination for exterior wall painting.

b) Textured finish
Exterior paint commonly needs to be replaced every couple of years because it is come across the elements a lot more. The textured variety, however, is a lot more dependable so that you can make sure that you will not need another coating very soon. This implies less work as along with less cost particularly if you are going to hire professional painters to complete the job. Such a paint is just as decorative as it is practical. It does have an visual appeal comparable to that of wallpaper with the exception that it is much cheaper and easier to use walls.

c) Flat finish
This is a long-lasting paint kind that’s best utilized in powder rooms and halls helping surfaces deal with moisture. Flat (or matte) finishes reflect the least amount of light and therefore are great for walls with defects – such as cracks, rough patches and dings – that need to be hidden. While some flat finishes boast of being washable, they will not hold up to hard or regular scrubbings. Since these paints don’t have shine and stick to the surface it is best not to coat your windows and doors with such finishes. It is possible to however make use of satin finish paints for that purpose.

d) Satin finish
Supplying that smooth, velvety look that lasts a satin paint finish is frequently utilized to paint ceilings, doors, windows and trims. It’s great for areas receiving a lot of traffic as it stands up to light scrubbing and washing. Whether it’s the powerful light or the pressure washing or the dirt and dust that the regular winds result in building up on your home walls, you don’t need to be worried about any of it.



Types of Plumbing Pipes

There are several types of plumbing pipes out there on the markets today and each of them have the purpose of making the plumbing installation be more and more efficient with every year that passes.


Being able to identify the type of pipe you have currently is crucial in the event that a repair or full replacement is needed. Some are fairly easy to fix when there is a leak, while others definitely require the help of a professional plumber.


Plastic Piping


PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes

This has been the most commonly used type of pipe for many decades, known for its incredible adaptability and affordability. It is easy to cut it to length, glue the pieces together in any configuration necessary and make changes and repairs as needed.

Only a professional plumber can install a house-wide PVC pipe system, but any motivated homeowner can learn to repair it. If installed correctly, it lasts for decades unless damaged by some outside force, such as freezing temperatures or being physically damaged by digging in the yard or other such disturbances.

PVC is a rigid white pipe and is usually found in either 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch diameter sizes. Another type of PVC – which always has a beige color – is used to conduct hot water and will be found between the hot water heater and all the hot water taps in the house.


pex plumbing system

Pex Plumbing System

Pex is a type of flexible tubing that began to be used in the United States in the 1980s. It has been used as a water supply line in many parts of the country, though it is particularly common in cold climates because its flexible nature allows it to expand without breaking if the water freezes, unlike rigid piping which bursts.

Pex is more expensive than PVC and is much more difficult to install and repair. Special tools are required, which the average homeowner does not have access to. Crimping devices are used to attach pex tubing to fittings and there have been widespread reports of leaking at these joints, causing expensive repair bills for unsuspecting homeowners.


The tubing comes in a variety of colors and is typically smaller in diameter than PVC pipe. Often red and blue tubing is used for hot and cold water lines, respectively, though it can also be found in black and a translucent white color.


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Termite damage seems to be a growing problem, especially in areas where moisture and humidity are high. Even if you live in a dry environment, termites can still be a problem, especially if there is moisture from water leaks and water leaks come from leaky pipes and roof damage.


Like any wooden structure in your home, your roof can be vulnerable to damage from termites in the ceiling. Both subterranean and drywood termites can pose a threat to the integrity of your roof, inhabiting areas of your ceiling, including around fireplaces where leaks have occurred and over bathrooms where excessive moisture may be trapped underneath the insulation.

Drywood termites live and feed inside wood. They can establish colonies inside ceiling rafters, roof beams, eaves and other wooden structures associated with your roof. Drywood termites can even establish colonies underneath wood shingles.

Unlike drywood termites, subterranean termites typically build their colonies in the soil. However, subterranean termites will build colonies in any area where they have access to wood. Dampness provides a more conducive environment for infestation, but is not required. All they really need is a way inside your house. Worker termites build “mud tubes” inside of walls and chimneys in order to access food sources. Termites will feed on any substance containing cellulose. Drywall, wallpaper, clothing and even carpet in your home can be susceptible to damage in case of a termite infestation.

The invasive Formosan or “super termite” is the subterranean termite species most likely to construct above-ground colonies in addition to their primary ground nest. Formosan termite colonies can be much larger and more destructive than those formed by native termite species.

While you should rely on a trained professional to inspect and treat any possible termite in ceiling infestations in your home, you can look for the following warning signs:

  • Loose roof tiles or shingles. Even if your roof does not have wooden shingles, your subroofing almost certainly contains wood.
  • Bubbling and discoloration similar to water damage on your ceilings.
  • Any areas of buckling or sagging in your ceilings.
  • Mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets (termite fecal matter known as “frass”) in your attic and/or underneath your rafters may indicate a drywood termite infestation.


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Buying Outdoor Furniture: What Material To Choose

Many individuals look into the outside of their home just as important as the interior. This is why when getting the best outdoor furniture needs to be correctly designed for style and comfort. From chairs, tables, benches, rocking chairs, you name it; the choices are limitless when searching for outdoor furniture as some may spend several hours outdoors watching their plants and trees grow, inhaling fresh air or perhaps, studying in the shade.

Should you be to purchase furniture for the patio, you are able to notice that this item is made of several kinds of wood just like teak, cedar, oak, cypress, and many other types of hardwood. These woods are better known for their long-lasting qualities which can survive weather and elements thus making the furniture to be tough. Wooden patio furniture could possibly be left outdoors for some time making sure you have a worry-free feeling from the thought of damaging the furniture. Wooden outdoor chairs and tables are easy to maintain. You’ll just need to reapply a sealer or re-polished the wood a couple of times a year to maintain the natural color of the wood.

In case you are buying outdoor living or patio furniture with limited funds, plastic outdoor furniture is a practical choice. These are so lightweight and can be easily relocated. Even though it lasts for several years if properly looked after, its appearance will typically match its cheap price tag. One of several downsides of plastic furniture is that because they are lightweight in construction they are easily broken and often blows away in strong winds.

Wrought-iron can be another material used. Suppliers designed a technology which makes wrought-iron resistant against weather and elements and can’t easily be affected by rusts which in result make the furniture last for quite a long time.

Other than the various materials, the basic or decorative types of furniture are the other factor that you will need to consider in selecting for the items. You may make a classy outdoor setting out of the style and design of furniture you end up picking.

Spending restful time outdoor is possible. Using the chairs and table in your patio or garden, some of the tasks you do inside your house like dining and relaxing in the family area could also be done outside. You can spend the whole afternoon looking through a book of your favorite author beneath the shade of the tree while comfortably sitting on the bench. Outdoor furniture is among the things that provide you with comfort and convenience in life.